Wolverine's Claws Suck

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FlightSimMovie : I will choose healing...

Ian_TaylorW 22 : I remember when I was way younger and I was like OMG I need to go to this place when I get enough money

Unboxer/ gamer : this looks fu'(ING real

The Behemoth : 1: I go for healing. 2: Adamantium is poisonous 3: You need healing factor for when the claws come out.

Being Dope : 2018??

Karim Nayed : To be honest, the scientist should’ve warned them that they would bleed a lot if they picked the claws without the healing.

Ares Jenkins : DID YOU HIT BRAIN?!?

Christian gaming : if i had mutant healing i would jump off a cliff and Yell I CAN LIVE FOREVER!!!!

MyNameIsNotSam : 3:19 valve in a nutshell

Wolverine X : Well this video was uploaded when X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiered in theaters.

jpfrm317 : If they didn't kill each other the adamantium poisoning would've got em

Nick Al : What people don't know is healing doesn't make you live forever just extends life as you grow older your DNA changes eventually that part goes away to

Ron whittaker : Everyone is making bad comments as if this video was real. They obviously chose the claws for the entertainment purposes

Luciano Martinez : I would have gone with Healing

Kushina Uzumaki : I remember when I was I little and watched this and thought it was real 😂😂

1Coby : It would have to be healing. It's practically immortality

Nine PointO : Dude it'd still hurt like hell if you did have mutant healing. Even Wolverine would tell you guys! XD

jj gamer : This looks real as hell

Rory Strain : Came back here after seeing Logan😭

RollingxBigshot : Would have been better if the guy died instantly after getting stabbed in the head and then the other guy kills himself, the ending just made the whole thing stupid!

Qwerty Content : Now you see why he has healing. Stan Lee prolly like, "Let's give him pop-out claws." Writer's like, "Won't that cut him up?" Stan Lee like, "Heck ya, give him healing!"

Tyroney Baloney : their last words "healing" and "cookie" LOL

Where's my wallet?! : Mutant healing, you'd live forever and have all the time to make $50k for the claws

Ramiro Belmares : Doesn't Logan Need his healing factor in order to retract his claws? I mean, once they go back into his forearms I'm sure there would be just three slits in between his knuckles if he couldn't heal.

Mr. Sub : I asked my brothers would you have wolverine's claws or his regeneration they said claws I showed them this video they immediately say regeneration

Asian 99 : I would choose healing

Aaron Chen : Mutant healing. As for the claws, you can obtain of adamantium and make some handheld claws. They don't have to be retractable.

William Strother : Mutant Healing was there for a reason.

Nikolas Spyridakis : Αaaahh sweet nostalgia

The Grammar Police : They suck without healing

Maximozanetta Zanetta : I will take warframes venka

Neji Hyuga : Whose here after Logan?

alex brewer : healing power so you cant die then just save up and then get the claws.

The Stuff of Legend : My dad went to high school with lou lmfaooo

Amy the depressed sans and yuri fangirl : What if they want to scratch their back

A : I love this 😂

G A M E R 1221 : The guy said "on the count of 3 we will let our bodies relax",6 seconds later "what comes after 2" lol

Turtle Tube : Healing rob a bank without getting hurt then get claws

MemesAreGud : Omg i watched this in 2010 and now im watching this in 2017!!!

FoxyGamer 1 : I thought you couldn't bleed if you get a claws

Levi Kastelein : Adamantium claws isn’t a wolverine mutation as well there the super healing and bone claws

Tommy von Muttonfudge : Cookie?

TipOfTheTongue : The acting was really really good! XD I'm not even kidding.

ziljin : Who here is rewatching from Superhero Parents Who Keep Dying in Film Reboots Support Group

Serious Koala : man i miss this video...

PawDayCut : Omg I cant stop laughing 😂 i sub

Forgetron 3000 : This video traumatized me when I was younger.

awesometacular : Idiots, get the healing, then just carry a knife.

the mega stars : It looks real and the blood

Meh Person : Wolverine can die he just needs a green block to kill him but deadpool can survive