Wolverine's Claws Suck

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FlightSimMovie : I will choose healing...

RundownOcean 2k3 : I remember when I was way younger and I was like OMG I need to go to this place when I get enough money

The Behemoth : 1: I go for healing. 2: Adamantium is poisonous 3: You need healing factor for when the claws come out.

Ares Jenkins : DID YOU HIT BRAIN?!?

Karim Nayed : To be honest, the scientist should’ve warned them that they would bleed a lot if they picked the claws without the healing.

Being Dope : 2018??

Wolverine X : Well this video was uploaded when X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiered in theaters.

Qwerty Content : Now you see why he has healing. Stan Lee prolly like, "Let's give him pop-out claws." Writer's like, "Won't that cut him up?" Stan Lee like, "Heck ya, give him healing!"

MyNameIsNotSam : 3:19 valve in a nutshell

Nick shug : What people don't know is healing doesn't make you live forever just extends life as you grow older your DNA changes eventually that part goes away to

jj gamer : This looks real as hell

jpfrm317 : If they didn't kill each other the adamantium poisoning would've got em

Kushina Uzumaki : I remember when I was I little and watched this and thought it was real 😂😂

Unboxer/ gamer : this looks fu'(ING real

1Coby : It would have to be healing. It's practically immortality

The Stuff of Legend : My dad went to high school with lou lmfaooo

Neji Hyuga : Whose here after Logan?

Hey Everyone : 2019?

Luciano Martinez : I would have gone with Healing

LastChanceGaming : Omg i watched this in 2010 and now im watching this in 2017!!!

Blue Haired Otaku : man i miss this video...

Oreagano 1103 : This video traumatized me when I was younger.

ibin boku : "comes after 1....?" C O O K I E ?

Where's my wallet?! : Mutant healing, you'd live forever and have all the time to make $50k for the claws

Aaron Chen : Mutant healing. As for the claws, you can obtain of adamantium and make some handheld claws. They don't have to be retractable.

SuperNicko Harris : was that real

NMG Ultra : How did they make them go in and out

FoxyGamer 1 : I thought you couldn't bleed if you get a claws

Im Not Here : ITS ALWAYS, healing then any power

The Grammar Police : They suck without healing

Kino : why didn't they just choose a diffrent power😅

A : I love this 😂

Seth Abdou : this is giving me a panic attack

hate lol : lol when i was 6 i watched this

Tieoni Washington : I mean humans can heal but it only takes a lot of days to make the skin subsided. But the mutant healing can make you heal in a couple of seconds

The Homie EL : hilarious

Mr. Sub : I asked my brothers would you have wolverine's claws or his regeneration they said claws I showed them this video they immediately say regeneration

William Strother : Mutant Healing was there for a reason.

yeah yeah : 2019?

ziljin : Who here is rewatching from Superhero Parents Who Keep Dying in Film Reboots Support Group

G A M E R 1221 : The guy said "on the count of 3 we will let our bodies relax",6 seconds later "what comes after 2" lol

Maximozanetta Zanetta : I will take warframes venka

alex brewer : healing power so you cant die then just save up and then get the claws.

Klaus Eckert : I'll pick healing

Levi Kastelein : Adamantium claws isn’t a wolverine mutation as well there the super healing and bone claws

Minecrafter ツ : DeadPools mutant healing is actually better than wolverine's mutant healing power. cuz when wolverine get hits my a bullet he can feel a bit pain. and o it Regen's slower than DeadPools mutant healing :/ and DeadPool cant even feel any single Pain XD like when he just hot RIPED by juggernaut

Justice Waugh : welllllllll, i would choose mutant healing instead of wolverine's claws, because they solve my problems

Brad Shock : um im CRYING RIGHT NOW 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Original Beard : Alamo Drafthouse brought me here.