The Most Dangerous Helicopter Ride in the World

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Yes Theory : Seeking Discomfort at its finest! And don’t miss Season 5 of see you all at the heli bungee! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Tamir Yankevich : It never ceases to amaze me how good you guys are at what you do. From the overall message, to the video and even the promo of your brand - it’s absolutely great. Thank you for doing what you do!

Seth : Holy shit this is like better than movie editing. Wtf, how much do you pay your editor.

bastien lamy : "it's seeking discomfort, not seeking *censored* DEATH" press X to pay respect lmao

TourLoupas : This is way too high quality for youtube. Loved it.

Adam Saleh : Finally! Andreas's Hem creation for a while!

KingTutsPro : That last bit of the video needs to be in the superbowl!

Abdul Rafay : Ammar you should go on Umrah 🕋, and make a documentary about it 📹🎥📷 and you can also call your parents and siblings there and meet them and perform Umrah with them 🕌❤. That would make a great video 😍❤. Lots of love from Pakistan 🇵🇰💚.

Conner Versetile TV : Try that on GTA and your helicopter going down and blowing up in 6 seconds flat

Gaming With Cloud : Wow that felt like a trailer for a movie.

ricky arias : Came back after the will smith video. Dissapointed and wished these guys were in it

lifelikejosie : I think I am part of the Yes Theory religion

Major Suchodolski : 4:31 flying for about 24 years and only 8k hours? you gotta pump those numbers up! i had over 1k hours in cs:go after few months lul

SOME TING WONG : Does backflip with helicopter me: can't do a backflip on a trapoline

NerfTheForce : thats some insane editing made the video 1000 times better

SA3D : guys, I haven't seen the jumping in Will's channel yet. I NEED to see it in YOURS !!! I Will Wait.

Lucas Scott : The editing!!! Truly gives you as much of the feeling and experience as if you were actually there just from watching behind a screen!!! Amazing! Good luck on heli bungee!!!

Mr Zero : Well it didn't work out for me in GTA. This is Clearly Fake..

S Kumar : Fighter jets man fighter jets... Experiencing the max g's...Can u make it happen Yes Theory?

Sebastian Hadi : Did they just deleted their video 24 hours to will smith jump? Can someone explain it?


Lil Freshman : I remember when Yes Theory had 300k you guys are so lit

GamingCarmelo : after watching = *searches up “helicopter stunts”

Erick : So what happened with you guys and Will jumping into the Grand Canyon?

chris Scomersi : Of course it's Red Bull

OhhJoke HD : What's the name of the song during the sick helli Dammm

Peek Aboo : Oh hell naww I ain't yolo _ing_ my life

Fear -.- : "i'm not hanging out i'm hiding" xDDDDDDD

Ashley Erwin : To seek discomfort, y'all should go to Nicaragua and Volcano surf down Cerro Negro. I did this a couple years ago and it was the most thrilling experience of my life! I went out of my comfort zone and I experienced the beauty that the world had to offer.

FRANTIC FEARLESS : he needs to work for the army he be dogging missiles left and right

Sandesh Shinde : Why aren’t they heli jumping on sep 25 ? I am hella confused 🤷🏽‍♂️

Andreas Hem : You guys are insane!! Thank you for this ❤️

Laura Sanchez : It's Will Smith's birthday today!! Happy birthday Will Smith


Mari741s : Just wondering why you guys haven't made a video about Will Smith's experience with bungy jump into grand canyon :)

Y2Kvids : 5:26 thank me later

xXMediaTrix : 5:54:Reminds me of gta 5 but it never ends good tho

Dave On Arrival : Nice of Red Bull to let you use their footage of the stunts. Well edited. And what is the number of this pilot? I need to do this!

Yassin Dorgham : Thomas is doing a nice job with these edits 😉 👍

Dan Ward : 'If the wings are traveling faster than the fuselage, it's probably a helicopter -- and therefore, unsafe.'

Adomas Gaudiesius : That's not discomfort, anyone with an opportunity like that would probably take it. How does this apply to everyday people in their everyday lives. Honestly, most of the stuff you've been doing recently costs a shit load of money an is not discomfort, but adventure and adrenaline. What about changing the way our generation is perceived, what about seeking actual everyday discomfort? And whats with the shameless merch plug?

Anime Girl : “It’s called seeking discomfort, not seeking death” Thomas is the realistttt 😂👏🏼

Bilal Siddiqui : LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! u guys have come a long way!! nothing but respect ......... HELL YEAHHH BABY LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Noce : LINKKKKK THE MERCH MY DUDES... it’s not a link

East Waco Entertainment TM : Yo post the will smith video...

Cvxzen : That thumbnail had me tripping...bruh that’s crazy.

Zac Alsop : That jump is gonna be lightwork after that gents

X-MINE : The editing quality on these videos is always soooo INSANE!!

Suryansh Shetty : tomas pretty much says nothing the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mysterious Critic : Just 4 pilots? Bro i did it in GTA so many times no one gave me credit.