Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield Cover

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This is the first in a new wave of classic squid vids I've been working on. I have a pretty small apartment so I recorded the audio for this one at home (and in my van) but I thought it would be nice to film it outside. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! It's been too long... I'm living in the French Alps for the summer (where this is filmed), writing, recording and playing music everyday with a big group of musicians. Can't wait to share what we've been working on with everyone. This is where most of my effort has been going lately. If you like the T-Shirt I'm wearing (This one's designed by my dad) you can get one for yourself here: Thank you for your continued support and your patience. Youtube's not quite what it used to be but I'm never gonna stop uploading videos for you lot! Cheers! Ben Camera man: 'Ten Tinnes' Tom Morfitt All credit goes to Koji Kondo

Comments from Youtube

Ninclemdo : Hes back bois

djmau : The man, the myth, the legend, SQUISICS!

Carlo Gonzalez : He protecc He atacc And most important, he is finally bacc

Prince MetalHead : Ah the sweet sounds of childhood :,) You’re awesome bro. <3

Daniel :D : Un gran tema de Super Mario 64🤣👍


LuizAbruz : I wish the mixing had more low-end. The playing is as tight as ever, though.

SimRacer ProMx : Yo, make a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody haha

CoffeeCone : Fastest I've ever clicked a notification in my entire life.

Vinícius : quem é vivo sempre aparece

Justin Koenig : You nailed it! Better than the original

Thiago Costa : Hi, I'm a Brazilian fan, I really admire your work ... I arrived on your channel through the video of the theme song of The Last of Us. Great job man!

Fox Smith : Can you do Metal Gear Solid 3 please


MIKE play : Saludos desde México 🇲🇽❤👍

I'm Abokai : oh man, this brings me memories to the old times when everything was simple and the only thing i did was to play Super Mario 64 all day, great cover as always, i'm glad to see you back :D

Julio Cezar : you and Fabio Lima from BR, are the best cover channel from YT, congrats!

Maximiliano Mata : aww I had that game when I was a kid wow I would like to play it that was my childhood brother I love this song Super Mario 64 was the first game I played thanks for making this cover brother made me remember my childhood

Zorro 123 : Super mario 64 are good old times... U played it very well! Love it!!

podcast para lavar los trastes : Yeahh, the greatest comeback!

Mohcin Tahimi : Ooh old memories with super Mario 64 😢

Nikolai Pajarillo : Amazing cover. This brought back childhood mems— still waiting for Jungle Japes though 🍌🌴😉

E G I A L O L Z : Mario:MAMAMIA!

Viteral 17 : Triumphal comeback, dude!

hestanders : Really cool cover. I subscribed to your chanel a while ago and have been looking forward to your next video since then. It was well worth the wait.

Tempest Ace : Omg he uploaded 😨

Smouf : Amazing!!! (Será q é assim q escreve?)

Bumbo Bamble Gogglestrothem The Eighteenth : Squisics returns from his century long break.

MistahKrabs55 : I can see that you're an absolute madman (no pun intended), can you please do dancing mad?

Tio Jacked : Ficou top alguém brasileiro aqui essa música é foda deixando Like firmeza tmj 😎👍👍👍

Jesús Estrada : The perfect comeback doesn't exi...

Moe Murder : Please get a ride symbol other than that this is great.

Banana Child : And then the synthesizer fell into the creek. *(R.I.P SquidPhysics' sanity)*

JAMES JC 115 : Sounds like the original soundtrack Amazing dude

. : what you plugged those instruments into?

Zakk Wan : *List of instruments SquidPhysics can't play:* ...

Kalle Laakso : Nice. And nice those how do you say it... off beat high bass slap... things 😳

Jackson Kerr : Love it! I just recently discovered your channel. Super Mario 64 is a big part of my childhood, so it's really cool to see this mix of music I remember so well. Excellent job!

ExoticButters : I want to say the background is CGI because YOU DID NOT LUG A DRUM SET THERE AND REASSEMBLE IT FOR ONE VIDEO

Taty Plus : Jugué este juego cuando tenía 3 años Ahora tengo 12

xGraph : William Blazkowicz what are you doing here?

HeitorDaBilada #Mojangueémeuovo : I just remember of the.... Yahuuu!!

Felipe Wilson : Missed you, man !!! Continue doing this incredible job.| Hugs from Rio de Janeiro !!


Michael Shick : Wow, this whole thing is just bursting with energy. I love it. Love the funkyness, love the beautiful setting too.

Special K : Man, from one bass+trumpet player to another, that groove was freaking mint. 👌

Jackson Scott : I knew staying subscribed to you would pay off!!

Ramz : Always like your videos before watching. I just know it will be good. Btw good to see you back

Eduardo Bruno : A wild squid appears. Welcome back :D