Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield Cover

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SquidPhysics : Yo! How have you all been?

Ninclemdo : Hes back bois

plsmaurice : The man, the myth, the legend, SQUISICS!

Ssj Strider : Ah the sweet sounds of childhood :,) You’re awesome bro. <3

Daniel :D : Un gran tema de Super Mario 64🤣👍

PaybackMafia : Ah the good old days although I'm only 14 but I played with the n64 and it was a blast

SimRacer ProMx : Yo, make a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody haha

Carlo Gonzalez : He protecc He atacc And most important, he is finally bacc

Thiago Costa : Hi, I'm a Brazilian fan, I really admire your work ... I arrived on your channel through the video of the theme song of The Last of Us. Great job man!

LuizAbruz : I wish the mixing had more low-end. The playing is as tight as ever, though.

Vinícius : quem é vivo sempre aparece

Justin Koenig : You nailed it! Better than the original

Fox Smith : Can you do Metal Gear Solid 3 please

rick rivera : Acaso soy el unico que habla español aqui :v


Maximiliano Mata : aww I had that game when I was a kid wow I would like to play it that was my childhood brother I love this song Super Mario 64 was the first game I played thanks for making this cover brother made me remember my childhood

CoffeeCone : Fastest I've ever clicked a notification in my entire life.

E G I A L O L Z : Mario:MAMAMIA!

Mohcin Tahimi : Ooh old memories with super Mario 64 😢

I'm Abokai : oh man, this brings me memories to the old times when everything was simple and the only thing i did was to play Super Mario 64 all day, great cover as always, i'm glad to see you back :D


Zorro 123 : Super mario 64 are good old times... U played it very well! Love it!!

SIXAXIS63 motard auvergnat : Please god of war

Julio Cezar : you and Fabio Lima from BR, are the best cover channel from YT, congrats!

MIKE play : Saludos desde México 🇲🇽❤👍

podcast para lavar los trastes : Yeahh, the greatest comeback!

Tempest_ -Ace : Omg he uploaded 😨

JPFilmsFX : oh please do peach's slide theme

Viteral 17 : Triumphal comeback, dude!

joe kinnley : Damn thats good!

Robin8991 : i loved this!! Thank you man, can you do Dark Souls bosses music, Uncharted, Super Metroid??

kedar p : 'Once upon a time in West' please...

SepticLadds : I have no words other than 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

MistahKrabs55 : I can see that you're an absolute madman (no pun intended), can you please do dancing mad?

Moe Murder : Please get a ride symbol other than that this is great.

Niko Pajarillo : Amazing cover. This brought back childhood mems— still waiting for Jungle Japes though 🍌🌴😉

hestanders : Really cool cover. I subscribed to your chanel a while ago and have been looking forward to your next video since then. It was well worth the wait.

Larsson : Legend is back

Zohrab Haroyan : AND DA SQUID IS BAACK

Jesús Estrada : The perfect comeback doesn't exi...

Smouf : Amazing!!! (Será q é assim q escreve?)

JAMES JC 115 : Sounds like the original soundtrack Amazing dude

Nero Barraza : Saxophone notes ??

phoenix Music : You'll do Skyrim if you are a true nord !

Higor Guedes : The dog is like "i wanna go down there!"

Jahir Alan : How many intruments you play? u freckin talented bastard

Brandon Stout : Had to listen to this again today.

Bumbo Bamble Gogglestrothem The Eighteenth : Squisics returns from his century long break.

Mystic Bros. : Got this game on Wii virtual console. *I dare you all to try playing with a GameCube controller*

Wesley Van Brunschot : M'kay