DMX Rides Orlando Sling shot !!!HILARIOUS!!!

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JaxBlade : HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA I love how he's basically makin a song up as he rides it haha

ktownpusher407 : Wow, I did NOT think this video would get this much attention hahaha thanks guys!!

The Hip-Hop Scientist : He got the name of his future album "That's some scary shit" ! First single "AAAAAH" !

dave watson :  Lol that's funny as hell. Only X could be scared as hell before a theme park ride, yet the sound of him freaking out could be thrown over a beat and still sound good lol

Albinivik : "I aint afraid, I aint never afraid Ngga!" "wanna go again?" "NO" haha

krayzie_E soBreezy : He fought the faint

gid ero : "How was it"?  "It was alright". "You want to go again"? " NO!" lol 

Arlandah Goinkhoser : i like this song. what album of his is it from?

Fabian Brito : He has holded his chain, like a real G.

Bilal C : The funny thing about this video is that he acted the way you would think he would act on the slingshot ride!  It was like Aries Spears on Mad TV would do this!  And the fact this was real made it wayyyyy funnier!

Hjalmar Nyman : He is a "Successful Black Man" (reddit inside joke) :P

Cesar Fournier : Dang man, I feel bad fo X. Those drugs are running him. 

trev04 : Why has DMX not done audiobooks yet

BMACHINe formerly HighLevi : 2thug4me

Steve Anderson : DMX straight-up sounds like Dave Chappelle playing the rapper Fisticuff

Tom : Everything he says sounds like a verse from one of his songs, even all the grunts and screams.

Clint Cheng : the first 15 seconds is better than most rap song intros

Undisclosed Undisclosed : suprisingly....this is exactly how I thought DMX riding the slingshot would be like


Quentin Worthy : Does he even know he's with DMX

Dharmaboy : Gotta love X.

Anthonyr301 : 5 poppin 6 droppin., when did x become affiliated with the people?

Paul Revere : Hey is this the magical midway on international drive?

thisisneoimeannotlosing : Tupac looks different

Miyuru Fernando : is this a metaphor for his career

Ryan Azzopardi : My left ear really enjoyed this!

SEATOWN FUNK : In a movie they should make X a drill Sargent! Lol

g0d00101 : I like the chain grab LOL

itsmemariah : lmaaaaooooo im weak

William1990hill : X GON GIVE IT TO YA

Tyrus Jeffreyes : whaaaaaaaaaaaat

Oli ilO : LoL I thought he fainted at 48 seconds and they edited it lol

l w : Love his voice!

Jonathan Wong : had to grab his chain lol

Marcos Baez : wanna go again? no, wanna go again? no. Lol

rhostaph Mbaeva : Laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😄😀😃😭

Raoul Simon : Lmaoooo!

myhomevideos2011 : DMX cracked me up!

thifa davis : "whaaaat get it" lmaoooo DMX is a clown

Nineveh : wtf comic sans error

agleorix : prrrrr aaa

Joelle Amiee : Lol

Dave's Shorts : Oh Lord Reekrus

Anita Baker : dmx: i got that 😂😂😂

Wijnhuis West Slijterij : wanna go again ??

Ted Smith : Looks like the slingshot brought it's whole crew.

Rashawn Marshall : LORD GIVE ME A SIGN 😂 He Should Have Started Singing His Song

TheRussianPT : RIP left earphone

Medina : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life

Caneman05 : Mr. T shaved his head?