Mr Disco Pants

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the first episode of a new stop animation series following a depressed house cat trying to cope with the death of his mother please like and subscribe! you can make donations to or any donation will get your name in the credits of the following episodes! and will help immensely with the production quality and the speed in which i can put out all future installments thank you! enjoy!


Austin Owen : This was so good. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Matt L : Looks awesome! How about an episode with a punk rock show or band practice with some disposable characters

Benjamin Lock : Super original, I love it man:)

Andrew Woods : Awesome! Great work, can't wait to see more!

Bethany Glinski : Over 2k views already!! Amazing!! Just showed it to a few new people and they were super into it😊

Kumail Shah : You've got some real talent man

mil taylor : waiting for the next episode

shaaheen karabi : best scene is at 7:35

Nøødle x : Next next next

deoreofillin : I haven't had tummy scratches in over a munth

Turkeywings65 : Haha the flying dog scene!!! So funny

Alice Sora : nice one hahaha

Marina Perroni : awesome

mil taylor : cute haha

mil taylor : cute haha

deoreofillin : first