Dan Aykroyd Tells the Stories Behind his 4 UFO Sightings on Sway in the Morning

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Xander Kristo : I'll give him this..he has balls to admit to this belief in public ..I keep waiting for him to crack a joke ...but he is believable...interesting guy

Deavon Horner : Most people have no problem believing a celebrity, but not people like Bob Lazar who was employed by the government to back engineer alien space craft propulsion systems.

Jaymzofsteel : Still more plausible and less crazy than Scientology.

Jeep Talk Show : I gotta start peeing outside more

pat dore : homie said he got 4 stories and explains 3 1 2 4

Valon Islami : you aint got the answers Swaaay!!!

Samyo : I have respect for Dan Akroyd for telling this as it is, without shame. I've seen a few ufos in my time and it is an embarrassing topic to bring up with people (unfortunately), let alone as a celebrity where your reputation is always on the line.

mickey dickey : What's more scary? Aliens in vehicles stalking and abducting people.... Or secret military personnel in vehicles stalking and abducting people, because one of them is true!

Jonathan Lippe : I love Dan and I wear my Tinfoil hat proudly and publicly speak on all things with no fear... on my channel. You're invited.

ascott : 3:00 100k feet??

Tony Vega : Those vehicles are definitely real. They've been seen many times, picked up on radar, photographed, videotaped, left marks on the ground, you name it. What they are and where they come from are the big questions.

Linda Whalen : I love you Dan and Sway for bringing this. Hey, love how you basketballed a plane down the runway. I gather you are a pilot. Stay safe and thanks for sharing. We need more credible people (like Dan) to shine the light on this.

Jasmin Flowerz : You think thats crazy...try having a man in black w/fedora hat stand in front of you talking, removing his dark eyewear exposing his bug eyes.

old_school_4ever : I've seen them also. They're real. They exist.

matthew haines : Dan is solid. A very good researcher on this amazing subject. Many thanks to all.

Bradley Gehricke : They're looking for Beldar

Brian Moore : I00,000 feet... that's incredible depth perception

John Hofmann : The Zimbabwe incident with 62 school children is incredible.

chris goodayle : I would believe him before I would believe anything the G states.

planck10-43 : how does someone estimate a "100,000" feet?

lm sandy : I read about Voronezh when it happened . 400 witnesses. Was that a hoax? Men women and children in the hundreds? Theres no doubt in my mind its a credible incident, and alien presence did land there. Even the town government backed up the residents on this, and said yes, this did occur . Then the Russian national govt hushed it up. I wonder what happened to the town leaders. The events that, to me, are strongest evidence: Betty and Barney Hill in NH; soldiers in Rendlesham, UK; the Yukon mother ship sighting in 1998; Phoenix Lights massive ship witnessed by hundreds including the mayor, in 1997; and the Travis Walton abduction. I was also affected by the Ilkley Moor alien/ship abduction in the UK

¤T'CHALLA¤ : Dan needs to do a sequel to Trading Spaces with Eddie.

Shonaripa : the Voronezh case was in 1989, not 1978, he messed that one up. Just clarifying for folks.


Louie 2020 : people are sooo brainwashed too believe only what they want us too believe, of course they are real this government love to catch UFOs why? The technology they can used to destroy others and keep us under their boots, simple

eric cadena : I believe you Dan!

Alan Malcheski : i hate the energy people have in the morning. calm down. jeez.

No One : I've personally witnessed a ufo.

Steven Holt : I like to sway in the afternoon. Preferably after lunch.

Trevor Graham Welch : Dan have you been abducted by Extraterrestrials ? Maybe do a movie about this . ? I can play you and you can be Mariana the ET !!!!

d mar : Too much cowbell DAN!!!

Mr Robot : Ive seen a UFO. Completely unexplainable. I had other people come out and look at it as well because i couldnt believe it. We all saw the same thing. The only way i can explain it is it was a light as bright as about a distant star. I saw this thing in the sky as it kinda danced around. There was no rythm or anything like that but it would move left right up right left forward backward down up, completely random in its movement. Like i said, i was alone when i saw it. We were camping and i got up to go pee. I couldnt believe it so i woke up my friends and some of my family, my parents included and we all saw the same thing. It was really really weird. Dont know what to think even now and that happened 4-5 years ago if not longer.

MrHayven Games : I saw a group of them over an Air Force Base as a kid,there were 5 or 6 of us that saw it.

Jasonfire11 : He is an awesome guy but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he failed geometry in school. He said the object was 100' x 10' and it was a square. Last time I checked Friday object to have been a square it would have to have been 10' x 10' or 100' x 100'. In any case great story

Kela08 : Thanks for sharing this. Dan shows no fear in talking about UAPs!

Maji777111 : Draconian empire is behind most of it, they are also linked to the concept of Satan and would be seen of mankind as demonic, serpent race. They are using the world to trap peoples souls so when they die they can be harvested into the underworlds, in which they then feed on the fears and sufferings of the souls trapped. Sadly their end game was always the eternal binding of mankinds souls into hellish nightmares, it why intervention by the Elohim occured namely through the Son of the Most High Jesus Christ 'Yehoshua'. What the empire does is lead mankind to make choices of sin it then gives them legal rights and power over them, more darkness found inside someone more power evil has to claim them. Movements such as lgbt occuring now for example is Draconian empire behind it, they gain more power over mankind more mankind embraces sin.

DudeSteve : I've seen 2

cciemail : The UFO abduction case was TOTALLY DEBUNKED in Cosmos episode 12 by Carl Sagan.

Jaii Raph : huh. i never look up.

RoaringLion : Total horseshit....hes obviously selling something or maybe lost his mind.

243wayne1 : *BAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!*

Doug Yates : They are now called UAP's.

Joseph Decesare : They put nothing in the press there a tons of places none is allowed y is that exactly there are 1000 of ppl who tell there stories ad none listens but ppl dnt believe in a god that ruled the planet like the man ad the bottom said as big ad the universe is u can not discretet that there is nothing els Fuk out of here big hush hush so ppl dnt flip out ad the government is out money all about the doller will the world ever stop killing over the made up doller so many ppl by the rules in this world I Thibk how ever we got here are disgusted with us y not were all retards make fun of everyone question challenge everything none cares none helps just ppl taking advantage of each other

ebutuoymai : I can't stand black Americans.

SevSaint : They aren't discs. They have ships that look like scorpions, is best way i can describe it. They have huge wings like arms extending from side up past front.

Rump[e Stillskin : I have seen 2 of them. The first from 80 to 100 ft. away. The second going at a very high rate of speed in the night sky that looked like a satellite but then did a 90 degree angle and sped up like a bat out of hell. I have a former military friend that guarded one of the ET saucers. Plus numerous other important friends that know more.

andrew Hoard : A good Canadian and level headed dude Dan Akroyd 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Rodney alston : Kool as heck

David Barnes : He should live here around Ft. Bragg..He would think he was seeing UFOs nightly lmao

Yuck Fu : I love him, but he's crazier than a rabbits ass.