WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?! | Hell's Kitchen

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Mercy : Top 4 things that disappear when you most need them 1.your keys 2. Your phone 3.wifi signal 4.the lamb sauce

Hey, Its A Nightfury! : 2:21 **me towards my math teacher when she calls on me to complete and equation**

The Fomads : The person who manages this YouTube must be having fun with the titles.

Hillbilly - Fortnite : 2:07 imagine being one of the guests seeing the lamb sauce meme live I wish I was there:(

CharmingCecIL : When your companion has to "talk" during a very hard boss fight 2:20

julesrev coolboy : 2:11 when you can't find your car keys *I L I K E D M Y O W N C O M M I T*

K O K O : *L A M B S A U C E **_L O C A T E D_*

s12reservoir : 0.1% of Ramsays power

J4NB0 : 2:21 A kid who thinks he's cool listing his vocabulary.

Definitely Not Ur Bae : 1993: In future we'll have lambsauce 2019: *flying cars*

MegaMal 1205 : 2:07 congrats Ramsay, you just created a meme

Full Red Dot SiGhT : Unanswered Mysteries The Bermuda 's triangle Mh370 Lamb sauce's location

Dante Lucente : Lamb sauce has left the chat

dræming. : Everyone's talking about lamb sauce while I can't get over him calling someone a donut.

i!i!i!i!i!i!i! : 1:32 I hate When people keep changing their mood like this when the cameras faces towards them.

SquidKidPlaguy : Drama at school: Dating Drama with my friends: 2:11

WackyWatermelon : Top 10 rappers enimem was afraid to diss

Mickey Mouse : I love the fact that no matter the situation Gordon Ramsey has a pencil on his ear

dankrussian : 1% viewers: omg it's horrible 99% viewers: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!??

Dark Knight 77 : Legend says that Gordon is still yelling.... "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE"!!!!!!

Shuvari : Chef on Hell‘s Kitchen: *exists* Gordon Ramsay: „I‘m about to end this man‘s whole career“

bangtanic who? : 2:20 when im forced to do the presentation and my group didn’t do anything to help

Some skinny teen who's a psychopath : Serves glass of water* Gordon Ramsay: Where's the lamb sauce???!!!

Midnight Dragon : *Gordon Ramsay is still searching for the ancient lamb sauce to this very day*

itsBoltz : 2:06 This what you came for Also its FREE!

gяєg : Who would win? Shaggy at 2% of his power Or Gordon Ramsay without his lamb sauce

jay jay is awesome : The lamb sauce got so scared!!!!! He went on vacation

MrRelogic : Came here for my daily dose of ''WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCEEE''.

Bimmer Won : Gordon Ramsay is not the person you'd want to run into in a dark ally, ESPECIALLY if you forgot the lamb sauce earlier that day.

YT Inphulsezx : Who would win A mad titan with 6 infinity stones in his gaunlet Or Gordon Ramsey without the lamb sauce

Dark Shadows : Chef: *forgets to show lamb sauce* Lamb sauce: am I a joke to you

Aviation Enzo : Comment status: 60% - 2:21 35% - 2:11 5% - Others

NUTSEEE From Roblox : *Where is the **-Lamb-** Sauce* *267581* *-Lamb-* *Sauce Located*

Aska2468 : I love how Gordon can yell a string of insults and he never stutters

EternalBlade ML : Gordon : *wHeRe iS mY LAmB SAUce* Chef's : Here Hold My La- Gordon : No, Im not taking your beer Chef's: But its the lamb sauce Gordon: *GiMMe*

Sudha Yadavalli : God creates humans Humans create lamb sauce Doctors create BP tablets for gordon

Enigma McC : I wonder what’s taking so long. In the background. WHERES THE LAMB SAUUUCEEEE.

Type_Static : Top ten questions scientists still cant answer

유창완 : And then a Legend..... was made by another legend.

DoggoDoesThings J : *_my teacher when I get 49/50 of the questions right: _**_2:21_*

abloogywoogywoo : I think Ramsay would've reached critical mass if they kept him waiting any longer....

Love Eggos : I'm watching this at my grandmas 1 like one prayer

Sean gabby Baldecasa : Super saiyan gordon: WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!

ToastyJoey : He protec He attac But most importantly... He get lamb sauce bac

Andrew Esparza : Nobody: Gordan Ramsey: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!!!!!

DfaultSause : 2:07 the sight of a meme being born is magnificent

Menna Harrington : 2:14 Whoever ate that lamb sauce has had good luck ever since

Jack Hintze : Where’s the lamb *SAUCE* .......... WHERES THE LAMB *SAAAUUUCCEEE*

Nameless GP : 2:07 WHEEES DA LAMB SOOOS!!!!