WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?! | Hell's Kitchen

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Josh Bacon : Gordon: Alexa, WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE?? Alexa: Hmmm, I don’t know that one.

Quiznatodd Bidness : Everyone asks where's the lamb sauce. But no one asks *how's* the lamb sauce. 😔

ThatFabMadelyn : The only video that matters on the Internet.

Alejandro Castro : Error 404 Lamb sauce not found

Merijn van keulen : yankee dankey doodle shite

dank vanguard : Top 3 missing people in the universe 3.Hitler 2.Osama Bin Laden 1.Lamb Sauce

Dante Lucente : Lamb sauce has left the chat

Nekisha C. Guity : Fat piece of Yankee. Dankee. Doodle. Shyt. 💀

ItsCalledKarmaBiatch : And here’s Gordon Ramsey’s famous quote came to play 😂

1860Pod : The pain in his voice when screaming for the lamb sauce :D

Jisoo X Dalgom : He called him a donut. I can’t breathe 😂😂

LordStarscream100 : *WHERE'S THE L A M B S A Â Æ Ü C Ę ! ? ! ? !*

MegaLaplace : *some overused nino and lamb sauce joke crossover*

Karan Bharadva : It's my alarm... It immediately wakes me up.

Nabiha Khalid!!! : 2:07 ur welcome

Nova and River The savages : Nino would’ve had the lamb sauce Edit: welp thanks for the likes you peoples

JORDUN LIPFORD : *Top 10 Questions Science Still Can't Answer*

Little Kimmy : I'll do you one better. WHY's the lamb sauce?

nanparayeah : 12 years have gone by and chef ramsay is still looking for his lamb sauce *WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!*

Christian Roblox Server : Bae: Come over Gordon: I can't Bae: I got the lamb sauce Gordon: *Lamb sauce L O C A T E D*

Michael Lee : 2:06 play at x0.25, just so you can enjoy the missing lamb sauce 4 times longer

Goobody Giberson : 1:05 ya foking donut

tsuki97 : In the next episode of Where's the Lamb Sauce...

Runquim : 1:29 the steam is going back into the pan, lol

Cringeivore : Didn't they put this up a week ago? Oh no wait the exclamation mark and question mark in the title are swapped around this time. My bad.

Allysha 202 : He looks in physical pain and constipation When he said it🤣

TheGamer : Has anyone served Gordon any RAW food lately? Because I love when he says it’s RAW!

anasim : Gordon orgasms every time he verbally berates a contestant.

Lang Jun Xin : 2:20 Could Gordon have been a modern day rapper instead of a world renown chef? Guess we'll have to wait for his EP to release to find out

The Driftin AE86 and The GT86 : LambSauce.exe has stopped working...

Ghostkid825 : While it's not as important as the lamb sauce, I noticed that the brief footage at 1:29 is played in reverse (see the steam in the background). Kind of a weird editing choice on their part.

sieg heil : You f***ing donut!!!

Ashley Hodgson : Nino wouldn’t have forgotten the lamb sauce

Gingerrina : honestly gordan screaming is so funny

Allen Edwards : Error: Gordon Ramsay cannot L O C A T E the lamb sauce.

Astoria Lannister Malfoy Barnes : Newest movie in 2018: A Meme is Born

Dutch Outlaws : yankee stanky doodle shyte, that has to be the most creative way to say ''american'' ever hahaha

Dalife OfDucky : WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE? with ur mum

Amber Anarchist : Jesus... I bet these chefs have PTSD from this experience

Luke Youtuber : WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE ?!??!?!


jc jc : They repost this all the time

Canned Memes : WhErE's ThE lAmB sAuCe

Zorro9129 : Sorry Gordon, but your lamb sauce is in another kitchen.

Burn Galaxy : Nino would know where the lamb sauce is. He even has pictures of him holding it.

Jay Guest Studios : 2:12 thank me later * WHERES THE LAMB SAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUCEEEEE *

Nosttromo : I forgot why I was watching this, thought it was a regular episode of hell's kitchen, then.. "WHERE IS THE LAMB S A U C E"

LiveLoveLift92 : I'll do you one better; why's the lamb sauce!?

Goldie roger : Embrace the meme, gordon

A random user On a website : In the next episode of where’s the lamb sauce (Episode 2) Mr. Gordon lamb sauce’s lamb sauce has still not been found. The chefs say that his lamb sauce may be in the vault of lamb sauce that is full of lamb sauce. Other people say that the restaurant will explode if he doesn’t find his lamb sauce.