WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?! | Hell's Kitchen

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Josh Bacon : Gordon: Alexa, WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE?? Alexa: Hmmm, I don’t know that one.

유창완 : And then a Legend..... was made by another legend.

xXSilentAgent47Xx : 2:11 You're welcome.

Jack Lowe : anybody come from the animated one

ToastyJoey : He protec He attac But most importantly... He get lamb sauce bac

Banjo Billy : " where's the *LAMB **_S A U C E_* "

Vortex gamer : 2:21 that's the longest swearing I've ever heard lmao

F.B.I : *Lamb Sauce Left The Chat*

Sammyplayz Gamez : WhErE iS tHe LaMb SaUcE??😫👌😭☠️👌🙈💦🆘🥩🍆🔥🔥🌈🍀🙏 *TOP 10 QUESTIONS SCIENTISTS STILL CANNOT ANSWER*

BossCrazyRoss : 2:21 when my teacher gives me double home work

Darkplayer 1525 : Legend has it the lamb sause is still not found

Jessie Vector : I can’t believe Article 13 wants to deprive us from this god of a video _and yes I know what Article 13 is you don’t need to keep telling me sksksksk_

Just A Proud Aussie : Top 10 people Eminem was too afraid to diss

[Toby1034] Toby ツ : *_Y E S C H E F_*

JDVL2k : 1:32 why do people go to this restaurant when they know they have this type of temper. Also what kind of people actually act like this. 😪

aB : *WhErE* *Is* *ThE* LaM🅱️ 🆘???!!!

J Nuy : He seems sincerely sad about the lamb sauce!

Bantam_ Studios : Who’s still looking for the lamb sauce in 2019?

Cameron Shelton : 2:07 when you want to know where the lamb sauce is

Logajiba M8 : *Legend has it that Gordon is still looking for the lamb sauce*

Gold3n Kid : Play 2:12 at .25x speed your welcome😎

j.j.is.weird : Not-really-fun-fact: Rachel killed herself a year after the season. Rest in peace :/

boredom ._. : Top 10 people who can take down Thanos

I'm Inside/Anime weeb : Gordon is the only mortal who can force Shaggy to use 10℅ of his power


Melody chill Sublimals : If anyone was up against Gordon in a roast battle, there is no chance you will ever recover from his roast.

Garrett Freeman : I finally know what it sounds like to hear Gordon Ramsay yell my name and I'm troubled.

b e e f : Everyone asks where's the lamb sauce. But no one asks *how's* the lamb sauce. 😔

Daniel Rodriguez : I finally found a suitable alarm clock

MonkeyBoy : 2:08 WHERES THE LAMB *_SAUCE_*

Onyx Dreemurr : *Top 10 people who could defeat Shaggy*

TBA Provoke : 2:14 A legend was created 😳

Alejandro Castro : Error 404 Lamb sauce not found

Ahoge : *legends say, that he still hasn’t found the lamb sauce*

James Hunton : Where’s the lamb sauce I’ll do you one better, who’s the lamb sauce I’ll do you one better, why’s the lamb sauce

Edward XXX : Lamb🆘

em b : “Rachel.” *...* “Virginia!” I don’t know which made me laugh more.

ThatFabMadelyn : The only video that matters on the Internet.

Dark Side : *_The legends say that he is still looking for the Lamb Sauce_*

LEGOMAN 2 : "With Virginia's fish station swimming along," *_10/10 PINNACLE OF COMEDY RIGHT HERE_*

pandakinzzz :3 : AND THUS A MEME WAS BORN

ItzEj : And thus, the meme was born.

I'M SΩ ICLΔSSΨ : now ғυcĸ oғғ wιll yoυ ғaт υѕeleѕѕ pιece oғ yanĸy danĸy doddle ѕнιтe - gordon raмѕay

Edible Rubber : how tf do people sign up for this

StarSilverInfinity : And thus a meme was born

GalacticCat101 : Two *PORTIONS* of QUAIL!

Gerard’s Jackets : Legend has it the lamb sauce is still being looked for in that very kitchen

Merijn van keulen : yankee dankey doodle shite

Eric A : Legend has it That gordon Ramsey is still looking for the lamb sauce

Mattonic : 0.1% of Ramsays power