WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?! | Hell's Kitchen

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ThatFabMadelyn : The only video that matters on the Internet.

Alejandro Castro : Error 404 Lamb sauce not found

Quiznatodd Bidness : Everyone asks where's the lamb sauce. But no one asks *how's* the lamb sauce. 😔

ItsCalledKarmaBiatch : And here’s Gordon Ramsey’s famous quote came to play 😂

dank vanguard : Top 3 missing people in the universe 3.Hitler 2.Osama Bin Laden 1.Lamb Sauce

Merijn van keulen : yankee dankey doodle shite

MegaLaplace : *some overused nino and lamb sauce joke crossover*

Dante Lucente : Lamb sauce has left the chat

Nova and River The savages : Nino would’ve had the lamb sauce Edit: welp thanks for the likes you peoples

Nekisha C. Guity : Fat piece of Yankee. Dankee. Doodle. Shyt. 💀

LordStarscream100 : *WHERE'S THE L A M B S A Â Æ Ü C Ę ! ? ! ? !*

nanparayeah : 12 years have gone by and chef ramsay is still looking for his lamb sauce *WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!*

1860Pod : The pain in his voice when screaming for the lamb sauce :D

Cringeivore : Didn't they put this up a week ago? Oh no wait the exclamation mark and question mark in the title are swapped around this time. My bad.

Karan Bharadva : It's my alarm... It immediately wakes me up.

tsuki97 : In the next episode of Where's the Lamb Sauce...

TheGamer : Has anyone served Gordon any RAW food lately? Because I love when he says it’s RAW!

Nabiha Khalid!!! : 2:07 ur welcome

Lang Jun Xin : 2:20 Could Gordon have been a modern day rapper instead of a world renown chef? Guess we'll have to wait for his EP to release to find out

Jisoo X Dalgom : He called him a donut. I can’t breathe 😂😂

Ghostkid825 : While it's not as important as the lamb sauce, I noticed that the brief footage at 1:29 is played in reverse (see the steam in the background). Kind of a weird editing choice on their part.

Little Kimmy : I'll do you one better. WHY's the lamb sauce?

anasim : Gordon orgasms every time he verbally berates a contestant.

jc jc : They repost this all the time

JORDUN LIPFORD : *Top 10 Questions Science Still Can't Answer*

Zorro9129 : Sorry Gordon, but your lamb sauce is in another kitchen.


lilki likki : WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE ?!??!?!

The Driftin AE86 and The GT86 : LambSauce.exe has stopped working...

Gobind Singh : Nino always has the lamb sauce ready for ramsay to "use."

Lang Jun Xin : "If you wouldn't mind for a moment Chef, the lamb sauce would be with you shortly. Would you like some idiot sandwiches to munch on whilst waiting for the sauce?"

RedBattle3 : Your PC has run into problems that it could not handle, Please Find the lamb sauce


sieg heil : You f***ing donut!!!

Officer Flat Foot : LambSauce.exe has stopped working

Union Army : Gordon was probably disgusted with how raw his children were when they were born

Lott ahors : Where is the lamp source?

Gingerrina : honestly gordan screaming is so funny

Dutch Outlaws : yankee stanky doodle shyte, that has to be the most creative way to say ''american'' ever hahaha

EZRACER : And thus one of the biggest cooking memes were born.

Kenady Snead : *Lamb sauce has left the chat

Madmaxium : lamb sauce *l o c a t e d*

Ethan Really : Where’s the lamb *S A U C E*

DerpyNerdy : Wheres the lamb.. *SAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUCCCEEEE!*

Eldaro Spooky : The legend says they still lookin for lamb sauce


GettingCreative 64 : -WERS the lam sos ? !-

Goldie roger : Embrace the meme, gordon

whatisgolf : I like the part where he asked where is the lam sauce

Bryant Escobar : Where’s the Lamb Sauce Who’s the Lamb Sauce Why is The Lamb Sauce