Detectorists - Johnny Flynn (Cover)
Detectorists Johnny Flynn Cover

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Ben Wright cover of Detectorists by Johnny Flynn which is the theme song from the BBC4 documentary with MacKenzie Crook. You can find a guitar lesson on how to play the Detectorists here: If you have any questions or requests for new covers put them in the comments and I will get back to you This cover version is part of my covers series, watch the rest here - ---------- Subscribe to my channel for new guitar lessons every week and more covers - ---------- Other video content on my channel: The Fireplace Sessions (covers) - Instrumental Covers - Song Lessons - Technique Lessons - ---------- Check out the music video for my new single, Lifeline, released through Soundhub Studios - Listen to the full album here: Download from iTunes - Download from - Download from Google Play - Stream on Spotify - Stream on Apple Music - Stream on Deezer - Follow me on Social Media Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - ---------- Gear - Maton Em225c Cheers, Ben


Sa Ta : Awesome cover bro!

Ethan Gerrard : Wow man your good. something special about you. Like a lot of those artists that just shine you got it.

organicpaul : Wonderful!

Ray Lamb : Great !