One Day More,Les Misérables (2012)

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PinkPilled : *aggressively tries to sing all parts*

papashrek : "One more day of him not caring" literally stabs me in the heart

Carrie Churchward : the basic synopsis of this song: lots of people have something on tomorrow

Gemma Hilies : This was me on the last day of school.

Lexxie Payton Rowell : pls tell me im not the only one who tries singing every part at once

Metwoyearsago : Marius: "my place is here! I fight with you!" Enjolras: *thinking* "Awww sweet maybe he'll stop singing about love Marius: *sings about love* Enjolras: *thinking* "Marius you little shit."

sceligator : So, am I the only one who thinks that Russell Crow is a good singer?

sarina khan : this is the most tragic musical/sorry on history. A group of schoolboys wanted to free there country. They thought the people of France would help them yet when the time came the abandoned them. still they fought. One by one they started to die off Eponine loved Marius who she knew she could never have. She accepted this fact and went off to fight in the barricades knowing she could die. But she didn't care. She took the bullet meant for Marius and still loved him even with her last dying breath. She was the first to fall for love After the ABC had died enjolras knew he had led his friends into death. Rather then accept this and live with it he fought to his death till the end Marius althouh he had found his love had to live with the memory.The memory of the people who had deserted them. The memory of his dead friendss who had died without a cause. The memory his friend who had died for him while confessing her love fuckin tragic man and then they say romeo and juliet is the most tragic literature. NO

sunglassesface : Everybody hates Russell Crowe, and is is actually my favorite part of the song :/

George Welf-Hanover : Cause of death: trying to sing all parts in "One day more", Les Mis

박현재 : Bellatrix Lestrange vs Newt Scamamnder

Ruben Farias : Eponine: Friendzone level Barricade

Shayla Gabriele : honestly, I loke Aaron Tveit as Enjolras best, he's got the look and the voice. I remember when I was reading les mis i pictured someone kinda like him

Adam El-Bashary : I'm going to say it because a) It isn't said enough b) No one else is scarcely going to agree with me anyway I thought Russell Crowe was magnificent in this film and he is my favourite portrayal of the role.

Nicole McAulay : One Day More" [VALJEAN] One day more! Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary; These men who seem to know my crime Will surely come a second time. One day more! [MARIUS] I did not live until today. How can I live when we are parted? [VALJEAN] One day more. [MARIUS & COSETTE] Tomorrow you'll be worlds away And yet with you, my world has started! [EPONINE] One more day all on my own. [MARIUS & COSETTE] Will we ever meet again? [EPONINE] One more day with him not caring. [MARIUS & COSETTE] I was born to be with you. [EPONINE] What a life I might have known. [MARIUS & COSETTE] And I swear I will be true! [EPONINE] But he never saw me there! [ENJOLRAS] One more day before the storm! [MARIUS] Do I follow where she goes? [ENJOLRAS] At the barricades of freedom. [MARIUS] Shall I join my brothers there? [ENJOLRAS] When our ranks begin to form [MARIUS] Do I stay; and do I dare? [ENJOLRAS] Will you take your place with me? [ALL] The time is now, the day is here [VALJEAN] One day more! [JAVERT] One day more to revolution, We will nip it in the bud! We'll be ready for these schoolboys, They will wet themselves with blood! [VALJEAN] One day more! [M. & MME. THENARDIER] Watch 'em run amuck, Catch 'em as they fall, Never know your luck When there's a free for all, Here's a little 'dip' There a little 'touch' Most of them are goners So they won't miss much! [Students (2 Groups)] [1:] One day to a new beginning [2:] Raise the flag of freedom high! [1:] Every man will be a king [2:] Every man will be a king [1:] There's a new world for the winning [2:] There's a new world to be won [ALL] Do you hear the people sing? [MARIUS] My place is here, I fight with you! [VALJEAN] One day more! [MARIUS & COSETTE] I did not live until today. [EPONINE] One more day all on my own! [MARIUS & COSETTE] How can I live when we are parted? [JAVERT (overlapping)] We will join these people's heroes We will follow where they go We will learn their little secrets, We will know the things they know. [VALJEAN] One day more! [MARIUS & COSETTE] Tomorrow you'll be worlds away [EPONINE] What a life I might have known! [MARIUS & COSETTE] And yet with you my world has started [JAVERT (overlapping)] One more day to revolution We will nip it in the bud We'll be ready for these schoolboys [THENARDIERS (overlapping)] Watch 'em run amok Catch 'em as they fall Never know your luck When there's a free-for-all! [VALJEAN] Tomorrow we'll be far away, Tomorrow is the judgement day [ALL] Tomorrow we'll discover What our God in Heaven has in store! One more dawn One more day One day more!

Katherine Davis : Is anyone ever going to discuss how awesome Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were in their roles?

Mary Ann Olson : Guys Enjolras is sooo much hotter than Marius agree??

TheObsidianFish : This is pretty much Thursday nights for me

Joey Main : Did anyone else hear Gavroche's little ''yeah''

Lotsoflovefromchloe : Eddie Redmayne is such a perfect human being


Emma Mueller : samantha barks and aaron tveit were incredible like its been over 3 years and i'm still not over them

Jonae Jimenez : all due respect to Eponine but there is actually another female heroine and its fantine. Fantine loved and cared about her daughter so much that she got in to prostitution to pay her debt and keep her daughter "safe" (well she thought Cosette was safe)

canionpride : I understand why people don't like Russell Crowe in this version, but personally, I loved him in this. His part in this song was the reason why I got into Les Miserables, because this song was the first I ever heard of any of them. Personally, my favorite Javert is Quast, but I still love Russell Crowe's soothing yet intimidating voice.

Luftwaffle : Best pre-exam song ever. 

kathy long : i love russell crowe singing

kyuubis angel : Last day of school tomrw. ONE DAY MORE TILL REVOLUTION

Bennet Dudley : This is actually my favorite song in the whole musical! Especially with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe's parts

Georgina Fegan : I thought Russell's voice suited the role of Javert perfectly! It's not the kind of voice I'd choose to listen to but it fits well here. Every role in this movie/musical was cast perfectly :)

TheGreatRakatan : It always bothered me when people's vibrato comes from their mouth shaking

so not nicole : For some reason I just love Javerts voice

Matt Young : More than 3 -  1) Valjean esacping to freedom 2) The revolutionaries preparing to fight 3) Marius and Cosette 4) Javert preparing to stop the revolution 5) Thenardiers looking for an opportunity for money 6) Eponine - love is one again unrequited

a whole Namgikook stan. : The best singers in this song were (in my opinion) Aaron Tveit and Sam Barks

Nameless Person : I've made it a habit to listen to this song on the last day of school every year

Happyloren Madrigal : Why do so many people think Crowe was bad? Sure, he wasn't the best Javert, but he was still good.

Kathie Pryor : Anyone else come here from the Broadway car karaoke with James Cordon or is that just me

Caitlin Jones : Enjolras is just a beautiful human being

*edgy username* : this is the "Non-stop" of Les mis

Meirstein : Eddie Redmayne's mouth is too big for his face.

rkgk1517 : God I love Aaron Tveit.

Abi Alston : I get chills every time I listen to this

Julie Edelsten : Am i the only one who thinks that Aaron's/Enjolras' smile at the "every man will be a king" part is just the cutest thing ever?

Bernard Ferry : does that last frame look like diagon alley to anyone else?

Guillermo Sanchez : Damn, that kid sure goes around, he was also in Into the Woods

Hazel Mi'Ann : EXTRA DAAAYYYY!!!!~~~ Props to anyone who recognises what I'm referring to. No offence intended, I just find it funny in comparison after watching :)

Hannah Candy : Gavroche's "YES!" After Marius joined them melted my heart.

HorrorM Girl : Eponine is literally the dream partner

Travis Pietkiewicz : Amanda Seyfried is the worst vocalist in the movie by far, her voice makes me cringe.

Mia N : Is it just me that is trying to every single word of the song including the duets

TheGreatRakatan : Les Miserables is interesting because it shows a girl getting friendzoned. There ya go gents, it doesn't just happen to you.