LAY 레이 'SHEEP (羊)' MV

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_Ramen_&_Kookies_ : This needs more views!! ❤️

Min Holly : Ey! Be carefull...he's the sheep

Sheridan : Okay im not a human anymore, im a China sheep

Justyna Głębocka : That sound in 0:22 - 0:32 sounds like harlem shake lol

Ferehiwot Tewolde : Why are you the sheep?😂😂 Is this a kind of china's proverbs or a metapher what you use in china?? That's the only way for me to explain this song😂😂

i need oxygen. : Lay : "I am the sheep" Me : "Nah you're a wolf" Exo : "You can call him monster.."

Maria Vitória : 0:47 is that girl Yoojung Lee of 1 Million Studio? On the right?

Karissa Lara : I have never more proud to be a Libra

International Banana Army : baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do i sound like a sheep? i am the SHEEP

ester berlese : i have so many questions

minseokorre : this drop is incredible my addictive god

dewi srirahayu : Yixing when you're will one stage more with exo 😰😰

Nikoletta Sarridou : THAT CHINA SHEEP BRO!!! lmfaoooo when i thought exo couldn't be more silly lay comes in to show of his sillinessi'm laughing so much LOL i love the song tho! such a jam

Silje Hansen : I`m not that big of a fan of this song, but I for some reason I keep coming back to listen to it...

lowkey lily : i am the sheep *repeats* i am the sheep *repeats louder* I AM THE SHEEP

Cu Tulla Luana : Cool

Emily Thompson : he dances so good ♥

葉清品 : 超可愛😍😍😍

LKS Play : *Como eu parei aqui? ;-;*

exol_ hyunjae : the king 😎👏

Stolen Panty : *nice beat*

In Fires? : -is he okay- nvm

Chineze Onyiuke : Is Lay possessed by bambam

ninaaa : i suddenly love sheeps

Lizbeth Iris : Love the music

hongki : Sheep > It's Everyday Bro

Lei Shin : Me: *Sees the Title* Oh No, I have enough from this boring, nice Songs, i don't Wanna hear again a new one *listen to it* WTF, I thought this Song is called Sheep and Not Lit

Rahaf Fahad : Why are all the kpop songs on YouTube have only English comments where r all the Koreans


Sunshine And Gay Stuff : ..............well that pretty much just slapped me in the face


Zoe Rivera : yo i came back after almost a month and i feel blessed with my baby GOLD

Katerina Petrova : woah..woah...easy there lay...u say u r a sheep but u look nothing like a sheep with those smoldering glances u were throwing towards the direction of the cameras and won't u were a wolf? did sth happen in china? r u having an identity crisis?

Carysmelette : You got that Sheep Swag Yixing! Love it! - X'Back With You -

EXO D.O : Oh I am the sheep

Mìín kwön : *My baby ❣love it too much❣❣* 💕💕💞❤❤Aaa

exotrash? EXOTRASH! : the more you listen to it, the better it gets my god

Christa-Gay Campbell : Lay: Oh!!!! *hits blunt* I am the sheep lolol JK JK i need to look up the lyrics in english. is he like the wolf in sheeps clothing or vice versa *hmmmm*

Arden Therese Bernardo : Bitch that's lay! the king of China😎

Bi Vang : i have a hard time choosing lay or lookism jae yeol

Sailorperson : OH GOD I LOVE THE SONG NOW!


Hermela Belay : Why do I like this so much?

#mosthatedbishalive : Sheep is my new favorite animal

Mirella Bitas : Oh that China sheep is hot. Lay in the microwave lol

Havva Altan : Are you human??😍😍💕

AXi Li : so greaaaaaaaaaat

Mizzz Licia : my neighbor has sheep i passed by them one time and they started making their noise im kind of them so i was like "be careful, sheep in the neighborhood!!"

CLAIRE 。 : Y is he like this /(•_•)/

elif azra kereci : turkey ı love exo