When City Planning in Cities Skylines creates a city with only one road
City Skylines with only one road

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We have simplified our city and made it a single road that the entire population lives on. There is no traffic, because there is literally nowhere to turn ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd ~Merch Shop: https://eu.rtgame.net/ ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~ Music is Fallout 76 - West Virginia (Original Cover), Pokemon Black White - White Forest.


NintendoWolf : Playing “Country Road” when ever a disaster happens has to be the best recurring joke I’ve seen on any channel.

The Destroyer : Husband: Honey do you need anything from the store Wife: no im fine Husband: k I'll be back in 5 weeks

SnoopJohnson : Make U turns illegal

AR G : The lesson from this is: One road cities anger Poseidon.

Zahria Spencer : My dad went to the grocery store for milk 18 years ago. he just came back home

Dequan Milete : "We're gonna dam the river" _RT I don't think you understand how dams work_

Brandyman gaming : 9:30 Dam: *floods* All of a sudden:"ALMOST HEAVEN, WEST VIRGINIA"

Connor Stickels : Which bus stop do I get off on? Smith.

ibro 03 : "I live in the 738th of Smith Street" "But in which town ?" "... You'll understand when you get there..."

Fábio Dias : Hey im new to the city where is the school Oh just go forward And then? u *just* go forward

CobraGaming520 : Wait a second.. that trash truck at 11:32 did a U Turn...

Digital Motorsport : Imagine tinder in this city. somebody's 3km away either means they are 3km away, or 600km away

John Edinburgh Yu : RTGame, make a city that every few meters, theres a toll booth.. XD

potato management : The true country road. Cause it's as long as a country

Dr John Zoidberg : I bet RT just has 'Country Roads' on a hot key now

Auspicious Potato : Should have put a bunch of toll booths on the road

Destination Unknown : There is one loophole in the length of this road. Drivers can turn into a restaurant and then come back out with their choice of which way to turn

Tim Lage : Imagine family reunion for thanksgiving your already at the beginning of summer to go meet them

Chromosomus : Honestly you could make so much money in this city, just make people pay when they turn around in your driveway

gustavo burda : Takes a wrong turn on the highway... Has to go through the ENTIRE CITY AND BACK!

AgusGamer_ 559 : Damn long roaaaad Take me homeeee Even thooooouuugh *It's gonna take 5 weeks looooong*

bigbigcheese2 : When your name is Harvey Smith so both roads are named after you...

Bladesisdead : I live in house #1 Friend: shieet I just drove by.. ..see you in 2 years

InfiniteBro : The one stream where you don’t spam disasters they happen naturally EDIT: Thx for the heart senpai!

Silphaer : "Just this one time, everybody lives." I'm 95% certain that's a reference to my favourite Doctor.

super Jenius11 : Trip from Melbourne to Sydney: 10 hours minimum Trip from England to France: 10 hours, 20 minutes Trip from one end along America to the other 40 hours Trip from 1 smith street to 47,925 smith street: 75 - 100 hours depending on roadworks due to flood damage

Handsome_Hero : This isn't a city building game, it's a road-building game with some city bits on the side.

BossSteve 68 : the reason why houses are popping up along the roads is because they ran out of gas

Yolooncey : RT: Hey, wanna hear a joke Citizens: Yeah? RT: Peace and Tranquility Citizens: We don't get it? RT: Oh, I know you don't

Greta Burton : honestly this would probably solve car pollution. don't waste your time with a car when you'll just end up taking a week to go just around the corner. it's easier to just walk.

Midnight Voyager : "I've got a problem with flooding, let's build a dam" Okay, see, if you have a problem flooding and go for a dam, you put the dam UPSTREAM from the place you want to not flood, not downstream.

William Ward : "Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once. EVERYBODY LIVES!"

KawaiiSassySweet : “everyone goes to the motor way in the end”. “Just this one time, everybody lives”. The amount of doctor who references

Hank J. Wimbleton : "I used the time stone to see over 14 million possible timelines" "how many when our city survives?" "one"

Gergő Somos : 11:31 that garbage truck turn lol

Sean Muller : This country road really is taking you home, well.....eventually

Everything's a Smoke Machine : 1:01 - Congratulations, you've conducted a Ponzi scheme

William Capps : Just found your channel, and it is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

dankiel nnun : no matter what your talking about it's always "just down the road"

SAiKA : "Okay, I'll see you in 4-5 hours!" I freaking died

Joseph Stalin : What if build a city with one fire station,police station,and one hospital

Red82 : *being born in this city* Me:I walk the only road the only road ive ever known

Nottellin yuo : The Tornado actually using the road was too much. LMAO!!! Wait no, Take me home, Country road playing as the city flooded that ended it! LMAO!!!

shadoweyed : New born baby from the hospital, can get home with parents, the day he gets home he is already old enough to go to college

epic fortnite dancer : IMO the perfect city would have a roundabout every 100 metres, and pedestrians would cross OVER the cars with a sort of bridge every crossing.

sorio99 : You know, maybe the big dam might’ve worked, if you hadn’t put it so 90% of the city was behind the dam.

BrokenZen : One road doesn't mean everyone forgets how to turn left.

The NBN : "I'll just use the loan to pay off the other loan." Totally not a ponzi scheme.

gago_lloyd : at this point whenever these people hear country roads they probably go outside and wait for death