When City Planning in Cities Skylines creates a city with only one road

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RTGame : Just this one time - everybody lives.

Reuben Seymour : Make a city using no normal road types - only stuff like roundabouts and intersections

TruthSS : Imagine living here, and you're just driving and you start hearing *Country Road* and just see a massive tidal wave coming at you.

John Doe : -"Honey I'm home, I just need to park the car." -"See you in 4 hours!"

Despair Chair : RT, today in my maths class someone said 'has anybody seen that video where the guy fills a tree trunk with crap in City Skylines', to which everyone replied by singing country roads. You have done it. You are a religion. And if anyone reading this has Mr Mullin for year 10 maths and witnessed this, we are the cult.


Dr John Zoidberg : I bet RT just has 'Country Roads' on a hot key now

Nexrasa : Easiest way to adapt to this city is to just make the speed imit 200km/h

Wynnsday From BestBuy : imagine being the first house and if you ever want to leave your house you have to drive alllllllllllllllll the way to the end to loop around...

Lieutenant Normie : “I probably shouldn’t put the dump next to the hospital, but it fits so well.”

Lemon Gamer : God broke the law by destroying the police station with a thunderstorm so nobody can arrest him, smart

StickMaster500 : That one stretch of road shall forever be named, *Country Road.*

Julie Smiles : A good ending and no mass deaths? Who is this? What channel an I on?

HORRIOR : There is Lovecraftian element to this town. The traffic is a massive beast that will drive you to madness while you drive it XD

Nokkternal : Why does Country Roads go so well to Cities Skylines disasters? lol

Elmer Koivulampi : Imagine there being a fire next to the fire department but they can't drive that way so it takes weeks to go there

Dequan Milete : "We're gonna dam the river" _RT I don't think you know how dams work_


shadoweyed : New born baby from the hospital, can get home with parents, the day he gets home he is already old enough to go to college

MGlBlaze : Well this seems like a traffic and logistical nightmare.

Spagooty Eggant : Damn this comment section is pure gold

Wyan : i got very annoyed when it actually worked.

Alek Leonard : This man is single handily reviving the gaming community

Stark Park : I was really expecting "Just this one time, everybody exists" and then "news of a meteorite strike is imminent". I'm pleasantly surprised. Nice job RT

Zoltan Benedek : I'll be a taxi driver in this city. It'll be more profitable than any other high class job 😎😂

TheUKNutter : This game would be worth buying if you could actually DRIVE and walk on the roads you’ve created.

durianhead : should've named the town rome so you could have said "all roads lead to rome", wasted opportunity smh

BLU Soldier : When you hear West Virginia in your town outta nowhere and you see big meatballs crash in your neighbors backyard then you look up and you see thousands of meat balls aiming for your neighborhood

OfficialLegoNerd : Imagine being an 8 year old wanting to visit your friend who lives across the street from you while you both live at the entrance/exit of Road city. On your way to get to him you'd have to buy him 17 birthday gifts, 18 Christmas presents, and at least 3 wedding gifts to make up for the time it takes to get across to him without breaking any laws. And once you finally have to go home, you're the one driving your mother home.

Raphael Proulx-paradis : I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever built.

John Doe : Crap I missed the exit, I'm dead...

MII 9 : Due to water having an actual physics in this game, the moment you delete the dam, the two sides of water rushing in to fill the empty space and end up hitting each other so basically *_you are creating a tsunami_*

LittleSkyful : The white van had enough and turned around x'D 08:50

Evan Hawboldt : This video has legitimately inspired me to write a dystopian future novel. No jokes

Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Imagine accidentally turning into this city...

KvAT : 9:30 1938 Yellow River Flooding, colourized 2018

Smiley the Smile : *Madman stages the biggest traffic jam in human history.* Citizens of Grand Noodle are extremely displeased.

What The : Just imagine if you lived in a town of 1,000,000 on 1 straight road...

Lara .078 : Do parking lots exist in cities skylines? It could help with turning.

Sandorro : 1:02 How economics work, no need to go to college anymore

David : Oh my god, that was just about the funniest and most ridiculously amazing thing I think I've seen this week. That river was obviously possessed and cursed!

The Spherical Earth : This road actually takes you to West Virginia... and then you can turn and head back home from work

John Peacekeeper : This is the one city where walking is more of a time-saver than driving

Matthew Macey : You should do a circle city around a pit

Lyric Meyer : 10:04 "There's a #weird #smell coming from the apartment next door. What does a #dead #person smell like?"

Lexie Lyn : Boss: "Hey, can you come in tomorrow? I know it's the weekend, but we really need you" You: "Sure boss, but I may be a little late due to the long commute" Boss: "That's perfectly okay. When can we expect you?" You: "Monday" Boss: :|

mrcomp : Make a city with just dirt roads.


Callum Bradford : * city is fine * * has to place garbage dump * City: 💀

Rererro Muzzi : 5 min commute to work, 5 hour commute back home.