When City Planning in Cities Skylines creates a city with only one road

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RTGame : Just this one time - everybody lives.

StickMaster500 : That one stretch of road shall forever be named, *Country Road.*

ARTILLERY ONLY : Its funny that by doing a "challenge" of doing one road, it actually makes it super efficient

THE LEADER : Country *road* take me home

VoorheesTV : One Big Problem: NOISE POLLUTION!!! There'll be nothing but the sound of cars and tracks all day and night.

cms53 : I actually think that with round abouts every once in a while that this would be a good idea.

Wyan : i got very annoyed when it actually worked.

Gergő Somos : 11:31 that garbage truck turn lol

DarkWolf21 : how has this one video made me laugh so hard that i cant even see straight, damnit the way you describe this just killed me. omg.

Grant McManus : Soo glad i randomly clicked on this video! So great

blarg2429 : If you think about it, dams and anti-flood walls are just border walls to keep out the ocean, albeit in this case via a river.

Dr John Zoidberg : I bet RT just has 'Country Roads' on a hot key now

jamie bradley : is it bad this is how i always played cities skylines

Connor Stickels : Which bus stop do I get off on? Smith.


Getsnipedkid 369 : A legend says that they are still trying to get to the restaurant

Reuben Seymour : Make a city using no normal road types - only stuff like roundabouts and intersections

Tim Lage : Imagine family reunion for thanksgiving your already at the beginning of summer to go meet them

Spectrum SSS : How the hell do you cross the road without jaywalking?

pancakes4life : So how do you get electricity to the houses with no powerlines?

* loving them doodles * : Somehow countryroads has become our class anthem, you cant make that up😂😂😂

mrcomp : Make a city with just dirt roads.

BobTheT-rex : My blood lust is not satisfied

Ghosttroop115 : I love that doctor who reference at the end there, thank u

zach martinez : you could probably do a great colin moriarty impression (fallout 3)

Just a fan, nothing special. : Imagine placing a mcfonalds at the end of the road tho...

durianhead : should've named the town rome so you could have said "all roads lead to rome", wasted opportunity smh

ツlvl2 : Can you make round-abouts so they can turn easily that would technically still be 1 road.

sam skillington : DELETE THE PILONS!

Filip TM : i'm f**ing dying. your commentary was on point. but the damn dam man, what were you thinking? what did you expect was gonna happen :D

Liesje Seru : Mom drops of 3 grader at school , wen she comes to pick here up at school she a eight grader . Damm dad left to work as a 40 year old and came back at age 70 😆😆 The fuel cost to get around this place most be hell on there wallet....

MII 9 : Due to water having an actual physics in this game, the moment you delete the dam, the two sides of water rushing in to fill the empty space and end up hitting each other so basically *_you are creating a tsunami_*

BrianDMS : I mean, that's literally how towns would often naturally develop along country roads, many european villages still base on that very principle

cvr24 : Sounds like Kelowna BC

ExaminedBowl28 : i live in west virginia

KarsaPlayz : Why is the road so shiny?

Smiley the Smile : *Madman stages the biggest traffic jam in human history.* Citizens of Grand Noodle are extremely displeased.

Vinski Lång : *next one way road*

Matthew Harvey : I AM SPREADING

jerrod lapham : dams increase the water level behind them, and decrease it in front of them.

Dan Glasgow : I'm 6.46 mins into this video and in tears!! holy SH!T so funny

TruthSS : Imagine living here, and you're just driving and you start hearing *Country Road* and just see a massive tidal wave coming at you.

Marton Ramocsa : Imagine a huge traffic accident blocking both of the roads for hours...

AgentTasmania : May actually be faster to walk to the far end of the city, cutting across country.

Rayzo - : Are we April 1st? No? How is this possible that RTgame could make a city without breaking it?!

Darkauron : Волгоград примерно так и выглядит

The Spherical Earth : This road actually takes you to West Virginia... and then you can turn and head back home from work

AchmodinIV SWE : Tornado have a mind of his own

Chloe Latour : and yet no one thought to do a u turn

retarded animation : Intelligence 100