When City Planning in Cities Skylines creates a city with only one road

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RTGame : Just this one time - everybody lives.

Dr John Zoidberg : I bet RT just has 'Country Roads' on a hot key now

Wynnsday : imagine being the first house and if you ever want to leave your house you have to drive alllllllllllllllll the way to the end to loop around...

Zoltan Benedek : I'll be a taxi driver in this city. It'll be more profitable than any other high class job 😎😂

Elmer Koivulampi : Imagine there being a fire next to the fire department but they can't drive that way so it takes weeks to go there

Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Imagine accidentally turning into this city...

MII 9 : Due to water having an actual physics in this game, the moment you delete the dam, the two sides of water rushing in to fill the empty space and end up hitting each other so basically *_you are creating a tsunami_*

false name : The only natural disaster here is the city.

Lyric Meyer : 10:04 "There's a #weird #smell coming from the apartment next door. What does a #dead #person smell like?"

SnoopJohnson : Make U turns illegal

Brandyman gaming : 9:30 Dam: *floods* All of a sudden:"ALMOST HEAVEN, WEST VIRGINIA"

durianhead : should've named the town rome so you could have said "all roads lead to rome", wasted opportunity smh

Callum Bradford : * city is fine * * has to place garbage dump * City: 💀

CobraGaming520 : Wait a second.. that trash truck at 11:32 did a U Turn...

All hail lord Stoned Fox : Should have put a bunch of toll booths on the road

John Edinburgh Yu : RTGame, make a city that every few meters, theres a toll booth.. XD

mrcomp : Make a city with just dirt roads.

Soviet Russia : Honestly you could make so much money in this city, just make people pay when they turn around in your driveway

Michael Tomlin : Yours exact words "Nothin gettin past this damm." 5 seconds later floods the road

Connor Stickels : Which bus stop do I get off on? Smith.

badass humble knight : when these people come out of their home they sing: i walk a lonely road, the only road that i have ever known

Reuben Seymour : Make a city using no normal road types - only stuff like roundabouts and intersections

Tim Lage : Imagine family reunion for thanksgiving your already at the beginning of summer to go meet them

Primal lucario Gaming : Rtgame DNA: things will break the laws of physics to destroy a creation

KawaiiSassySweet : “everyone goes to the motor way in the end”. “Just this one time, everybody lives”. The amount of doctor who references

Chelnah the Egghead : (In response to RT’s comment:) Just this once, Rose! EVERYBODY LIVES!!!

StickMaster500 : That one stretch of road shall forever be named, *Country Road.*

James Costa : 4:14 "I'm glad we built the wall, so we're safe." Yep! Build that wall!

Ranman242 [Jarry] : Question: Can that one road loop back and connect to itself, then continue going on? Cuz technicly it's still that one road. Right?

Ice Whyte : the city flooding is a fixed point on the timeline, no matter how many times you go back you cant save everyone!

Matthew Macey : You should do a circle city around a pit

Wyan : i got very annoyed when it actually worked.

bigbigcheese2 : When your name is Harvey Smith so both roads are named after you...

Gergő Somos : 11:31 that garbage truck turn lol

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin : What if build a city with one fire station,police station,and one hospital

Pixie Panda Plush : The idea is cool and all, but where the city connects with the intersection, that should be a roundabout; this allows traffic to turn on both ends of the road, and not having to leave the city and come back just to get to work or home. It would also allow you to have a bus route.

Smiley the Smile : *Madman stages the biggest traffic jam in human history.* Citizens of Grand Noodle are extremely displeased.

MissKayls 24 : Smith street forever The one and only country road

William Ward : "Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once. EVERYBODY LIVES!"

BossSteve 68 : the reason why houses are popping up along the roads is because they ran out of gas

MemerMan : 11:34 that truck did a u turn in the middle of the road

The Spherical Earth : This road actually takes you to West Virginia... and then you can turn and head back home from work

epic fortnite dancer : IMO the perfect city would have a roundabout every 100 metres, and pedestrians would cross OVER the cars with a sort of bridge every crossing.

Sapioit : It's still one road if it's going in a loop. Also, you can use the same model of going back and forth, but have a lot of walkways for citizens, and change between two types of road, to get crossings for people to get on the other side of the road. You can also use cable cars for having your citizens move faster between places than by car, while also cheaper than by blimp.

gustavo burda : Takes a wrong turn on the highway... Has to go through the ENTIRE CITY AND BACK!

Hazim Fadhilah : 4:14 when trump succeeds in his plans

David : Oh my god, that was just about the funniest and most ridiculously amazing thing I think I've seen this week. That river was obviously possessed and cursed!

Starry Pegasi : So if I needed to go to the hospital it would take me like 3 weeks to get there? 🧐

Redstone2324 : Country Road(s)

Felix Teßmann : Hospital? Down the road!