He's Too Quick: Dude Is Nice With The Slap Box Game!

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WEIRDOSQUAD : bruh playing patty cake with his face ahahaha 0:30

WEIRDOSQUAD : he said "wooooh" LMAO


Boi Oneda : He playin patty cake with his face😂😂😂🏀

Leiyan Nkamalok : The ending "Damn ma n!#$@ you good" killed me

MMGTV : He's not good you're just weak

nate : big guy ate those

Albernas : got smacked so hard he complemented the guy 😂

Indigoog : Hit him with the 9-piece combo

Sunny Patel : 8 trigrams 64 palms

MMA.209, King : 0:31 He went Dragon.Ball.Z on him

Teofilo Diaz : Black version of naruto😂😂😂

SIRTJ28 Washington : he's playing drums with his cheek

MBB Dopeman : Why fatboy sound just like big smoke 😂

ferran marcet : D A Y U M M A N I G G A U G O O D

PurpleLegacy xD : 😂 this vid Catagorized in Pets and animals 😂

Daedae 21 : this was the funniest fight I ever seen

jayo : The best part about this video is the comments lol😂😂😂.

Obieone Canblowme : :39 seconds of my life wasted lol !!!!! I NEED TO SLAP SOMEONE

Leah Harris : 0:27 dude look like a fish out of water😂😂

Drebodollaz : He’s not good. The other guy just is trash at fighting

NIXO BW : My dude unlocked ultra instinct towards the end.

Queen shae : this is too funny I'm crying laughing omg

Envy : fat fool ate those slaps like a bucket of bbq wings

Rudy Figueroa : I actually thought this shit was real until 0:30 😂😂😂, no way in hell anyone gonna just stand still like that and let another man slap you for two seconds...

PJ Corrales : The respect afterward, that's what's up

Guns : He didn’t even move or try to block

HeroicBrutality : 0:30 ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA

25877852 : If he was white hes face would be all red now

Kroz Lee : LMAO WTF did I just watch. I'm going to bed

quickstep : haha good ending too

Reggie Graham : You telling me u sat there and watched him hit u 10 times? And waited till he was finished?

Shane the Nemo : Yoooo this got me dyinggggggg like he just smacked the guy like it was a dummy and he doing some hand shake right on his face and it was funny cuz the bull just got stunnned and stood their he didnt even move and he did it so many times and like the guy just smacks him like hes playing some game like boom boom boom boom then stops like omg i cant describe it

YUNGDxNTE : 0:31 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💥💥💥💥💥

Andy Benitez : It’s not that the guys is quick. Other dude was letting him hit him, we wasn’t attempting to stop them

Yahya Gannour : 0:32 got him with that fast firing

NEVER ON TOPIC : Bro watched every slap with a look of astonishment on his face as it happened.

YUNGDxNTE : Mk juggling combo feeling like this😂

Magic Gaming : *NIGATO*


Mystic Dope : This kid do some naruto stuff 64 palms

Fxness kinq : he ate them 😂😂

TROUBLEdExpl0iter : slapped him up silly😂😂

Mr Commentator : So this is how pussys fight 🤔interesting....

Ruben Zuniga : Amir khan would smack tf outta hi.

Jack Sisneros : category : pets and animals

N Bar : Why his slaps look feminine as hell? 🤔🤔

Krispy Ty : (*´﹃`*)(。>﹏<。)

Soufiane Bahij : Black Neji

millbill killbill : LOL in my mind I'm thinking it's fake nobody should have a late reaction time like that LOL then again I don't think anyone would fake and let someone smack them all them times so either way something's wrong with that big boy