Forklift Driver Klaus English Subtitles

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IRON MAIDEN : Final Destination meets Monty Python.

mindlessgonzo : Klaus you airheaded safety hazard!

DShephard : If Germany had forklifts on the front lines they never would have lost the war.

Itachi21x : And people say that germans don't have humour

The Drifter Within : I think I know what was going on: the makers of this video were starving for a chance to make a slasher movie. But the best that they got was a forklift safety video. And then they thought: if this is the only chance we got, then BY GOD, this is gonna be the best slasher forklift safety video ever made!

arvindt500 : I am become Klaus, destroyer of worlds

redblueandgray : Dammit Klaus, you just murdered another co-worker. Now get back to work.

Joey Wolf : Klaus, you managed to murder *five people* on your first day! Including yourself! How does anyone do that??

Cockfunmcgee : This is actually fantastic as far as instructional videos go. Because whenever I see a forklift, I always think of how hilarious this video was, therefore I'm always reminded of forklift safety every single time I see one. I don't even do anything remotely close to a forklift.

Joe A W : What does it take to get fired in Germany?!

Boosted Lúcio : that's too much safety for one man to handle.

bulma12345678910 : Legend has it Klaus and his forklift are still chuntering along the autobahn, striking fear into laborers across the land. It is said his victims on the fork are replaced daily, to remind the blue collars of safe working practices and proper forklift protocols. Forgive them Klaus, for they know not what they do.

Kalnafein : Klaus had a rough first day.

Robert Horton : This is Germany's way to add "humour" to an instructional video. I might convert to Germanism.

Francis York Morgan : I remember investigating this man when we worked for the FBI. Do you remember, Zach? He was classified as an act of God for insurance purposes...

Marvcohen : Looks like there's a few job openings in Germany

Michael Buehler : Best workplace safety video ever.

John Whitesell : I've heard the stereotype that Germans have no sense of humor. This video is proof that that myth is BUSTED!

the arbiter : "Never mind the six people that died. We need to get this work DONE, people!"

Dawn Newman : That escalated quickly.

Steven Z : best part is the guy with no hands just minding his own business as klaus and the gang stroll on by :P 

Andrew Siddall : One job. You had ONE JOB KLAUS!

Veli Karppinen : They must have really high work-morale as losing your hands wasn't reason to skip rest of day AND he got functional prosthetics at the same day. Germanic efficiency.

rabid rabbitshuggers : Klaus: Destroyer of worlds

Thomas Parker : Klaus be getting multiple manslaughter convictions

Azren Delmare : I desperately wish we had training videos like this in the States. I realize it's not actually a real safety video, but I just love it so much.

Hussein Hafez : Best forklift safety video ever

dark7element : The guy getting sliced in half by the chainsaw at the end is one of the most imaginatively filmed and directed gory deaths I've ever seen! The camera actually followed the whirring blade INSIDE the victim's body!

NickP61494 : This is how to make an instructional video people want to pay attention to. One cup learning, fifty gallons prop blood because KLAUS GOOD GOD MAN WHAT AND HOW.

ZeDingo Dehart : My cousin has had his hand 98% severed by a worm drive saw. Blood really does blast out like that.

farmzombie : The Punisher could get some bad ideas from this video.

EctoSage : Man, if I didn't know better I would say Sam Rami directed this.

MrFunkhauser : This is funnier than 90% of the comedies released in the last 10 years. God damn brilliant.

wdcain1 : Geezus, Pat was right. This is so brilliant! Still, the video said nothing about Forklift Races so I think everything I learned from Shenmue will keep me safe.

Cthulu TheSpy : FInally! A chance to use this in context! "He triiiiiied to kill me with a forklift."

Rohan Kishibe and 『Heaven's Door』 : You know I'm having second thoughts as to whether Klaus is actually qualified for this job or not.

MegaTaunTaun : Why is this actually a competently made film? The zooms, angles and practical effects make this super entertaining. And although it seems it wasn't intentional the writing and acting make it hilarious.

phillip krickler : pretty sure everyome watched this because of the punisher video.

MasterKcoop : 4:36 Wtf Klaus?

Revoltz22 : You had one job, Klaus.

coolestusername1234 : Klaus, you silly little rascal!

Letus the Dragon : He tried to kill me with a forklift.

Bill Cosby : The best friends brought me here!

floritarium : Does Klaus still got his license?

Phoenix Wright : Battle Construction Vehicles! Thanks, Scrublords.

Shane Reimroc : What they dont mention in this video is that Klaus can support his family by being a forklift driver in Germany.

U WOT M8? : God dammitt pat

Uberphawx : The forklift is mightier than the sword

Joey Wolf : They nearly ran over that decapitated guy! That would have been really dangerous!

Michael Stenlund : A very nice family movie. Thank you.