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Theo Stadick : "More people lived in the Americas than in Europe." How can anyone be shocked by that; the Americas are way bigger than Europe.

Jule Stark : 0:35 A horse? I thought the Europeans brought the horses...

quiroz923 : Wait... Do people not know that native Americans had towns and cities?? Is this a thing people don't know?? What? I mean... WHAT?

Epipthedirector : My third grade history teacher has failed me.

Daredevil Aeon : Who would win? Millons of natives which have nations that form fully democratic federations. OR One pathogen boi.

Cbbdragon : You showed a horse in the village but there were no horses until European settlers brought them over

Johnny Rico : This is misleading. There was enormous variation among Native American cultures before the Europeans arrived, to the extent that you can't encapsulate "Native Americans" with a single village. Namely the differences between North and South America. South Americans had enormously complex societies and full on empires, with entire cities, not just permanent settlements, while many tribes in modern day North America were indeed nomadic and weren't even close to that level of sophistication.

Peaceful Tigrex : Way too short. It feels like the introduction to the topic, not like an entire video.

laurence. S : Why do people desperately try to justify colonialism? Just except that history is violent, dark and unethical, perhaps we could avoid the same mistakes

Mehul Koshti : and then there was this mass murderer.....Christopher Columbus.

avoqado89 : 0:06 Shut up Jerry, I mean Cyril, I mean Esurance box

Scelestus13 : 50 million is the most common consensus number, and nearly a quarter of that was in the Inca Empire alone. Several million were also in Mexica. North America was extremely sparsely populated. All of North America have a population of, generously, Spain. One group in North America being farmers does not a metropolis make. I certainly agree Europeans have long unfairly dismissed Native Americans, but they were much less advanced than Europe (and before you say I'm a European white-nationalist, Asia has been more advanced than Europe for most of history).

Orla : You guys should really do more Native American history because so much of our current knowledge of the nations are Beyond false. Current American history text books have completely taken out the trail of tears and other significant events. Example: the Lakota-Soux tribe took up 2/3 of the United States and it is still technically its own nation/country in the dakotas by law. (Though 5 years after the agreement the colonizers found gold there and pretended the treaty never happened)

Daniel Mears : What people never want to address is the fact that conquest has been a legitimate form of land transfer since the dawn of time; people try to pretend we've advanced so far beyond the brutality of war but we clearly have not. Did Americans take their land from the natives? Yeah, we totally did. We had superior technology. The entire history of our species is filled with instances just like this. If we as Americans were supposed to give back the land to the natives out of guilt, then France and Germany need to divide up their land and give it all to those with Gaul and Roman heritage, Spain needs to go back to the Visigoths, southern Italy and Asia Minor needs to go back to the Byzantines, and so on. Of course, even those ancient powers got their land by taking it from other nations and tribes. National defense is a thing. You can say it's brutal or unfair all you want- it doesn't change the reality that might makes right. My family includes Holocaust victims but you don't see me demanding recompense from Germany. Poland's trying that now, apparently. We'll see how much success they have...

That Millionth Man : For starters: OF COURSE THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE. Just go back and compare the fact that 1) We're literally comparing the populations of two continents to one, 2) Europe was more densely populated while Native tribes were spread out, and 3) these people formed ancient cities, such as Norte Chico, Tenochtitlan, etc., that were comparable in size and organization to some European cities. Also, don't forget to mention that, yes, the Native Americans traded with their tribes, but it wasn't all peace. They, just like every other civilization on Earth, warred with its neighbors over disagreements, land for settling, land for cultivation, and so on.

agallah durse : I mean i wouldn't say they were completely peaceful as portrayed, The Aztecs would force smaller tribes to pay tribute or they would get sacrificed to Huitzilopochtli, the Inca conquered many many people, and many northern tribes in what is now the united states and canada skinned people and had slaves as well.

Khanh Tran : 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 is a real larrrggeee guessing range.

Boul Shyte : idk y everyone js so surprised that a country like america would have racial bias in their education system

droid root : Native Americans never had horses. Horses are indigenous to Europe.

Notumengi : One thing, they never had horses until the europeans (specifically spanish) came, while horses did evolve in america they went extinct before ancient egypt even popped up, and no leaf erikson didnt bring horses with him.

T Jex. : Didnt the black pague killed half the population of europe *before* they discovered the americas

crcoghill : America: the land we took and brushed the real history under the rug.

Chris Zegarra : Why just show the positive? Like every time they do an episode on the white man and/or American lives or politics, it’s “they cheated this, they killed that, they stole this”. How about talk about the human sacrifices of the natives, constant tribal warfare, lack of technological advancement, etc. ofc there was good things of natives too but this shows to glorify

Kharn The Betrayer : These make you realise that Assassains Creed 3 actually was pretty accurate.

Arturo Reyes Cortez : The two continents that conform America were full of diverse civilizations, with different laws, religions and cultures. The Mayans even had more advanced astronomy knowledge than the Europeans, and they used ponds of water instead of telescopes. Catholic Spaniards, Puritan settlers, and later American patriots ruined the life of millions of natives, and most human history was lost because of colonialism and religious doctrines. Conquerors always like to make the victims look like savages just to feel righteous.

Amber Lin : Yes!! This is what we need!! Finally! As a Native American I thank you!

Wheatboi : I've argued with right wingers who try to justify the slaughter of the native americans by pointing out that they warred with each other and thus we didn't do anything they weren't doing to each other. I point out that we warred we each other during the civil war and asked if another civilization would be justified in wiping us out as well because of it. But, according to them, when white people in fight it doesn't justify or excuse their extermination. Only when brown people do it. ;)

Relo : Aside from the fact that the america's (meaning north and south america) is a WHOLE damn lot larger than europe so wouldn't be that suprising if there where more people living there. And most Native American did "wander around the woods" (unless he mean's literally, but let's assume he means nomadic groups). This was because the America's doesn't really have domesticatable animals and plants with only corn, beans and squash that was able to be domesticated (and only lama's in south america when it comes to animals). Those three are a decent base for food, but still required hunting parties to get food from outside of "organized settlements". (not to mention the most of america didn't have the climate for such crops, thus no chance at "organized settlements" or had a rather steady stream of incoming meat. Leaving largely fertile land with good climate and a sea as the only decent chance at something more permanent, ironically enough the example adam uses). Unless you'd count an load of tepee's together for half a year or so an "organized settlement", which it certainly can be classified as though you could also as easily classify it as "wandering through the woods". Damn adam, define your terms.

william francis : What about the Maya, or the Aztecs, or Tlaxcalans or the Incas?

MarcusDarkstar : They fail to mention the apocalyptic population decline that happened prior to Colonists going to America. It was like a fallout end of the world type situation where majority of them died to disease and other disasters. People like to attribute the decline of the native Americans a bit too much on colonist actions when the biggest contributor happened before extensive colonization happened. It's honestly not talked about enough. Imagine your civilization collapsing then foreigners coming in to settle your devastated homeland.

Oliver Von Vert : 0:35 Why is there a horse neighing. Didnt horses get first imported with europeans?

oriontherealironman : 0:35 They didn't have horses until they were brought here. Horses are not native to the Americas just saying lol

Meep Changeling : Yep! All true. And all irrelevant. They almost all died of the plague before major colonization began, and then European settlers conquered the land over the course of a few hundred years. That's a fair if brutal way of acquiring territory. You may not like it, but that's simply how human history has worked up until every very recently. This whole "Nations don't really make war upon one another" thing? This is new. Maybe it's a permanent change, maybe it's a calm in the storm. We don't know. Simple fact is in the real world might makes right... Of Conquest. There was a war, we lost. GG. If we want our land back we can fight for it, and take it. But we don't. Therefore we've forfeit the right to it through loosing it in the first place and then refusing to continue fighting for it. it's yours now. You took it fair and square. Enjoy it guilt free. This is simply how humans exchange territory.

d flynn : Yeah this is not 100% true there is massive debate about how many people were in the Americas before it was settled by Europeans you just used the largest numbers others say its as low as eight million .

The Real Palleh : To bad they don't give real numbers. Give us population per square mile, give us percentage living in settled areas, give us seizes of these settled areas, give us technological, and sociological achievements in comparison to the rest of the world. I hate this whole bend of "oh yeah, America was amazing, and perfect, and invaders ruined it all" by doing the same thing the other side did, and sweeping anything negative under the rug. I really want Adam to go back to what he originally did, and give all of the information, plainly, from both sides. It disgusts me what this turned into when it gained a political agenda.

Eddy Parra : Weren't horses introduced to the Americas? (I'm pointing it out because of the horse noise around the beginning)

Alex Jones : Shut up Jerry

LinguaPhiliax : I know this is largely made for an American audience, but a lot of the things they bring up in this new series applies to Australia as well.

The West is the Best : There's a place in South Carolina called Crow Creek where archeologists found the horrible mutilated and scalped bodies of about 480 Men, old Women, and Children. A whole village mass murdered by another tribe. There are no bodies of young Women because they were taken as sex slaves. The Aztecs were also so good st fighting because they didn't have to farm. They made their thousands of slaves do it while they trained all day in fighting so they could capture more slaves and put down slave rebellions with ease, and blood. They also sacrifice their slaves to appease their sun god and ate their enemies corpses because they believed they could absorb their power if they did that. They even captured and sacrificed some of Cortez's Men when he came which pissed him and his men off! The Mayans would take some of their children and throw them into the mouth of a stone God they carved. The baby would fall into the the stomach of the stone God where the Mayans had lit a fire to burn the baby alive! The America's we a f*cked up place before Europe civilized it. Looks like I just ruined your video

chesiregirl : Is the notion of Native Americans living in organized settlements really that much of a revelation? I mean, has no one heard of the Mayans, Incans, or Aztecs? I didn't know the thing about the population, but considering the fact that the black plague wiped out at least a third of Europe's population but didn't touch the Americas because of their isolation from other continents, I'm not surprised.

D. Mat.Zero6 : Who really has the nerve to dislike Adams content. It’s comical yet very informative; what was the last part hmmm... oh yes! It’s got the research to back it up unlike a lot of self-opinionated ppl out there who have no facts. However facts don’t prove one is correct they just prove that one is assumed correct

Nld 89 : Lol... could this be a straw man??? Cuz I don't know anyone who has even remotely thought of native Americans like that... since I was a kid, in books and movies (even Pocahontas - which I realize isn't a truthful story, but it shows native Americans as a society with homes and agriculture) and even at historical societies, I remember learning about different groups and tribes of native Americans, what they ate, their homes and buildings, food storage, their lives in general... I suppose there are some old racists who think of native Americans as savages or animals running in the woods, but you haven't "ruined" most peoples perception of native peoples... it seems like you're trying to comically guilt people for perceptions you THINK we hold, but dont....

Maurice DelTaco : Shut up Jerry

Gacha._. Aiden : 0:49 yes how did you know

Iulian Puț : We also practice warfare, raided, raped and exterminate our neighbors just like any other civilization that ever existed. What? Did you think we were just peace loving hippies living in perfect harmony with nature and our neighbors?!

Corrupted Archangel : The problem with the end statement is that it ignores the fact that many tribes in the US-Canada region were nomadic, it seems to infer that most were permanent settlers when only a part of the major tribes were. Though temporary structures would be constructed by the nomadic tribes. Also the population estimate seems to be pre-Columbian exchange, which means before Old World diseases spread through the Americas, which wiped out up to 90% of the native population. So those diseases would already be on the war path before any major colonization took place due to the explorers.

Hangarbird : I’m questioning the American school system because this is exactly what we were taught here in Canada...

T Chop : Yea, most people know that. I’ve never met anyone who claims that native Americans just ran around the forest

kniteowl : Was that the sound of a horse in the background? I thought horses were only from the Old World. I guess the scene could've been depicted after the Europeans made it to the Americas.

NOphion Trollbringer : Well everyone shames us germans to regret everything our ancestors did. And while what we did was cruel and unacceptable I found it funny that Americans killed HALF OF A CONTINTENT and mostly get a pass. Wheres the justice in that?