Will Ferrell on Letterman 08/02/2010 Part 1
Hey LeBron much respect but Will did it first

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August 2, 2010 Part 2: (unless it's already blocked) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvsOModVefA


midas comment : Magnus means... wow that escalated quickly

In CogNito : Will Ferrell never breaks character. Who really is ' Will Ferrell '? 😂

Jeffrey Gillispie : 88p would have sufficed HQ VIDEO MAN

joey alford : did anyone else notice that the band played the pretender by foo fighters for will's entrance?

sarcasmo57 : I liked land of the lost,

White Nigg3r : Hahaha they way he looked when someone laughed at his kids names

Life, liberty and property : Axel litterally means shoulder.

Covex PvP : Anything with Will Ferrell is funny, Including land of the loss. Part with the walnut size dinosaur brain killed me

POPEDALOUDMOUTH : this dude is awsome

Eddie Galon : Letterman was so quickwitted.

Ryan Romero : 4:07:Will Ferrell actually said, "The other guys", in an interview where he's promoting 'The Other Guys'... I'm a moron

Marchie Monroe : Can never tell when he is being serious hahaa

Oskenkorva : The origin of the name might mean "keeper of peace", but "Axel" in Swedish just means "Shoulder" or "Axle/Axis"

Seve Nerowski : Him and Letterman's style of comedy go hand in hand. Would pay copious amounts of money to see them do a movie together.

Shiny Side Out : we loved land of the lost in australia

Gerard Shadiow : once again his swag is beyond compare

John Tatum : Will is gifted....very hilarious!

Linda Galvez : What is KiKo wearing? Lol 😂 chavo del ocho lol

skobedigatch : you who laughed at his childrens names , come to Sweden and we will open you up with a battleaxe and drink your blood from your spines ! Praise Odin !!

Stephen Pryce : Was that The Pretender?

jenna jan : SWEDEN!!!

pterotactical : So Cal in the house?

Shoonam : "Is that a lie?" Hahaha

K Tinoco : 6:19 had me dyinggggg no one claps, one person laughs, and dave loses it

Ondrej Holecek : Pretender intro, sweet. :D

Joshua Wakefield : "You know, you win some, you lose some." :)

Dave : Will Ferrell even skipped "Skip Legs" day.

Roni Roni : Hhahahahahah u r the best respect from albania,crazy man hahahahahahhaha

Mike Marquee : Papa is a Buffoon, Letterman is a JOKE!

SavageSandwhich : Theres nothing better than a Jazzed up Foo Fighters song in the background to watch Will Ferrell stut onto

Gregor Collins : "I look like I won a contest to be on the Letterman show." lol

Mat Groves : Foo Fighters Entrance Song FTW

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1sweetdrummer : Axel means shoulder in Swedish

Krillemy P : Haha MaGnus!

retroHC : Me not like Fellil talk bad Sweden! Now i must crush! Slam and take to cave! ;)

351cleavland : That's what she sadi!

Kyle Wagoner : Except Land of the Lost is so good.

Mischa Fischer : Best Guy in TV!

DP : Did they seriously do a remake of Pretender in the band at the beginning?!?!

Rog : God Bless this guy he is so awesome

Ken Huys : Don't piss on bear! That's just rude! Let him drink it...

Andres Alcantara : and with the nba socks to compliment everything

Rasmus Thøgersen : Sure sounds like it.

Jai Kaminoff : Wait can we appreciate the Foo Fighters love?

Dylan : The Pretender when he enters?

MagZ1905 : Hahaha! Magnus actually means "The great".

Alvinloser1 : 7:09 to see the surfer guy

Brock Mesarich : He is actually in my town right now