Will Ferrell on Letterman 08/02/2010 Part 1

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joey alford : did anyone else notice that the band played the pretender by foo fighters for will's entrance?

sarcasmo57 : I liked land of the lost,

skobedigatch : you who laughed at his childrens names , come to Sweden and we will open you up with a battleaxe and drink your blood from your spines ! Praise Odin !!

POPEDALOUDMOUTH : this dude is awsome

jenna jan : SWEDEN!!!

ty2 : Letterman is a master at knowing nothing about his guests and nothing about the reasons why they are there and yet somehow getting them to tell him the details of all of this while still not coming off as ignorant or not having done his homework. He more natural, confident and professional in his interviews then people who do 100 times more work trying to figure out what people are up to.

w ea : Hahaha they way he looked when someone laughed at his kids names

Let'sGo Surfing : I thought he was bullshitting about surfing with an alpaca, but when I saw the footage I nearly had a full-frontal double lobotomy.

Sorben `Ilya` Erikson : Foo Fighters The Pretender

Seve Nerowski : Him and Letterman's style of comedy go hand in hand. Would pay copious amounts of money to see them do a movie together.

Marchie Monroe : Can never tell when he is being serious hahaa

Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play : Axel litterally means shoulder.

pterotactical : So Cal in the house?

Covex PvP : Anything with Will Ferrell is funny, Including land of the loss. Part with the walnut size dinosaur brain killed me

PietreADI : I just love that wills kid calls him papa

Stephen Pryce : Was that The Pretender?

david dunger : we loved land of the lost in australia

Frank Asti : House band crushed the Foo Fighters! bad ass

John Tatum : Will is gifted....very hilarious!

magnus strømsnes : love this! my name is Magnus

gambilific : The Pretender

Dave : Will Ferrell even skipped "Skip Legs" day.

Roni Roni : Hhahahahahah u r the best respect from albania,crazy man hahahahahahhaha

Gerard Shadiow : once again his swag is beyond compare

Grace Charles : I just lost it at the alpaca surfing footage

The black goat of the woods : magnus means the great one... :-P

Martin Skof : this guy is hilarious

Michelle Ramirez : Captain Solo is so hot, I cannot get enough of his humor. My appetite for his particular brand of humor is insatiable. LMFAO

Joshua Wakefield : "You know, you win some, you lose some." :)

Eddie Galon : Letterman was so quickwitted.

Dracopticon : Magnus, I believe, means "the mighty".

Adrian Solem : The namnes of his kids are actually Norwegian

K. Face : Get hard


Kiwionwing morton : Wish I had kept my Brooks Brothers suit and re sized the pants. Have a meeting with a Mayor of a City. This Mayor was huge protestor in 70s and was member of "marijuana political party"

Alex Ameskoa : He comes out to a foo fighters song, then says “hi Axel! ‘

Avery Zirulnik : Will Ferrell funny

Jose Iraheta : Hilarious!!!!!

K Tinoco : 6:19 had me dyinggggg no one claps, one person laughs, and dave loses it

Jennifer Carrillo : Pimps don’t cry,they don’t cry.

C : Well I do like his kids' names. Magnus is a real Swedish name (I'm not Swedish, but I know), why do they laugh? Matthias is close to a similar Spanish name, and Axel sounds cool in my opinion

Brian Koops : Wil... don't be afraid to point your toes!

ohmusicsweetmusic : Will Ferrell has a son named Magnus and they call him "Papa??" As in Papa can you hear me? um... ok.... I guess his family life is one big joke too.

Goran Hrastovik : i love will but letterman can't be serious..the other guys was not that good

mighty migs : That suit looks good to me lol shoes and all

infamous freak : we dug a structure and then we slept in a tent...lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂

CJaySaint : same guy that did game of death must have also done that surfing scene.

Will Zimmermann : My dad would do this get drunk on makers mark and forget his pants by accident by the pool

Greg Zapf : bottled urine was actually Drumpf's third business endeavor. Urinade. #fakenews?

danron : Maybe I'm off humorwize but it'd be so much funnier if he just changed the pants to normal tennis shorts. This for me comes off as typical normalized comedy, in which Ferrell dominates.