Footage shows plane stuck on cliff edge after skidding off runway in Turkey

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Cheerful chibi : I'm sorry sir but this is not a parking space

Millionaire Hoy : A plane lying on a plane

UzeHerName : Isn't it unusual to have a runway so close to the coastline?

GTR Wendy : Good luck to all you first time flyers 😉

Blaze 115 : That is not da wey

BigT 187 : What a cliffhanger

LeandrothekidRS : If you look very closely you can see a policeman giving the plane a parking ticket

Evan Taucher : When bae is thirsty but in flight drinks are too expensive

Home is where the heart is. : You can lead a plane to water, but you can't make it drink Get it cause it's Pegasus Airlines?

UzeHerName : When you woke up late, car broke down, had to pay a cab, sprained your ankle running as fast as you could to make your flight, luggage popped open spills everywhere, finally get on your flight BARELY and you think your day can't get ANY worse!

Astrin Venus : Ah, majestic plane in it's natural habitat, caught at the watering hole.

Another useless commentor : He must have been using Apple maps.


Home is where the heart is. : I don't know why but I think the plane looks nice there. Adds a nice touch to the scenery.

Rolphy : My first time flying tomorrow😧😧😧😧

DirectorJuiceBlack : 😳😳😳 wow in a few of those shots you can see how crazy the angle was it ended up at 🤭 passeners mustve been scared as hell

Rustel Letsur : And above this on trending, is a guy buying snickers.

Kevin Cooper : BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?!

chriscross44cas : What do turkeys and the Turkish airlines have in common? They both suck at flying! Lol

bluewhale18 : Pilot doesn’t know da wae

Limebozy : The GPS said turn left

imicca : how is this even possible

Bob Banskey : 10 k views 23 likes and 24 on trending SMH.

4head in 2k18 LUL : Trump's fault

FlyingFree : Here we see a majestic plane going to get a drink before the mating flight

Sarah Chapnick : i smell a "i put spongebob music over a plane getting stuck" video coming

SUPER NPC#32114 : *Sir this is a nude beach.*

MilkCap : GTA

Unbox Flix : Crazy how it skidded sideways and off!

the.abhiram.r : United runways dragged a plane off one of their runways, plane claimed to contain medical personnel and equipment

Lerdsanik : Why did they try to pick it back up? Tbh it actually looks kinda cool just lying there

Wadani dhabta ah : allhamdullah my people

S B : skidded off?


Jason FAJ : I guess Pegasus didn’t fly high enough

Mr.Cmoney : HOW


Dank Memes : Welp someone lost their job

PyrøGix : Sir you can not park here.

Livereater00 : Needed to have Capt. Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger land that bird!

caitlyn who r u : Jesus christ

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GERSON MAZARIEGOS : You do not know the way spit on him my brothers....

Conan Edogawa : Silly pilot water is for boats

Jay V : How close I am to giving up on new years resolutions

Денис Гирин : airoplan just want to drink

JuicyBrucey _ : “Hey we need one seat someone better get off”

Dominic Gambony : This spot is already reserved

cutetreytn : It was a woman pilot

Rus ridge : Turks who needs them