Massive explosion in Russian army warehouse ( full video)
Massive explosion in Russian army warehouse full video

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Explosions Rock Arms Depot In Russia Shock wave recorded when a military artillery storage explodes At the village of Kamenka, Achinsky district, Krasnoyarsk Territory, where explosions continue at the storage of powder charges for artillery ammunition, it started to rain a little, but it’s “black in color”, reports"Interfax" . In Achinsk and the suburbs, a column of smoke is visible, a strong roar is heard, the “mushroom” has risen to heaven, local residents report on social networks and publish a video of the state of emergency. Earlier it was reported that about 10 thousand people were evacuated from the vicinity of the city. Many are trying to leave in the direction of Krasnoyarsk on their own, as a result, a multi-kilometer traffic jam formed on the road. Who has the opportunity, take fellow travelers. According to , 9 people immediately fit into one car . Within a radius of 30 kilometers from the place of emergency closed airspace, reports RIA News . Trains are delayed. Locals continue to send video of the explosions - already against the background of the night sky. A series of fire-triggered explosions at an arms depot at a military base in the Achinsk district of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region on August 5 injured at least eight people and prompted evacuation of thousands of residents.


Trump2020 : It sure looks like a mushroom 🍄 cloud

Chris Tru : Yo that looks like a small mushroom cloud, There's no telling with Russia after Chernobyl. RT will just say it's a small fire already contained, then why are they evacuating 100,000 ppl lol.

Mandilo23 : And now there is also high levels of uranium radiation in the nearby town!

-- : Boris, I told you thousand times, that it is dangerous to mix vodka and fuel!

PhantomMatrix : No worries it's no more than a chest X-ray. "Not great, not terrible." Lol

doug rabbit : So sad for the people hurt. Thoughts and prayers with you all.

Skepta : *BIG FCKING EXPLOSION* Russian Guy holding camera in first video : *HuHuhuH*

Shara Kirkby : Poor Russians 😮 we will pray for you. Stay safe.

John w : "Look mommy! Fireworks!" "Yes come take this iodine pill." :-)

laciee : Speed of sound is rough 343 meters per second in 20C air temperature. It took almost exactly 10 seconds for the sound to be heard. So it is roughly 3430 meters away in the first clip, which is 3,43 kilometers or 2,13130319 miles.

zo koko : beautiful russian JUNK, blowing up. lovely sight.

Brian Green : You can see the result of fusion reaction! The Russian government is once again lying to their public about a nuclear accident!

The Greek watch Community : Seems like a nuclear explosion

Brian Green : I feel for the people near it! They are being lied to!

Darhar M. : I see Russia has not learned how to properly store munitions after all these years.

Max Fox : Standard situation in Russia. The military sells explosives, missiles and ammunition to civilians, and set fire to the warehouse to conceal shortages. The maximum penalty for such violation is about $1000, and the profit is millions.

Maria Kaake Ford : They will lie just like they did when Chernobyl happened. Let the radiation float into the atmosphere and jet stream, and surrounding countries will detect the radiation level.

Max : So Someone played to much Fallout and build the nuke launcher ?

Stephan Nieuwoudt : A resemblance of how world wars could look like, scary thought. How can we ever live in peace.

lavixl : Defiantly Jason Bourne was involved.

1BVM1 : Sorry Russia from USA...Ave Maria!

NOISEMAZE : The Decepticons are at it again!

John Doe : The warehouse just got Jeffrey Epstein'd.

chandlerh2 : That first explosion sure looked like a small nuke . Just sayin.

Tom1977PL : 0:03 atomic bomb ? 🤔

Hunter HHH1 : Damn, Russian bomb on their own land I guess they were dying to use it

Don Plurad : In the name global dominance, Russia will risk everything just to stay competitive. China is right behind them. They must stay relevant or else, China will eat their lunch and soon become more powerful than Russia.

daddyhasfaith : I feel extremely sad. I and my kids will pray for Russians from Korea.

what is this shit you just posted : My guess is it was a munitions storage and that tank shells are the reason that there is radiation near by. Tank shells use depleted uranium for that sweet *+20 damage modifier*

Chay Warburton : Fricking Russians attempt to make a SLAM rocket and bomb themselves 🤣

mark novak : a lot of depleted uranium is used in munitions now. resulting in uncontrollable radioactive explosions and fires.

Neo Zion : The explosions are miles apart from one another... very strange event here.

John H : Why doesn't PRAVDA talk about this ?

Shrife Azmy : I see movies producers are rubbing their hands together

Pow3rus : If it's a nuclear bomb it's a really really small one

Speak only facts : Guess Russia has their military-industrial complex too? Time to buy more artillery rounds for storage huh?

roxanna Mason : Reminiscent of the PEPCON blasts in Henderson Nevada

PhantomMatrix : Hold my beer! I need to use the bathroom. Lol 0:11 🍺🚽😂

Ioannes Eroi : Don't worry guys, it's just Liberty Prime throwing mini nukes at commies there.

6678 maruyama : Accident of atomic bomb !!

8Anya8 : I weep for the little children.

RecklesFlam1ngo : Yeah that feels a little nuclear

Giraffe with tattoos : That ammo facility must have had some dirt on the Clinton's, too

HomelandConspiracy : Nothing to see here, keep moving on

Shara Kirkby : Okay you all. I was talking about the civilians not the military.

jon ruiz : That was no test....they got lucky and killed a predator

Mindchime Official : "There's just radiation in the air, but don't worry...nothing nuclear exploded." - Russian government

Andi D : Did you saw the almost invisible UFO flying from right side near explosion and come back to left side where you can clearly see its triangle shape??? 00:14 is on left side .

Norwegianvideos : «I was in the toilet»