How I managed to meditate every day for a year

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Check out the Every Day Calendar on Kickstarter! This link will magically transfer you there: 🌟 🌟 One of my favorite things about the Every Day Calendar, is that whenever I tell people about it everybody has a different thing they would want to use it for. Leave a comment with your ideas! I’ll be over here growing back the ass I’ve been working off. πŸ‘‡ places where I post stuff πŸ‘‡ PATREON: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:

Comments from Youtube


Noah Fin : You should add the option for the lights to turn off at night with a sensor

Cherry Wallis : Buddy the Elf. The elevator button scene. That would be me.

Tony MacDonald : Never be ashamed of making money from a product you believe in. There is a lot to be said about visual aids when it comes to creating healthy habits. Your "Habit Tracker" (feel free to use that) will help a lot of people. :)

Real Engineering : It's beautiful. Fantastic work! Doing something like this has been a major goal for me too. Just bought one, delighted to support the endeavour Simone

QuantumBraced : This really shows how few days there are in a year.

Amy P : Look at all these supportive comments! It's so cool to see someone build up an audience base full of people who just want to see others succeed. It's great

Lukas Drexler : Meanwhile Casey Neistat hangs the prototype version with all the little switches up on a wall in his studio.

baileyboy125 : So what about a leap year?

Justine Leconte officiel : This is a hell of a first product, congratulations!

Delano Souza : Great product!!! Congrats Simone. I just wish u could track more than 1 thing with it. You could do that if u put "directory", where each one would glow diferent colors. Say u want to track running, press 1, yellow calendar (input) comes on, press 2... Well, sorry, great product anyway, I imagine it's not easy to make an idea come true, I would buy it. :-)

Csucskos : Every 4 years you get a free pass on February 29th... What a smart design!

Peripatetic45 : The 'Bullet Journal' community refers to them as 'habit trackers.'

avfusion : Love ya Simone. I'm not in a place to buy one now, but in the future I would love to. So if it works out well enough and you can do a continued run afterwards, I'd love to buy a Simone-original calendar in lieu of printing my own. Thanks for being super cool.

blablabla : Really cool thing but where is the 29th of febuary?

Josiah Leon : What a fantastic idea!! I would prefer a smaller one I think. One that covers a week, but this year one is awesome too! I'm sure watching 365 lights turn on feels more accomplishing than a week though.

Pete Bonasso : So. Can you easily clear the board without touching every switch?

Jayson S : Just found u and I subscribed, and I be happy to purchase one,we woman need to support each other πŸ’ͺ

Latobius : tfw your kickstarter announcement is released 10 minutes after you blow away your kickstarter target.

Polymaths : This is so great,Simon. You'll do amazing and all of your products too. Keep blooming,Simon the flower. More love and respect. ❀

Craig : Great idea for elderly parents who might need to keep track of medication.

Media Addict : I'm down where do I sign up for the red one ? LOL Seriously though I'm probably going to get one, it has so many uses and is aesthetically pleasing.

Edgar.xo. Santiago-Palustra : If I seen right, I didn't see the button/light for the LeapYear day of February 29th buh I like the touch light buttons and all :)

Science with Katie : I could totally see myself just pushing all the buttons like a kid in an elevator. How could anyone resists such an urge! πŸ™ˆ Also, it looks so pretty, I love it and the idea behind it. πŸ’›

JaRCo de Rover : This made my day! I've been looking forwards to this day, my first signs of a standing/talking/smiling Simone! You have been in my mind for the last months, glad to see you :D I hope you stay fine!

agerven : Good idea! You can use this type of calendar for almost everything :) Just hopping over to kickstarter ... Wow, already a big succes! congratulations! Hopping back again ...

Chloe Taylor : Love everything about this! Keep pushing, keep making! The support for this first attempt is overwhelming and a sign that you are totally on track πŸ’“

Riley Freeman : I could definitely use one of these to remember to take my meds and keeping track of if I have taken them. I have some memory problems so this would be really great!

Jason Walton : what about Feb 29th on a leap year?

Bona. : If this calendar was meant to represent how many of your videos you're super cute, all lights would be switched on. The possibilities are definitely endless. ; ) Ps: No disrespect to your boyfriend.

StanisΕ‚aw S : Congratulations Simone :D It's such an awesome start for a product company! US$ 373,596 already collected, wow wow!

Sci Tye Tech : This is a great device! But what about leap year? There is no February 29th on your calendar.

Lucas Wendel : Seeing that you overshoot your goal already tenfold, please watch out for yourself! Fabrication an shipping of even "simple" things gets really complicated at scale! And you may want to think about creating a "kit" for all the Europeans out there to circumvent some regulations around here. Other than that have fun creating this nice product!

Tech It Out : Awesome. Can I make a suggestion for the MkII ? This would be brilliant for people who need to take medications several times a day but have memory problems. How about the touch switches change colour per press. Say yellow orange, blue, green. So then they could take the meds press the button and know if they have taken the right amount at the right time. Just a thought. It's still brilliant as it is.

Gaia Carney : Period calendar! YES, please! Thank you for creating & sharing this! Great stuff, new subscriber, peace, love gratitude

Rick Piasecki : Simone, you produce such great videos - I'm so impressed, and really enjoy watching them! You look great after surgery, BTW. So happy for you, and love seeing whatever ideas come out of your head next! Good luck with your 1st retail entry, and hope that it brings you much success (and allows you to continue your amazingly creative talents)!

Duane Schuh : Congratulations Simone!! So happy for you - Almost TEN TIMES your original goal on kickstarter!!! I'd love to get one, but you know: $$ Love ya

Jasiek tHEjESTER : Simone, you are in the absolute top of my favourite humans! ^_^ Great idea and (as always) delivery!

FacelessHalo : (touches calendar) Didn't jump off a bridge. Success. (sorta joking)

SkippyGustilo : "I was like... MAN, this CATHETER." HAHAHA! that just got me laughin. Awesome product tho. Productivity is definitely a must esp. for all us creatives here!

Jeff Rockafellow : This is amazing. Such a simple and great idea. It looks great and would be a great help. Hope to pull some money together to be able to get one. So cool keep up the good work.

Daniel Alves : Girl! That's awesome! I'm a UX designer and this product really has a scientific base, if you look at the flow theory (psychology), you will see that happiness and the tasks that make us happy need to have a clear goal (like doing a thing everyday for a year), and to be clear how much progress you are making. This Calendar is just magnificent. This will REALLY help other people.

TheMasonX : Amazing! Good idea, great execution! I love that the surface is a backlit capacitive touch PCB, it'll a great aesthetic. Works great as a reward system to increase follow through. RGB could be useful for rating a day or tracking more than one thing. Best of luck to you, and I'm glad you're starting to design objects, as I'd like to see what you and your team come out with next :)

Mutantcy1992 : **Oh, you're only doing this to earn money, or, you're just trying to sell us things.** Jk, love you Simone, this is a great idea.

Jonathan Presly : I could see just using it to meditate by activating every light on the board each day over a period of like twenty minutes. That'd be 18 lights per minute or 1 light every three seconds. Edit: If I could make a suggestion. Looks like you have 28 days for February. Don't forget about leap years. Make it 29.

Anthony Hunter : Man! - This is amazing!! I could use this to track days of not having a melt down or a {mental health} attack.... πŸ˜†

Andrew Steinhaus : Congrats on your first product so exciting! I know the switches are totally more expensive, but I think there is something really satisfying about hearing and feeling that click. Maybe you could sell limited run at an auction. You have a great fan base a few of just might go fo it. Just an idea πŸ’‘ IMHO

Alisa Ivanitskaya : I don't usually write comments, but, dear Simone, thank you for all your work and inspiration)

Shawn Miranda : 5:20 hey, we're all along for this ride. And so what if you make money. We all need money to live, it isn't a sin. Also keeping the project Open source is fantastic. πŸ™‚