How I managed to meditate every day for a year

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Real Engineering : It's beautiful. Fantastic work! Doing something like this has been a major goal for me too. Just bought one, delighted to support the endeavour Simone


Cherry Wallis : Buddy the Elf. The elevator button scene. That would be me.

Amy P : Look at all these supportive comments! It's so cool to see someone build up an audience base full of people who just want to see others succeed. It's great

jokerz4fun : I cant wait to buy this. My wife suffers from anxiety and one thing her therapist recommended is she write one thing down a day and complete it. With this board it will help her by showing her the progress from day to day. Great idea

Justine Leconte officiel : This is a hell of a first product, congratulations!

Tony MacDonald : Never be ashamed of making money from a product you believe in. There is a lot to be said about visual aids when it comes to creating healthy habits. Your "Habit Tracker" (feel free to use that) will help a lot of people. :)

Noah Fin : You should add the option for the lights to turn off at night with a sensor

baileyboy125 : So what about a leap year?

QuantumBraced : This really shows how few days there are in a year.

Delano Souza : Great product!!! Congrats Simone. I just wish u could track more than 1 thing with it. You could do that if u put "directory", where each one would glow diferent colors. Say u want to track running, press 1, yellow calendar (input) comes on, press 2... Well, sorry, great product anyway, I imagine it's not easy to make an idea come true, I would buy it. :-)

Keith Mawhood : what about the yoga/meditation itself? im an engineer so i get it but you said nothing about the actual things that improved your life so much lol

Csucskos : Every 4 years you get a free pass on February 29th... What a smart design!

Pete Bonasso : So. Can you easily clear the board without touching every switch?

Science with Katie : I could totally see myself just pushing all the buttons like a kid in an elevator. How could anyone resists such an urge! 🙈 Also, it looks so pretty, I love it and the idea behind it. 💛

avfusion : Love ya Simone. I'm not in a place to buy one now, but in the future I would love to. So if it works out well enough and you can do a continued run afterwards, I'd love to buy a Simone-original calendar in lieu of printing my own. Thanks for being super cool.

Lukas Drexler : Meanwhile Casey Neistat hangs the prototype version with all the little switches up on a wall in his studio.

Sci Tye Tech : This is a great device! But what about leap year? There is no February 29th on your calendar.

luv woofie : Hey is there a 366th day for the extra day 29th feb every 4 years?

Craig : Great idea for elderly parents who might need to keep track of medication.

Peripatetic45 : The 'Bullet Journal' community refers to them as 'habit trackers.'

the TOMSTER : not to slam this product, because its obviously a nice design, but: having this thing running for the whole year - even with energy sufficient LEDs - is a lot of energy-wasting for something that your good old calendar with a sharpy could also do.... and on a calendar you have the bonus of being able to add written things...

IV Blitzkim : Would you ever consider adding different LED colours after multiple touches?

Katie Weinhold : So *proud* of _just how far surpassed_ that goal was in less than 8 hours 😧

SkippyGustilo : "I was like... MAN, this CATHETER." HAHAHA! that just got me laughin. Awesome product tho. Productivity is definitely a must esp. for all us creatives here!

Josiah Leon : What a fantastic idea!! I would prefer a smaller one I think. One that covers a week, but this year one is awesome too! I'm sure watching 365 lights turn on feels more accomplishing than a week though.

David Swanstrom : dont worry about people thinking you are trying to sell them something. Every product and service in the world is someone selling something to someone else so there's no need to be anything but unabashed in wanting to make some money off of an idea that you had and put the work in to see it taken all the way to market. Embrace the free market and those who don't want to come along for the ride can get off at the next stop. Good luck! I hope you turn a profit!

Andrew T. Lorigan : Brilliant as always!! No more nail biting you are over 800% past your goal 💪 Way to go this is one hell of a product!!!!

MissAmericanPi : “We’re starting a kickstarter” *checks kickstarter* *goal already broken* Well then

palmomki : but then, if you miss one day, you have the one LED off forever and you'll want to kys I have a similar system with paper and color-coded sharpie signs that tells me how productive I've been each day, and if you look at the ones from like 2015 and 2016, they are basically filled with the RED of "you didn't do anything this day".

Media Addict : I'm down where do I sign up for the red one ? LOL Seriously though I'm probably going to get one, it has so many uses and is aesthetically pleasing.

Alisa Ivanitskaya : I don't usually write comments, but, dear Simone, thank you for all your work and inspiration)

Dr. Superblazer : Is it available in different colours? I don't like that colour lol

snugglelicious : When the Kickstarter has raised more money than the number of views on the video :o

Robin Gingerich : Very cool Simone! Good luck

fanthomans2 : 29th of February!!!! Where is it? On leap years I will go crazy.

Newt Skalamander : *happy birthday gurl* *p.s youre my favorite youtuber* *p.p.s Daryl the robot deer says hi*

Afrotechmods : Making a PCB that actually looks attractive is a hell of a feat. Well done.

Jungkookie’s Bunny : Are u from Sweden?!🇸🇪💜

Ticompany : Now I know it. You remind me of Lilly from HIMYM But don't worry, you're not as annoying ;)

egon : I'm not doing this for the money but I may need the money if things get nasty in my life so I'm doing this. Greed is good, girl. Greed is good. Embrace it. And besides, you're the unattainable wet dream of every nerd on the planet. That alone will sell this thing.

Peyton Tullos : SO SMART! *love it*

Hevesh5 : This is such an awesome idea and the final product looks amazing!! I've been trying to commit to various things for a year but I always end up forgetting a day and then I lose steam. This is surely going to help a lot of people. You absolutely crushed the kickstarter goal too, congrats!!! :D

Glenn Berggård : Är du svensk

jorgeluis perez castillo : So what about a leap year ? (B)

Mickey O287 : We got to watch one of your videos in class and I was super excited but was confused how no one knew about you

Kronaz邪児 : But what the hell am I supposed to do on a leap year?!

EvanAndKatelyn : AHH this is amazing, congrats!! LOVE the bamboo plywood and exposed circuits btw ❤️ just pledged. Also burnout is SO real, think we're going to use our calendar to make sure we take a break from creating content each day to work out and/or do some yoga 🙏💪

nuudaaa : should have been mechanical

Studying : Thanks for the idea I just built one for myself