Teen Born Without Jaw Finds His Voice

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Mmala Mokone : Eyebrows on fleek

Matt Smith : I think it possible to become friends with someone like Isaiah in real life. Granted, it would take some time to get used to it, and that's because we are all human. But I believe, given enough time, we could get over any sort of physical deformation anyone has. You just gotta give them a chance.

Scouting Inc. : I don’t care about the looks. It’s what matters inside. He is a person with a talent. Not some creep.

P4nd4 B34r : RESPEEEEEECT!!!!

Black Mamba 38611 : The boss of mumble rappers

Anthony Ross : When he laughs he reminds me of that key and peele skit

el ignorante : He should get into MMA ..nobody can knock him out

Og Owen : I bet he could get like a fake chin and stuff if he has vocal cords then he could talk I think

Hollow Point : Is his rap name gonna be lil mouth?

Dead Shadozer : Wow this shows how powerful a jawbreaker is

IvyLynx .120 : this is amazing edit: It's been a dream to get 1000 likes on a video!!! Thanks a million!

babystudio sirsa : God bless u bro

Uday Singh : He is still more handsome than me ...😅😅

Reel Niqquh : *someone*: "You look like an anteater" *him*: 0:03 You laugh you lose

sumb : Lil Jaw.

James Washington : looks like a dr.seuss character. amirite or amirite?

Arjay Calya-en : at 0:01, who tought that he was BeatBoxing??

HmmmFudge Gaming : Just a random comment by a random person

Car Freak : I can imagine him with a jaw. He would look pretty dope.

Gaming Evolved , : This dude reminds me of lefy the YouTuber

Ruben Bharot : Big shaq broke his jaw

yikes : He's so cute wtf legit crying

Da Inkly Girl : Its Text. Not Voice

brad vlogs : He is a cool person

ItsmeZam : Ow its Franklin From GTA V

clash with roman : Is he James Elsworth lol 😂😂

Cyrus Liao : How does he eat?

Uptown Record Recordings : I cant believe these comment . Hinding behind keyboard . I can see if it was bad . Its straight 🔥🔥🔥. Who raised you . If you dont like it move on!!! Oh i forgot the internet. #youwouldntsayitinperson

「 Indivinity 」 ツ : This is so sweet!

Kaley Lopez : don't y'all dare disrespect him i swear to god i will hunt each and every one of you down

FirstLadyJoy : 💙💕🎶🎼🎵🎹🎤

hh PANDA YT : The 4k people who disliked must be heartless.. 😢

Daniel Strawich : 😲

Captain_DinoMan : this is awesome

Vasilis 825 : Wat's the song at 0:40?

ayman supercell : صراحة داير بحال دجاجة

Alghi Faiz : İ Wish No More Human Like That Amin

The Skull Gamer : Incredible


Maria Ibarra : Ahh..he still cute AF😊😍

Jason Moreno : Amazing bro

Nishit Bahot : Whoooo he has a lot of confidence

Bulls For Life : He looks swag

Vegan Beast Hunter : I thought it said: "Teen born without jaw finds his jaw"

Ramona Aydin : Aaaaawwwwww He is sooooooooo cute

Sarmila Farsath : U can’t eat but how do u live

Cunntrell Albert : if he can't eat how is he still living

DEMON MJ : How can you eat?! . . . . . . . . (Just... How?) (What is life?)

PRANKurFACE : Drake's ghost writer??

Yasmin Keks : Whoever disliked this is an unfair person. It's not fair to bully someone in the way he was born! I don't want to be bullied as same as others! He is a nice guy and a confident person and that's what he gets my respect for ;)