Teen Born Without Jaw Finds His Voice

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SadBoyScooby : How does he eat?

silver : *phone dies*

Reo_161 : I’ve seen this kid before. I was at my family reunion back in 2014 I think, and he was one of my realities. We weren’t blood related... but we were connected some way by my family

HappyPenguin 911 : Doctor: He doesn't have a jaw, welp i guess he cant walk

Rowland Marshall : It would be helpful if he knew ASL (American sign language)

IvyLynx .120 : this is amazing edit: It's been a dream to get 1000 likes on a video!!! Thanks a million!

Ehsan G : He dosen't look that bad to be honest

Drew Draws Things : Jaw-dropping story! Love it!

ik trek pagga : Keep yo chin up

Fare Rincon The Gamer 55 : I like his haircut

J-T : If I was him, I would wear a 3D printed half mask. Think that would look pretty cool.

ItsVortex? : *But what if he uses up all his credit?*

LSG BR4k3 : Why did people dislike this?

Kurosaky Ichigo : +Great Big Story hello dear iam a muslim hope may Allah our God helps him :) i hope he ll talk soon ^_^

IsaiahM06 : I share the same name with this kid

Cesar Sosa : He'll be famous any days :)

xAndrewDRx : This guy is really cool,and if someone annoyes or teases him,this someone should think that he could easy be in the same position..💯💮

RZ gamer : Hmm how about he would get operation to get jaw it would be super cool

Crystal Marshall : HE LOOKS GREAT AND COOL

Wiza ʞ : Nothing to say, Just, I want a heart like him.

Mind Kontroll : Why isn't this guy in the MMA?

gl1tterb0mb : i went to high school with him!! i never talked to him but he always seemed like an awesome dude, im so glad he has some help and is able to make his art! proud of ya, dude 💕

Peashooter Winmo : I thought it was a photoshopped Obama...

jazzy coolest : Ouii he's still cute tho😊💕

StupidCamel : when she give the good succ

Mmala Mokone : Eyebrows on fleek

Aman Tamang : Then do u brush your teeth??

Norberto Sanchez : Anyone who diskile has no soul

hUaA : he doesnt even have a jaw and he looks cooler than me :(

Ehsan G : 1:41 cringe like every rapper does hand movements

polje mrkva : damn wish he had a jaw

Gamergirl4life : :O Acosta is my last name!!!! Have I found my twin!?

alto : bruh you dont need your jaw youre doing better without it than most people do with one. You still smile, you still express yourself, you still mean something. And thats the important shit in life. Talking is just how you tell the story, not the story itself. A bad story dont become good with a nice voice, but a great story becomes amazing said through another persons voice, and thats exactly what you got man <3 much support and love

Annabel Mason : Don’t let them bullies get you down

PRANKurFACE : Drake's ghost writer??

Hayden Tube : I swear some people are so stupid they just don’t have common sense btw I’m not talking about the video the video was great the comments well all I have to say is stay in school kids👍🏻🙏🏻

Team Bonzo FC : I feel bad for him

Mackenzie Woolley : Hes actually really cute, look at his beautiful eyes and eyebrows!

Trang Pham : What ever people think I want Isaiah to follow his dreams and never get discouraged from his jaw

Shaheer Asim : When she pulls her pants down and that jaw drop too hard

TacticalPlayz : Looks like a shark

Mekhi Samuel : He looks like Eminem

Nikolaj Jørgensen : Isaiah is a great human

pastelli •106 : I love this so much

Jank Paul : He has a stronger chin than Leafy. Isaiah: 1 Leafy: 0

Saira Dhanilal : 1 like-1 jaw😮

edwin kinyanjui : may God bless him Amen.

Soundwave 84 : Darth Malak?! Is that you?

Alaynna Martinez : He is a mini Drake because he is amazing!

Marion T : I live in Phoenix Arizona and I've never heard of this!!! This is so cool.