Teen Born Without Jaw Finds His Voice

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Flou : This guy is cool, I'm an edm song maker and I haven't done crap

SKYTROLL 54 : I have seen him i was at a basketball game and me and my team showed up early and we saw him. I showed my team the vid of him they were suprised. Yeah for the game we lost badly somethin like 24-16

Reo_161 : I’ve seen this kid before. I was at my family reunion back in 2014 I think, and he was one of my realities. We weren’t blood related... but we were connected some way by my family

Virginity Defender : My man is more thug than most of the people in this comment section

Your Dad : Don't know why any WWE fan hasn't mentioned James Elsworth yet.

Captain_DinoMan : this is awesome

Mithridatium : I want to say that eating is the process of chewing and swallowing so even though he cant eat he can still get nourishment through the thing on his throat which allows other forms of already broken down food to get to his stomach (please like this so others can see)

Gaming time 200 : Those bullies need to get a life they are just jealous because there not as uniq as he is.

Gamer Craft : How do you eat ?

Julian Bambaci : In no way whatsoever am I trying to be disrespectful, but anyone know iron-jaw from fallout.

Checkers : I wonder what voice he uses when he thinks


Norah Bru : He is normal !!! Every body is normal EXEPT THE BULLIES

Jm_Gaming : How was he still alive by no eating

Sora Ryu : Accurate title: Teen Born Without Jaw Texts and Has Some Guy Rap For Him

Matt Smith : I think it possible to become friends with someone like Isaiah in real life. Granted, it would take some time to get used to it, and that's because we are all human. But I believe, given enough time, we could get over any sort of physical deformation anyone has. You just gotta give them a chance.

JABS 31 : How the heck you lived without eating

Greenliveee : nice leafy cosplay

Rayan Scientist : Can't he still grunt and make vocalizations? Because it's only in his jaw?

zack_hofer playz : To be honest I think he looks better then me ;-;

Stephine Garcia : Yooo Isaiah made it 😭😭😭

FerventPhoenix : This guy is super cute. 10/10 would be his voice any day of the week if he’s cool with a chick singing for him 😅but seriously much love to you man. Keep writing. I expect great things from you!!!

TheDeath Warden : Overwatch porn

TheKillerToast 999 : What about dentures?

Ark_Cuber : This is clickbait, he does not find his voice

Anthony Ross : When he laughs he reminds me of that key and peele skit

defne amal : HEY BULLIES!!! what do you earn from bullying?!

Jedi gamer tv : Why is dislikes came from?

sab : Gorefast before Horizine got hold of him

IsaiahM06 Mike McElvain : I share the same name with this kid

Awesome Tech : Legit a couple of years ago I saw him at a chicago cubs spring training stadium behind my old house. I stared in awe as he passed by and after that I felt bad for staring

Drew Draws Things : Jaw-dropping story! Love it!

Peashooter Winmo : I thought it was a photoshopped Obama...

Zippy_19 : HE USES TUBES TO EAT. The amount of comments about it is mind numbing.

Janiece figueroa : Hey my boy keep doing what you doing God put you here for a reason now you got to show him what you could do never stop making music God bless you and your partner

Marion T : I live in Phoenix Arizona and I've never heard of this!!! This is so cool.

Android Wizard : Nothing to say, Just, I want a heart like him.

Lloyal Rose • : Aw yes, Keep going and follow your dreams! Such an inspirational boy! ♥

Eswar Chava : Man why can't a man survive without jaws .it's easy

Rhys Ridge : Freek how do you eat and you can talk iv seen you talk before

J-T : If I was him, I would wear a 3D printed half mask. Think that would look pretty cool.

RZ gamer : Hmm how about he would get operation to get jaw it would be super cool

The Anime Master : He look like a puffer fish Aka:a cool ass person

Jayy Franco : he would me a nice friend he is mcool

Alex Gonzales : I feel so sad that I might cry and that god blesses him so he can have the ability to talk

PRANKurFACE : Drake's ghost writer??

That Guy With a name : Heartwarming

Brooklyn Stirling : He was at a parade where I live.

magnificent 3/22 : I love his name... Its so unique

Kunal Kolkar : Is it real ?