Teen Born Without Jaw Finds His Voice

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Matt Smith : I think it possible to become friends with someone like Isaiah in real life. Granted, it would take some time to get used to it, and that's because we are all human. But I believe, given enough time, we could get over any sort of physical deformation anyone has. You just gotta give them a chance.

Flou : This guy is cool, I'm an edm song maker and I haven't done crap

Ethan Edits Everything : So even without a jaw... couldn't he like, still go *AHHH?* He could still do screamo then.

Alfee : Isaiah....Bro never give up.....One day you wil show them

unknownpro GD : I feel bad😭😭

Awesome Tech : Legit a couple of years ago I saw him at a chicago cubs spring training stadium behind my old house. I stared in awe as he passed by and after that I felt bad for staring

Ratedredge 00675 : At least he can't get his jaw broke in a fight

Facebook : He’s so adorable....he’s out there in the world achieving and succeeding on the things he loves doing

kerry pa : The 5.3k that dislike are a dis grace to this world his imprefections are what make him special. One like =One friends for Isaiah

Luis Edwin : I like his jawline

Marion T : I live in Phoenix Arizona and I've never heard of this!!! This is so cool.

AJ Gaming : This reminds me of wonder. This is so cool. I hope that Isaiah will be accepted for the person he is.

Bharath rock : we salute

Anne Bernier : Im guessing he cant fold towels.

DeppressedWhiteMan1337 : holy shit its leafy

CactusDude : I wonder what voice he uses when he thinks

Pzycho Myth : Can't doctors put an artificial jaw on him?

Mistic Miners : I want him as a friend

R&J Reacts : He's still loving life at least

Peter Errico : i don't want to be mean but... IF YOU CAN'T EAT YOUR DEAD.

Stephine Garcia : Yooo Isaiah made it 😭😭😭

IAnttiI ' : Ur name should be *SOUR LEMON* BECause a look like it.

Afa8 : Waitttt. this dude never laughed? Man i wonder how it feels.

Runawaykim : jaw dropping

Filthy Junior : #NoChin

Captain_DinoMan : this is awesome

HaXai : No hate but this is taking leafy's chin on a whole new level 😂😂

Ymitoro Inokon : Nice Isaiah Blocking out the Haters

Brooklyn Phelan : If he can’t eat then how does he live a tube maybe🤨?

Loli Oratoria : Wait how does he eat? Not trying to be rude, actually curious

Anthony Ross : When he laughs he reminds me of that key and peele skit

Shifa Badar : Respect from India

Da Patoto : I like him hes cute

Snoky Ball : How he does eat if he can't eat?😂 0:06

Bitch Nigga : What da hell

J-T : If I was him, I would wear a 3D printed half mask. Think that would look pretty cool.

Mahkala Town : He is gifted he is God’s best creation

maxi- moose : When you eat 50 warheads at once

Micro799 : That kid is creepy

salo be : الحمدلله على كل شيء

Mmala Mokone : Eyebrows on fleek

WNDR : What a boss

Leila Blue : he looks really cute😁

slexpystrxets : 😣

skate fuzz : Danmmmmm his jawline sharp oh wait my bad

GANGSTER RIDE : So much respect to him! Keep doing what you love! Make the best out of your life and stay happy! 🔥💯

Sonny Black : lmfao, when he looks at the camera in the beginning

yui komori : sorry i laugh in the begening but its heartbreaking😢😢😢

Trey Smith : How does he eat

곰 곰 : 1:53 nazzi flag of japan