I Hope We Don't Get a Noise Complaint... - Our Epic Employee Lounge Sound System
I Hope We Dont Get a Noise Complaint

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gwidao123 : So this is a good use for this projector. -I put noctua fans in it. this is why i watch LTT.

Lance Newport : WHO did the edit for this? lmao props.. super good

Zach Naim : NEVER connect a subwoofer cable when the sub is powered on! Also, you're not supposed to speak or make any noise when the receiver is calibrating.

Jinxed Slayer : that bass boosted intro should become the new standard intro :D

Kush Shah : Where are all the comments about the editing? The editor did a great job!

PivitzHD : How did work go today? Oh my boss whooped me in Mortal Kombat. Lol.

Andy Croon : why not go for an ALR PET Crystal screen and a 4K UST laser projector?

Andy Roid : I think your setup is finally what I need to play & watch 240p videos.

Ebsolas : Probably my favorite editing on an LTT yet. Good job Alex, Aha!

•Finn• : Rooms not even finished and you've had like 3 TV set ups.

Connie C. : I keep forgetting they're Canadian until Linus says ' EYY '

Matt Snyder : “This is a super long HDMI” In my industry, we call that a terrible idea.

Dustin Smith : riley is so funny, love how he finished fresh prince his own way

Thor Arne Hopland : Riley is officially the company mascot. You take that dragon, Linus, and you CHUCK IT IN THE BIN!

MadSpacePig : *Installs Sponsor's TV and soundbar.* *Proceeds to replace both in following videos.*

Stephen Tunstall : Laughed for a solid 5 mins at Linus having to hold the projector up. Amazing

Daniel HG : ultimate cinema room and they test it with a overwatch animation

G1K777 : Whoever edited this video. YOU'RE A CHAMP! xD

Wayne Nalley : I work in AV and the way you installed the projector is hurting my soul.

Keenan Mosdell : Next video: we've installed an imax projector in our office.

Ser Garlan Tyrell : How is this for a video series idea... SCRAPYARD WARS: HOME THEATRE EDITION? Say $500 (or some relatively small amount) to build the best home theatre system. I know this setup is really cool and all, but each one of those bookshelf speakers costs more than my entire "home theatre" setup, and most people can't expect to be given amazing stuff by companies wanting advertising.

Undy : I love the decision to include the projector. I was watching previous videos on my projector and the contrast between them sitting in front of a "tiny" 65" TV and me watching a 150" screen was pretty funny to me. What's even more funny is that in some scenes their TV was displayed to be bigger on my wall than it was in real life :D My projector is only 1080p though, but at 4.2m away (that's the distance I'm watching from) it's absolutely perfect and the difference between 4k and 1080p would be barely noticeable. So if anyone is planning on buying a 4k projector then it's possible to save yourself a lot of money and go with 1080p one with little to no change in quality. Also what I found is that 3LCD projectors are brighter and have much better colors than DLP projectors, also they have constant brightness across the whole color spectrum. Don't be fooled by 3LCD projector having less lumens than DLP one - those are measured in two different ways - DLP projector's brightness is the brightness of color white so it's the absolute maximum this type of projector can have, and in most scenes it's much, much less, sometimes even half of that. 3LCD projector brightness is the brightness of any single color or a combination of colors, and that's always (more or less) constant. For example I've seen a Youtube test comparing a 7000 lumen 3LCD projector vs 7500 lumen DLP one, and the real brightness of the 3LCD was 7000, while DLP only had 4000 lumens.

Michael Rák : Me: I need that subwoofer!!! Landlord: Sure, if you move first.

Valor Boyd : Do a video with KatVR and get a cool VR 360 treadmill that will be perfect for the new big lounge project

Matt Brewer : That moment when you watched the video and it was linus that stapled them to the wall

Trajce Playz : This is a little bigger, eh? *That's what she said*

Brad Drake : Do a clip on how you improved the fan in that projector. People love that stuff.

Brewslee : Mr. Editor I salute your editing skillz!

Chris Billingham : Nice intro BASS, my Logitech Sub handled that nicely lol

BOOZy : The editing was a solid 10/10. Well done Alex.

Ashley Edwards : Thumbs up to the editor! Great job, one of my fav videos :D

Sommanker : 9:10 love that transition actually, just love the editing of this video in general :'D

Ajay : 8:15 Tiny Little Blackouts - Supposed to be

ElArboool : ok but who edited this video? this is just hilarious I think maybe credit the editor of each video on the description is a good idea?

stormlord121 : Huge shoutout to the editors! You guys always make the videos extra enjoyable. Linus, Riley, and Jake. You guys are hilarious! I really love watching you guys work together so thank you very much for all the hard work you put into everything you do.

Churble Furbles : Project farm did a dry wall anchor strength test, toggle bolt types are best. A kid pulling on the screen might just pull it out with normal anchors.

ParadigmUnkn0wn : "The screen is a big part of what makes a projector sound good, right?" - Linus Sebastian [15:15]

Valcor : Installs projector and expensive sound system with dolby atmos . Just to watch an amited overwatch short ... LOL put on some dolby atmos movie scenes or some atmos demos atleast

Adib mishra : Is it me or the edits just keep getting better and better!! Good Job!!!

Captain Patch : Riley is the single greatest addition you could have made to the channel. This is what NCIX died for.

Tinkers Custom : Thank you for saving that poor projector lol. Much better life for it! Glad to see the projector setup Linus!

jagli. : *starts singing fresh prince intro very wrong* some guy in the background: I LOVE aladdin

Squalley : I have a similar speaker setup (Klipsch Speakers) 7.1 and yes they are BAD ASS and pretty loud 😁

niqhtt : Makes a "better projectile"... Never actually throws it up

jomirife : 2:45 the "Current girlfriend" ? ... Linus, does your wife knows about that "current girlfriend" ?? :)

Nicholas Bakken : I was a little triggered when you started talking while the receiver was calibrating.

Joshua Dela Cruz : "That's what she said." How long you've been wanting to say that? Hahahaha :D

Ajay surya : you should stay quiet while calibrating with audyssey 😂😂

Mustyfacecloth : 8:13 This joke demanded so much of my time but I'm glad it did.