We kind of forgot about good writing
We kind of forgot about good writing

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wE kiNd oF FORgOT abOUT gOoD wRitiNg


Farhad Jaffi : *G.R.R Martin: Killed main characters for the story.* *D&D: Killed the story to protect characters.*

Bobby B : Jamie: I promised to fight for the living, I intend to keep that promise. Also jaime, I never really cared for the people

Tara Biskupovic : The Unsullied kind of forgot most of them died in ep 3, so they dicided to join Dany at King's Landing.

Ruijie Zhang : Legend says Drogon is still looking for the writers

Kevin Brown : It makes me so sad to see Emilia Clarke dealing with what they did to a character she’s invested so many years in.

Riley Curtis : SEASON 8 be like VISUALS: 10/10 ACTING: 10/10 ACTION: 8/10 ... writing: 1/10

Karan Johar : Bran:" I can't be lord of anything. I am something else now. I am three eyed raven." Me:"ok. His choice." Tyrion:" I name you king. Will you lead us?" Bran: " why do you think I came all along here?" Me:"wtf"

Niklas H : D&D: Here‘s Season 8 :) Grammarly: Writing is not easy!

R'voChest : D&D: "At least we're going to work on a star wars movie" Disney looking at how Game of Thrones ended*: "Yeah about that..."

Safwan Zilla : that's the end of dothrakis.... dothrakis in ep 5: ooolululululu

Javier Sanchez : 2019: Breaking Bad becomes officially the best show of all time.

Daniel Inviya : D&D: last season gonna be lit George Martin: *confused screaming*

Liam P : I rather hear "winter is coming" a hundred more times than this.. Such a shame how they managed to ruin a great show with only a few episodes.. (actors did good though)

Ernesto Gastelum : Episode 3- EVERYONE one gets KILLED by the Night King Episode 4- Nah did we said the end of Dothraki? we meant just half Episode 5 - You know what actually most of them actually survived Episode 6 - ooolulululu

TheSimpleWay Official : Tyrion kinda forgot he's smart and not a secondary character...

Catfish : i totally understand emilia clarke's reaction now

TheFoolTV : After watching the last episode...I undestand why everybody died during the seasons...to avoid being in the worst ending of history.

Ubayd : Next episode: "The king's landing civilians kinda forgot they were dead"

God Saiyan Prodigy : The Sad Part about all of this is that Both George & HBO *WANTED* to give them more Seasons/more Time, to which they flat-out responded with no, we’re good with 6 Episodes. I’ve never seen such a Amazing Show go down in what will be remembered as the Biggest Shitshow in Television History, all because the Writers wanted to be Lazy. You can’t make this shit up.

JA M : Funniest part is HBO offered 2 seasons more and these twats said nah we are good with 6 episodes. Respect the actors they did the best they could with this shit.

Jorge A C : They never were good wiriters, it was George R.R. Martin.

dat calculation tho : *No one will kinda forget about this meme now*

Garthxander : D&D will always be remembered as the two greedy chumps, who traded the opportunity to tell the most popular grand scale story for money. I mean honestly they rushed it because they were tired of it but the story deserved more

El_Bartto : - Seven seasons building Jon's fate and ... nothing happened. - Bran became the three eyed raven for... nothing. - Varys spreaded the news about the true heir to the throne... nothing happened. - No fight between Jon and Greyworm (can't continue because spoliers) If HBO is offering more episodes and $$$, take the opportunity to end the series in a way that it deserves, fuck man, this was supposed to be an amazing last trip.

Musavili Leon : For some reason the dorthraki and unsullied keep respawning in sn 8.

mike : People give D+D too much credit for season 1-4. ALL of the good writing and dialogue of this entire series came from GRRM

Arend Mookhoek : Nobody: The dortharki: We kind of forgot about being dead.

Sam Cooper : Dany: 'I am not here to be Queen of the Ashes.' _Burns King's Landing to the ground, killing a whole city of civilians and surrendered soldiers_

Crimson : After waiting a bit, sleeping on it and thinking about it...I've come to the conclusion that it's actually worse than I thought. This is downright insulting.

Izzy : In before Arya goes and finds the dragon balls and resurrects everyone dead in the show

Theul : You know whats sad? You can see people cared aboit the production of this show and they pulled out all the stops in Episode 5. The cinematography was amazing, symbolism, expressionism - it was just wonderful to behold.... But then you think about the plot and you have a bad taste in your mouth. Those guys were really trying with the crap they had.

Duke : Nathalie Emmanuel understands her contractual obligations. lol

Marco Danili : I honestly like this season! I mean the spring season. Finally sunny days and blue sky! The 8th season of GoT is simply horrible...

Lumery Und So : Jamie kinda forgot about his character development

P- MODE : Tyrion: “what should we call king bran?” Davos: “idk look at his legs” Together: “ahhhh bran the broken”

Corum : Imagine taking Jon's role to kill the night king away from him to shoehorn Arya's bs prophecy into the show (even though you didn't fulfill the valanquar prophecy) and have Arya cheesily jump into frame off camera and kill the nights king instead of Jon, who has been set in stark (haha) opposition to the nights king since hard home. And then have Jon kill Danerys (which should have been Arya's role since she was forced to watch Ned get beheaded powerlessly, it would have been great to show how the dynamics have changed since the start of the show and have Arya be able to help save Jon at the last second and kill Danny.) It even goes against Jon's entire character, honest to a fault just like Ned. If Jon was to oppose Danny, he wouldn't do it all cloak and dagger style which is more Arya's character, he would do what Tyrion did and refuse to serve under her publicly. It would have also added to the trope that stark men don't do so well down south. So much missed potential. They fucked with the flow of the shows internal logical consistencies and expected character pay offs. If there's anything the last 2~ seasons of GoT has done that shows it has really *REALLY* dove head first into a barrel of bleedy dicks, it's the fact they have gone against what was expected just to try throw off fans expectations. You don't make a good story by throwing complete garbage plot devices out into the ether to try and surprise watchers, you just turn an interesting show into an incoherent mess. Good job D&D, you have officially wasted years of my life. Bravo.

The Id : "You are my Queen" "I don't want it" *Shares glance with the landscape* "I am not a stark" *Smiles sincerely* "No" *Look of horror* This has what D&D had reduced our boi, "Azor Ahai", to in Season 8. I swear on my left nut they will pay for this.

Corona Gudi : Episode 3: the end of the dothraki essentially. Episode 5: "ayeye"dothraki screams Me: hello there my dothraki, how do i bring rhaegal back?!

aB : Jaime lannister: >Kills the mad king to protect the innocent. >Goes north to fight alongside his enemies just to protect humanity against the white walkers and the NK. >"TbH I NeVeR rEaLlY CaReD AbOuT tHe PeOpLe"

Using Bing : Bran opens his eyes: I've found the dragon. Everyone else: What dragon? You fell out a window and have been asleep for quite awhile. All the fans: Hooray.


Ninja Assassin : The Golden Company: The most over hyped over rated, underwhelming fighting force Westeros has ever seen. No fights, no screen time. All that hype was just hot air. Euron's ships had more wind in their sails by episodes end.

AmiralYolo : Yes BUT OuR ExPEcTaTIONS WeRE SuBveRTED

Hannanas Scythe : Literally EVERY Fan Theorie ist more complex than what D&D did.....

Jenna Craig : This should have the subtitle - "And we also forgot about our OWN writing too".

Ohayō : Jon behind a pile of rocks in Winterfell hiding from the dragon's fire - check. Architecture of King's Landing blowing up at the first touch of dragon's fire - check.

Sam Worth : they didn't forget...they just didn't have any good writing to leach off of.

Whitewalker : Foreshadowing 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 character 👏🏻 development 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Escape From Tibet : D&D are basically me at school doing a presentation about a topic I don't have a clue about