Voice and sound from other dimension: Gennady Tkachenko- Georgia Got Talent 2014

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Sebastian R. : I'd hate to be the next performer up!

Sebastian R. : This is one of the most spectacular performances I've seen/heard. He touched a primal emotion I think many of us have buried deep deep down.

Victoria Salek : I can't even find the words to describe how this makes me feel. He really takes you to another place, another time, another dimension. I want to go there....and never come back.

Paul Dunn : It sounded like a cry out to what planet earth used to me, a world that will be forgotten :( Beautiful performance

Sachin Dougall : If he sang hard enough, he could bring back Harambe from another dimension.

M Montes : "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth..."

dzchk : this guy is from another dimension.

RedDoveGemini : You are singing the song of my people man!

Александр Ратников : The Earth cries

TkoBallerx : I feel like he's brining me back to God's crucifixion

Mike Sledziona : i'd go to his yoga class

Patryk_O : He is different level.

Death Wish : This guy isn't human omg. Woah.

Deena Marin : i swear every country has amazing talent but america lol

David V Pettus Poetry : Jesus has spoken...

DesignsbyAnika : he looks like Rumpelstiltskin from Once upon a time!!!

Brittany Shewchuk : absolutely jaw dropping! Watched this like 10 times already! once with eyes closed made me feel like i was in a diff world full of nature and peace. thank you!

patty fatima : this is the sound of nature they're screaming, crying, it's telling us human about how they feel (IMO) bravo this man is great! 👏👏👏

Lorenzo Mida Batacchi : Looks like a Cry against all type of Bad things our Planet Received. Wow.

Bryan Neo : I would imagine his voice in the next Avatar really!!

Kim Pollak : Severus snape !

Sanja Predovic : Never ever have I heard anything quite so fantastic and out of this world...I bow to this gentleman

Yohana Wolde : What a performance! God bless this man!

Molly David : This is the coolest shit ever

Kelp on Leg in Deep Dark Ocean : reminds me of something ancient, and of our ancestors nomading across deserts in search of better places to live. the song expresses their worries, anxieties, fears of marching across unknown lands, and also hope in face of extinction.

metallicaspiker16 : Someone please give this man a record deal if it hasn't been done already.

Thuraya Wahid : Wt!?! Wow he transferred me into another place...i wanna kiss that mouth

Hajoura flower ox : This is indescribable.. suffice it to say a near to an out of body experience.. feeling is very deep

Taufa Tu'imana : He is also a teacher at Hogwarts.

Lays Santos : Que coisa espetacular!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Joseph Benjamin : At 0:51 the look on dude's face backstage was like his SOUL was pouring out of his mouth! When I hear something THIS powerful...I stop an listen too...

Magdalena Mary : listening to it is out of this world experience. How can a human even produce such sounds?

adriana balderas : One of the most amazing things I 've seen in my life... got goosebumps! D:

Sarthak Waghmare : When i close my eyes n listen him It makes me feel that i m dead and my soul is on the way to heaven Or u can sound of journey between earth n heaven😊🙏

Kenny Cartwright : Is there a fuller version with judges comments, maybe w English subtitles? (My Ukrainian woud be limited to a coulpe words at most

King Mufasa : Dude, You did something once I did in my dreams. This is the Enchantment of the Mermaids, Real SIREN.

marshall vang : The music of my people, we must go back for the others

James L Hansen : wow that was amazing, im still in a trance, it was like spiritual..very cool..

Luke Faez : Live psybient music...

MirumExMachina : Is this animal collective?

ATL Games : Wooow, that brings tears to my eyes. Peace be with you my brother..

*BeautyTheBeast* : So beautiful. Maybe that's kinda how heaven will sound 💛❤💙💜💚🙏 I hope

Vahin Sharma : How Did He Made All Those Voices?

Kelly : The power of voice 😳

Madison Aguiar : It's a cry for humanity to exist as one with everything else, because we are all made of the same stars and dust. We all speak for the universe.

Fernando F. : this guy is just amazing. good for Georgia having such a Talent.... greetings from Montreal

antonio tacito : spettacolare

Devon Vederimon : That is impressive

Mhay Cowlly : Eu senti a mãe natureza dentro de mim agora! Emocionante.