There's Waldo is a robot that finds Waldo

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tiotito31 : They build a robot, but can't make a rubber hand molded in a "pointing" gesture?

Adlin Ling : Find John Connor next.

Alex Mecca : Can you make one to help find my dad.

Vinnie Merkivelli : Train it to find Hillary's e-mails.

N S : Let's see it try the last page of the Great Waldo Search, ie. the Land of Waldos.


Ario : Meme potential here

René Bigum : Now, imagine if this was used in mass surveillance. Oh wait...

Guille Pérez : Sorry for the silly question but in the last picture, why did the arm point to the little Waldo while it also has a bigger picture of his face on the letter? Shouldn't the model have identified this picture as well?

Andrey Kitsen : About time used technology for something useful.

Michael Loeb : It couldn't handle the harder pages.

tazdaman351 : This is cheating on a massive level. A human only needs ONE photo of Waldo to make a match. A robot needs THOUSANDS of photos to make a match. AI is not smart. It's just spoon fed until it's spoiled.

blaaka33 : Amazing, how many hours did it take to build this , how many images did you use to train it, is it much simpler than doing real photographs/people compared to this or isn't it that far off?

Meeperz : 0:45 *boi*

Ryan Carty : This feels like something Michael Reeves would make

Shelley Wu : Funny it’s programmed to use middle finger instead of index finger to do the pointing

Joaquín Fernández Gálvez : Man!! if you built a robot with a wood base (OMG) please paint the base so we can't see that is done with wood. 4.45 seconds is fastest one?? the vision systems that I use to install take 250 ms to analyze 10 images and found 6 patterns in each one....but keep on it (and try open GL)

james pruett : Inventor should give a shout out to Intel for open-sourcing OPENCV which I imagine they are using... or to the HARR algorithm.

Dustin Benzel : Someone was salty they couldn't find Waldo, so they created a robot that could find Waldo for them.

MedEighty : And, at 0:50, it didn't notice the bigger Waldo in the postage stamp. Is this a fake video or was the software configured to pick only pictures of a specific size?

roverbudy : amazing

Maria Tasadil : very nice Face Searching ROBOT.

Clash : Hmm, would be better to see the entire machine functioning instead of close up shots of a rubber hand slapping the page. How do I know some random dude isn't manually just moving the arm?

The Rarebox : Poor Waldo, he keeps being slapped by the robot :(

BlakeRPhillips : My kids could do it quicker. They have memorized the locations. It's great fun to compete in a "who found each item" the quickest game... Gotta find those scrolls, bones, books, etc.!

BikeStuff : its little hand is so cute.

Syj Barbados : Incredibly amazing.

Alexander Riccio : What's the breakdown of those 4.45 seconds?

A spooky, scary little man : But the real question is: Can it see John Cena? 🤔

Guldenpagina nl : Nice

sleepup7931 : Evil..shattering children dreams in under 5 seconds

T_Rex4531 Ho : Auto My Lord Vision

Balfour : Greatest invention ever

Craig Tyle : Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.

Ian Kim : Jeez, not even Waldo is safe from the robot uprising.

XxRapid DenvetxX : Back from daily dose of internet (DDI)

T H : But can he find Flight MH 370 ?

Morten Bjoernsvik : Is the pi used for training as well? or does it have to test on millions of pictures in all kinds of angles to build up the intelligence.

Nate Barlow Jr. : I wish like hell I would have had the source code for this 2 years ago.

Jimmy Punch Lines : Waldo on sweat !

Sean O : Daily dose of internet.

Suprebob Toast : Wheres my wallet?

Cyan Animations : DDOI anyone?

crimescene25 : can finally find my peenis!

Jucab Nubster : Daily Dose of Internet sent me! You've made it!

marshwiggle360 : HAHAHAHA

Zapdog : Train it to find my dignity.

MisterAnderson91 : Hmm, I've made a robot that's a jerk and ruins a fun childhood activity, but what else does it need to show it's obviously evil? Oh I know, a disembodied doll's hand.

explosu : Do you know how many 5 year olds are going to be out of a job because of you?!?!?!?!

Zach Gerrity : Why does 0:48 scare me