Who Named Heavy Metal?

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Name Explain : Who's that sexy voiced Englishman in the video?

yomega69 : I like to think that this is how he takes notes... just terms and doodles of elephants, gourds, butterflies, light bulbs, and various shapes.

Daniel Taber : I always thought it was just "Harder than Rock"

GamerGod91 : Thrash Downer Rock. Death Downer Rock. New Wave of British Downer Rock.

Substance D : I feel trapped between a hard rock and a heavy metal, and it's getting really grungy in here.

Mister Apple : I like that Adam Neely-style anti-clickbait thumbnail. Also, that censor is great.

Alex Larking : I always thought metal was a play on rock

Domen Bremec : rock - hard rock - metal - heavy metal That would be my guess... But will see

TheRidingDutchman : I always just assumed heavy metal just was a play on the fact that (heavy) metal was "harder" as (hard) rock.

Epicentera : You may be thrilled to know that my 5yr old LOVES metal music, but he calls it "Ya-Ya music" (which makes sense, they do grunt-shout YAAAAAAH quite a lot...) This was very interesting!

Silver Kyrie : You should do more videos on metal. It's such a beautiful and fascinating genre and subculture/collection of subcultures. I loved this video and your one on Blast Beats

Alex Purkis : Obviously the gods... of heavy metal! For more information on these gods, read some Manowar lyrics.

notoriouswhitemoth : So it started as a derogatory term critics used for 'angry white boy music'? Makes sense.

lee gosling : So here’s a flippant one...Back in the day a lad at our school kept going on about how he was going to play lead guitar... but always mispronounced it at lead (Pb rhymes with Led)... Led Zep 4 had just come out and he was totally convinced that Lead guitar was named after a heavy metal 😁

The Piers : I’ve always thought the term “heavy metal” or “metal” came from the fact Black Sabbath, who practically invented the “metal” genre and it earned that name for the fact they worked in the factories in Birmingham and around that area, working with metal and the type of music links in with the loud factory banging. What do people think about my point?

Investing Book Summaries : Love heavy metal so much!

Kiro : the censorship at 3:43 with the chord was brilliant

WhyCan'tIRemainAnonymous?! : What about the name *Led* Zeppelin? Led is a heavy metal (one of the heaviest in nature, actually). It could have contributed to the name catching, if nothing else. Also, as an aside, that won't be the first case of a pejorative reference sticking as the name of a genre, school of though, etc. Case in point, "Jazz" was originally a slang term for a penis, used to deride the new genre.

Michael Wade : \m,,m/ Too much metal for one hand!

Poro Puri : the metal elements are heavier than rocks, minerals. lol

dcpunk4 : Behemoth.... White Zombie..... A man after my own heart. Great and informative video as always!

Cuzican Aerospace : It's interesting how, once all these disparate bands had started to embrace "heavy metal" as a general description of their music, it became a sort of focal point, not just for the cultural backlash against the genre, but for rallying more bands and fans *to* the genre. Before, it was a trend. Now, it's a cause.

Tim Cruise : Brutal

jordan marks : I'm glad you explore the metals on a music theory channel! One of us, one of us!

Phelan Cusack : Downerrica

Ordrint : I don't like Metal But it's ok if you do, I don't judge <3

Matthew D Gilpin : I always thought it was called metal because metal was like... Rock... but... More. Yeah, I'll be honest, this video makes a lot more sense than that.

ϟerpent de ϟoufre : The tale I heard about the first person calling heavy metal heavy metal was in a article in a magazine where the writer was talking about Tommi from black sabbath. Because his finger got crushed by a piece of heavy metal in the factory so he needed to find a solution for being able to play guitar. He got a "new finger" (idk the term in english) but he still couldn't play guitar because he couldn't press the strings down so he tuned his guitar lower. This in combination with the obscure riffs and themes "heavy metal" was born with black sabbat - black sabbath. Thats what I heard idk if its true or not. I don't even know the name of the writer, I forgot lol EDIT: I really loved your video btw :)

Mister Hatman : I can't believe this colab!!! I've been subscribed to both of you for a good long while now !

Josh Fletcher : Listen Iron Butterfly's Debut Album "Heavy"

Nate Jackman : Metalheads are just evil clones of hippies

JhohnLenoOfficial : Thanks for mentioning Hapshash and the Coloured Coat! They’re pretty unknown

Adam Bayer : steppenwolf, end of video

Denni Wintyr : Geezer Butler said he first encountered it in a review of one of Black Sabbath's early albums, where it was described as sounding "like heavy metal falling from the sky"

Bruno Wiebelt : interesting artikel , why is there a single frame of black dots on a paper was interesting

8 Bit Nation : As a kid, I always thought it came from “Rock.” I used naïve child logic and went “Oh, metal is just a harder rock”. Which, I mean... is kinda true... in a way... In science I mean. Definitely true in music.

Freezepond : I always imagined it was rock, but harder. Because of that, I occasionally would refer to soft rock as "sand."

S Toy : (watches video, thinks about content...) ....so it came from Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild...

BaconBitz : Can you do something on Us and Them by Pink Floyd?

RMoribayashi : Never realized Todd Rundgren's "Heavy Metal Kids" from his 1974 album Todd was a nod to Burrows. Makes a lot more sense now. Go on and poison all the water, use up all the air Blow your stupid heads off, see if I could care Put me down but don't blame me for what you did 'Cause inside everyone is a heavy metal kid

Matt does things : Downer rock is freakin' *B* *R* *U* *T* *A* *L*

brodaclop : DOWNERICA!

A S C E N D E D : Analyze "hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix

AXPena : OMG Behemoth video soon?????????

Roland Ramirez : Steppen Wolf?

More Shitposts : Ew... Steppenwolf...

The Dogs & Electrons : Who created heavy metal?

Justin O'Brien : I think the term "Heavy Metal" Is a term that just grew out of the music culture. A few people might have used the term for their own way of expressing a thought, but I don't think a single person named the music genre "Heavy Metal".

Neuro Transmissions : 🤘 🤘 🤘 🤘 🤘 🤘

Ken MacMillan : I gave this the 666th like, the most metal thumbs up ever.