INGENIOUS Macbook Engineering: explained in 3 minutes.

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tnetroP : You unplugged the keyboard and plugged it back in. That's now a counterfeit keyboard.

opl500 : "Apple however is special"

Atilolzz : Man, you just have to LOVE Apple after watching like 100 videos by Louis Such a consumer Friendly company!

Jonathan Carter : Some cheap Dell laptops also have the power button on the keyboard. Horrible design antipattern.

sieve5 : This is pure insanity.

opl500 : Oh it doesn't stop with the hardware. Try writing code for one sometime. The window coordinate system for instance, they do it the way nobody else does it.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : I never notice this before, nice one Louis

Samy Hacker : dude you should definitely make a video compilation about the 'special things' apple does, to rise awareness. cuz the amount of times i heard you say "apple however they special" is ridiculous. your could name the video "the truth about apple products".

cicada : Bro are you serious? That'll add an extra $3 to the cost of production. Times that by 30 million laptops sold, and you're looking at a 90 million dollar loss.

Против Глобал : When you have a GDP higher than Canada, you don't concern yourself about little things like that...

W N : Liquids? Oh Apple has a dongle for that!

Mac Guy3135 : I’ve been a victim of this. I blame Tim Cook. Put the on off button where it used to be... ON ITS OWN.

Classic Game Hacking : Apple... Pioneers on how to not to do hardware engineering and how to screw up users.

Johnny From Stovner : MacToddlers will surely defend this. It's a lot harder to change the keyboard on a Macbook compared to all other computers but that's alright because it's a feature and it's fine that a problem with one key on the keyboard makes the entire thing dead. Don't know why anyone would buy a Applel product, it seems everyone who does is either a teenager or someone with a serious stockholm syndrome.

CptHuggyFace : Looks like you'll never run out of work.

zx8401ztv : Now how silly is that, the bad thing is i saw another laptop with the same idea :-(

MsUltrafox : Louis, you are asking a company that gives zero F's about there customers to do something that could benefit their customers. Louis, you already know that answer.

Григорий Ховер : Thanks to Mr.Rossmann i will never buy Apple products now, too expensive to gamble and too useless.

Thelosouvlakia : You are supposed to be using Macbooks only in Cleanrooms! That's what Steve would want!

NeoS Ek : Ill come by again in a few hours to see what reasoning apple fanboys have come up with to defend this bullsh1ttery. Im getting excited just thinking about it!

Toaster Chicken : I've dropped a SINGLE drop of pop on an apple keyboard and rendered it useless.

Captain Heat : “apple: think different, not better”

エリック :

Viralshadow : My acer laptop also has all the keys as one keyboard which includes the power button BUT looking on the bottom of the keys, it seems to be waterproof, the place where the keys are is sealed off, and the key presses against a sealed off smaller button underneath, im guessing that was too hard for apple to think of.

MrNosugarcoating : This is getting old... *yawn* How about creating real content for once Louis?!

Laharl Krichevskoy : Its like they design things so they will fail! put the ssd chip next to the usb ports and make them flimsy so that if you bump into one, it cracks the nand chip in half, and also somehow shorting the charger line to the cpu and the gpu.

Doug The Tech Guy : I can't believe people still buy Apple products.... why.. why.. why

Mike Turk : More "power" to you :))

Wald Geist : Although I would never buy an Apple product, the power button thing is not really Apple exclusive. All my Sandy Bridge Thinkpads (X220, T420, T520, W520) also have the power button on the keyboard. Not sure about my mom's T400 but I think it's the same on that one too. On the other hand those keyboards are protected against liquid damage and replaced within 2 minutes in case you damage them.

EpicHedgehog : Till now I was like: "if I had the money, all my stuff would have been apple" but the more of your videos I watch, the more I think that I actually don't want to support such a company no matter how good the ecosystem is or what features the products have... shame on you apple, get your shit together....

MrSandman127 : Did they implement this before or after they put in the 'Planned Obsolescence' module? XD

hassaization : My Xiaomi notebook air has the power button on the keyboard lol, unfortunately they copied the bad things too. but hey, replaceable and expandable storage (1 nvme and 1 msata, with the msata unpopulates ootb) and it's less than half the price so suck it apple,

Gerald Stephanus : (Wet macbook motherboard) *Dry it out* guess what? *IT'S A PC NOW*

w0ttheh3ll : many lenovo thinkpads have the power button integrated into the keyboard like the T60, X220, X230, T420, T430, T520, T530 of course those keyboards are spill resistant and easily user replaceable

MrBitviper : ummm it's called a feature louis!!!... computer jesus himself designed it that way. it's made like this so people can go out and buy fabulous new apple products

jackblackwhole : something something maximize profit.

Ahmed Al-Qader : Glad you decided simplify all the mess from yesterday's stream, it was fun to watch btw.

Daniel Karaś : Teachers at school recently got new laptops made by acer and they have power integrated on keyboard as well. I don't know the exact model though

watcheem : This apple is rotten...

dvdragon : What the best business books you have read?

Dan : I can't recommend the Moto G enough. It's built like a house. Waterproof and seemingly indestructible.

Sideshow Bob : An apple a day..... is great for business if you own a repair shop! I love the black gloves, they make you look like Batman, so professional!

Marcel Samyn : Also, that ThinkPad you showed won't give a shit about a drop of water on the keyboard (or a splash)—it'll just keep working as if nothing happened ;)

vistastructions : Acer also does this

AWal : My ThinkPad R61i also has the power button installed with the keyboard...On the other hand, when my power button starting shorting out, all I had to do was open a few labeled screws and swap it out with a replacement that was readily available and quite easy to order (not to mention cheap given how many years out this one is, along with all the computer recycler surplus). Here's to good luck towards the fair repair bill, so that we can at least have a means of getting replacement A-stock top cases. 😆

Alfonce Jean : asus has been having the same shit for years. I don't like apple but I have to admit it they are not the only one with that keyboard shit.

JCB 136 : Love you Louis all you're content is amazing

Ronald Abalos : Wow, thz Louis

DrathVader : In all fairness, xx20 and older series ThinkPads have a power button integrated into the keyboard. At the same time in the 10+ years I've been using thinkpads I've never had any issue with this.

Chin Chilla : And people still think Apple cares about the consumer.