‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Indigenous Australian’s Prison Death | NYT News

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Uncle Traveling Matt : He did not just die, he got murdered. Dont care if it's commen thugs or police. Murderers.

True Tech : Upon release after spending 22 days in city jail range with some giant hyper steroid of a man who killed 5 or 6 people in his past, i was released as time served for unpaid parking tickets, and just before being released, a demented guard asked me to press a blue button on the wall for him. I read the sign above it, and it said 10 days automatic sentence (or something to that effect) for unlawfully pressing that blue button. He became more loud about his request that I press that button that I chose not to press. Yes, there are sociopaths with bent badges.

Kathleen Hernandez : Did Australia declare the mentally ill have rights then start to throw them all into their prison system like the US🤔

Gen. Snoball : A sedative during an asthma attack? Id lay money that was what slowed his breathing and shut him down. God knows how much was used.

Diego Ruiz : How disturbing this is, I felt really sad after watching it

dangerislander : Before any of you comment, understand the history of the treatment of indigoneous men in custody within Australian history. This is unfortunately a common thing. So don't comment like you know anything. Sad it takes an American newspaper website to show this video. We haven't seen this on the news here in Australia.

Simon Warner : What went wrong is probably NOT on this footage.

Arcade : Couldn't watch the whole video. Horrifying...

Keep Calm And Travel On : Nazis

cheekyoziechick : Australian police treat the indigenous people horribly. Like Israel treats the Palestinians. They are just seen as rodents in their eyes.. RIP

RussiaNukesAmerica3 : ' White ' European land-stealing invaders at it again.

Brandy Broadus : This is sad

lion head : Nature of the white race everywhere they here,

131kimber : Looks like Australia has the same problem as the USA. Law Enforcement using Military Combat techniques and weapons on Citizens. Did the officers in Australia use that acoustical Choke hold attack from their tetra handsets (lethal acoustical weapons) along with a fake out performance ? or just straight out physically cause the death? Either way, it seems Military combat is part of the Police Force.

Nick Lang : It is not logical to trust the powerful to tell us that the powerful are not corrupt. There needs to be a formal admission of guilt for the abuse of power and a rule for punishment for neglectful actions that result in the death of a person in captivity. This video was more likely to send fear to the mentally ill, than to let them know their rights. What was the procedure these officers were even carrying out? And who would let it happen that way?

Edmund Dobry : After hours of digging for the truth, writers Isabella Kwai and Tacey Rychter are not journalist, they are opt. Ed writers most likely blogging from their couch, and the fact a NYTIMES editor let this article through without editing it is a distance. Not anywhere in this article does the writers convey some of the most relevant information. One, the inmate was being moved for his health, and he had food that was a hazard to his health, his diabetes. Two, in order to prevent the inmate from hurting himself by triggering a diabetic attack they wanted to move him to a cell with a CCTV so they could safely monitor him. Three, the inmate had a record of being violent with prison staff. Four, the inmate was already being housed in a mental health unit with plenty of medical staff in the facility. Five, not anywhere is there any mention of why the inmate was incarcerated, he was convicted of home invasion and sexual assault and sentanced to 8 years. These are all pertinent details to the story, but yet in the current news world we live in this story was driven by personal opinions of the writers and staff of the NYTIMES, not the facts. This is why news outlets cannot be trusted anymore, it doesn't take much effort to state all the facts, and write the article to inform the public, in a non biased fashion. We have to start drawing a line between a journalist and a blog writer with an agenda. Not anywhere in the article is it stated it was an opt. ed. piece. NYTIMES needs to correct this misinformation.

Donald J. Trump : at least he is not black

Frank-Gavin Moratalla : Just because someone can speak does not mean he's able to breathe!

Nick Moody : They used appropriate force and you can clearly see him run at them and resist and why does it matter that he is aboriginal, people are people I don’t believe that all five of these men and this nurse wanted him to be hurt or for him to die.

Leo Feypel : He resisted and his death doesn't seem to be in any way related to this incidence, what the hell's all the fuss about?

rotate85 : People with severe mental illness should not be in prison.

elsa1942 : R.I.P.

wa fou : danger In prison, when that behavior continues, they respond with force. 👏👏 This guy caused his own death, by not following orders. I'm sure, you liberals want neighbors like this guy.


RGL : What do you expect with a non-compliant individual whose group IQ is a median of 62?

Kenny Chu : Who else getting meg ads?

Maple Flavor : drugs + asthma + weight on lungs = death

Professor Sweetmeat : So much for a controlled environment

Fixed Face : play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Fixed Face : play stupid games, win stupid prizes

cassidy408 : more clear evidence that diversity does not work. This injustice could have been avoided if more people recognized this.

wa fou : The New York Times is always attacking law enforcement and President Trump! How many illegal immigrants work there? What a complete disgrace. 👎👎👎👎

Aldo the Apache : Well if you can shout that you can’t breathe repeatedly, than you can infact completely breathe. He didn’t die from being choked or asphyxiated in any way by the officers, he died from freaking out and initiating his own asthma attack from his dramatic response to this whole ordeal. He had an asthma attack that was not recognized and was left untreated and he was not constantly monitored and reassessed post sedation. Regardless of if it was conscious sedation or unconscious, he should have been evaluated, monitored and reassessed after the sedation and that appears to not have happened and his asthma or whatever reactive airway disease he had went unnoticed and untreated. His own sense of panic led to his asthma attack and difficulty breathing thereafter. Most likely he knew he had asthma and knew what could make it worse and he panicked about it and this aggravated any triggers for his airway to react. Had he remained calm, it likely wouldn’t have happened. But to say he was choked out by these officers like ole boy selling cigarettes in NYC a few years back is just a farce. He died from medical neglect not aggressive or violent officer takedown. No spellcheck here cause it’s too long for me to care to proofread.

Sheesh : Neither “I can’t breathe” nor the “indigenous” seems to have any relevance apart from bs leftwing agenda pushing. Nyt has become trash.

Spurious Effect : If this happened to anyone in my family, every one of the murderers responsible would be deprived of oxygen.

ElectroSalvo : Piggies

ohcrapitsmrG : What the big picture? Where did they go wrong in their procedure? I have worked in a mental hospital and these guys actions are not that different When you are dealings with a violent or agitated patient. Where did this go wrong before you those the guards as Nazis or murders

FitStation : GOBLOK

Fred Frond : The sad thing is someone was trying to help him. It started with a nurse trying to stop him from eating crackers because they were concerned at his blood sugar level. It ended with these four thugs killing him. Sad.

FoxSaysYap : lol abbos

db wi : If he doesn't try to say that he cant breathe, how is anybody going to know? So that they let up on the pressure? So that he CAN breathe. Asswipes, all if those guys. Of course, theyd see it differently if it was them instead.

Tiaan Burger : Sick

gur ruh : I live in Australia and our indigenous communities have always been under siege from a cruel and oppressive system.

Dante Brown : People will create excuses. The guards will get away with it. The public will move on. Black life is cheap worldwide. 500 years.

Aryan. : These cops are murders Why would you hire these kind of people They don't want to help people They killed someone

Forever King : Wow and I thought the pigs in America were bad. I guess its like that everywhere...

Daniel Jakes : It's sad that I'm not surprised by this anymore.

Joe Amedu : "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

a servantsoftheownerofDeathNlife : First enter he already trying to escape tho'

claire finn : They killed that man :(