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MAURICIO RUIZ : JUNE 2018 and still no new videos. We, the subscribers are anxious for more. Thanks.

billschannel : Hey I am going out and exploring and trying to see if there is any truth to all this. Check out my series with Robert Kiviat about the UFO recorded by homeland security in Aguagilla Puerto Rico.... Amazing stuff.

br1an lars0n : Don't try to sanitize disclosure. Huemanity needs FULL disclosure. All the good, all the bad.

Pēteris Bērziņš : Use more buzzwords next time pls

Big Pickle : While I believe you and the team are trying to do something bold, you need to give the public more if you want them to support you. Even the best crowdfunding campaigns have something tangible to sell along with the dream. Leave this too long and an already sceptical public will turn off and will simply not listen! If you have clear photos and videos that makes people sit up and notice then show just one, create the intrigue and confusion to drive investigation and controversy. So far all you have given everyone are words and asked us to invest in a dream we are unable to connect with. Drip feed communication had its role in the beginning and as communication strategy works well to create awareness. But now you are asking us to invest, and it requires more! You respond by saying there is more coming but all this is going to do is get you known as the 'Gunna' guy. Along with your advisors you need to bring on board someone who knows what it takes to startup a commercial venture of this magnitude of a vision (not a financial advisor or a marketing and communications company), but someone like RTB. Find one and listen to them!

Mark Berger : Humanity is not alone, not even on our own planet. We need to prepare, as individuals, for the arrival of intelligent life forms from outer space. No money required, just study and application. Read the book "The Greater Community" by Marshall Vian Summers. Free to read online.

MAURICIO RUIZ : Please, take your time but hurry up! You guys are keeping us waiting longer than expected. We need you guys to rekindle the light once again. Thanks

Justin Mitchell : How on earth can you ask people to buy shares into your company, make a video this well produced with zero information, and not even mention the word 'dividend'? Kind of sad really..

JakeCreative : excited for this Tom!

Lewys Cousins : *Is math related to science!??!*

ItsAStrangeWorld : "Aerial threats"....getting us ready for the Alien Invasion psy op?

Alison Bellinger : It's good that celebrities put resources into the topic, but things often veer off a bit uncomfortably. The best education I've received on the ET intervention of Earth and what we can do about it is from the Allies of Humanity

Zalastor : Most of people criticizing have a REALLY low level of consciousness and a closed mind, don't have ambitions or desires. Tom is risking his career and reputation so he can follow his dreams. Something he believes in. Something we all should do.

Tony Nur Rahman : I'll give you all of my money for a new boxcar album. Period.

Anna R. : People, this is not a money grab. Money grabs aren't this expensive to create and this complex. It's been years getting to this point. You're paying to own part of the company. Every company needs funds and this one has to be funded by the public because it's not going to be getting anything from the government. Tom can't pay for everything himself. That's completely unrealistic for something this substantial. They want to do scientific research and develop new technology and media. Those things are incredibly expensive and require a continuous source of income and investors. Tom must have spent hundreds of thousands at least - probably millions - of his own money on the projects he's built and given us over the years. But he's not a billionaire, he can''t do everything by himself. To make this work will require consistent revenue and they're giving people the option to help get it off the ground. Emphasis on option. No one is making you invest. All of us who aren't investing are going to benefit from this and have access to it. So stop trying to tear it down and be positive. Tom's trying to do something good for us and for the planet. This could be an incredible thing. Give it a chance.

Alio : Thank you "To The Stars" team! This mature and necessary precautionary stance must replace the assumptive and preferential over the board benevolence attitudes that are being thrust into the mental environments of certain sensitives that have become the tools of the pacification programs, the acquiescence programs of the many foreign races and collectives of races competing for influence and dominance.... the extraterrestrial interventions. One of the best sources to understand this is at www.alliesofhumanity,org (dot org)

juanchokinu : I LOVE THIS. COME on and go fordward in humanity and space!

Omar Muñoz Castorena : Hey mom, there's something in the back room hope it's not the creatures from above you used to read me stories, as if my dreams were boring we all know conspiracies are dumb What if people knew that these were real? i leave my closet door open all night i know the cia would say what you hear is all hearsay wish someone would tell me what was right Up all night long and there's something very wrong and i know it must be late, been gone since yesterday

shiva vyapti : The earth is flat

kishaheena : SSP The Secret Space Program already has all these technologies. What we need is FULL DISCLOSURE of the SSP and the truth and to have all these technologies given free to humanity ... !!!

West branch grass man : Diversion from the illuminati.

King Wage : SCAM!!!! People just got robbed of their investments!!!!

Anya Briggs : These people are working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (The DIA) and they're spying on human beings and you are their Top 40 Countdown Pied Piper.

dustin s : 100% talk and fluff. I'm embarrassed for these people.

Lauren M : This reeks of multi-level marketing tactics.

shiva vyapti : So you've gotten together a bunch of guys from the most UNTRUSTWORTHY organisations possible -CIA, US Gov, US Military. This has psy-op written all over it, and if you can't see that you deserve to be tricked.

Ryan Turner : You have our curiosity, but until we see more, you will not have our attention.

PeepTheZenith : Tom's brain is all mushy from some sort of drug abuse, my guess is Adderall. The body language on every one of these guys speaking is quite suspect. I don't buy what they're selling. Probably some truth sprinkled in a giant pot of lie. Maybe to distract from the Paedophile ring that some of these cough John Podesta cough guys are involved in. Read the wikileaks emails between John and Tom talking about this little endeavor, Tom says "I will brand you much more when this all comes out as a man that the youth can trust and rely on." the Paedophile...Fuckin A Tom...

Shnaz Fangler : These people are scam artists.

killerskillet : What the fuck is this? It sounds like Apple marketing their next tablet or something. "We believe in something... greater than ourselves, and something better than our dreams." This isn't how science works, you imbeciles. There isn't one concrete thought throughout this whole rambling mess.

Nancy Desch : Where's the full program?

133faceman : Does this company do anything? Where has the 2million gone? What hv u to show for it? This is a fraud.

Alio : The combination of advanced technologies, advanced influence in the mental environment and interests in our world and it's resources is a concerning possible combination. Older more technological nations have never proven themselves to be necessarily kinder nations here on Earth. Nature is about needs, territory, influence and acquisitions. Space is nature and a small premature mistake in assessment could cost the highest price. I am glad that you are cautious, non-assumptive and have not fallen in to the potentially disastrous stance of the preferentially hopeful.

bigun89 : Do you want a gate to hell? Because this is how you get a gate to hell.

lucille clarke : what a con job this is! the whole thing reaks of LIE

Jea-Olivier Lessard : Tom looks like a well handled puppet.

keepeetron : we're a bunch of big brains, now pay us to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh life! the mysteries!!! telepathy!!!! the stars!!!!!!!!!! give us money

Slim Shady : Tom innovating science But where's the new album?

Gavin Mounsey : Be careful what you buy into people. Those men (and institutions) who are backing this "public benefit corporation" represent the same group who profited (and continue to profit) from the corrupt oil wars in the middle east in a big way. Such entities have a vested interest in perpetuating the idea that there is some "big bad boogie man" out there that they and their friends in the military industrial complex are going to "save us from". These are the same group who banked on the ripple effects of 911. Beware. They may be trying to use this to trade "big bad terrorists" for "big bad aliens". Notice how they keep alluding towards a "threat" related to the phenomenon of anomalous craft operating in the earth's atmosphere? "Good" guys and "Bad" guys in space??? The wild west and humans have a secret space force that's going to save the day from evil aliens? Come on people, don't be naive. If there were Interstellar civilizations here that wanted this planet... or anything on it, it would be over by now. There would be no need for sneaking about and doing nasty clandestine activities. They would possess the capability to shut down any form of resistance humans attempted, with ease. Thinking that "Bad ETs" are here and we are going to some how "fight them off" is a silly anthropomorphic projection of our own childish behavior onto something completely different and beyond anything human. When it comes to Extraterrestrial Interstellar Civilizations and the idea of one of them being hostile marauders or conquesting colonists it's a contradiction in terms. What I mean is, you don't harness the energy required to traverse the vastness of interstellar space without developing a certain degree of social maturity. The very fact that they have gotten here across the vastness of space and thus must have harnessed energy far greater than even atomic fission, would seem to indicate to me that they have passed a kind of "cosmic litmus test". After all it would logical sense to assume that if they are harnessing energy many times the magnitude of our atomic energy for interstellar propulsion, they would have blown themselves up through internal conflicts in their society before getting here. That is to say if they were still 'warlike', "malevolent" or "malicious" beings their collective lack of social maturity would have resulted in their own annihilation before they could leave their own solar system. In my opinion, for one to automatically fear a culture simply because it's not human is an indication of an illogical xenophobic paranoia which over time results in a detrimental psychological imbalance. Much of that is programmed and not the fault of an individual who might feel that way since there has been a very prolific psychological warfare campaign waged on the general population on this topic for over 7 decades now. Being capable of travelling amongst the stars, they are ancient races of beings that would have seen the development of many worlds as they transition through this turbulent stage that humanity is going through now. Despite our violent, short sighted, fearful and sometimes down right idiotic behavior, we are living conscious beings and i feel that you don't get to their stage of technological, social and likely spiritual development (being capable of interstellar travel) without coming to cherish and respect all life. The apparent sightings of the interstellar and inter-dimensional vehicles that have been going on world wide may be part of some kind of intentional acclimatization process (on the part of the interstellar visitors), allowing for the gentle introduction of this reality in the consciousness of humans.

Antonio Gonzalez : So much talking to say nothing...

Ginger3855 : Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Saitama Senpai : And we lost him. At least his chasing his dreams, I hope he doesn't throw everything overboard for this.

Beauty AND Brains : We're going to need to see a body. Just sayin. You can say all the fancy words you want, give out all of the titles, make all of thr films and wriite all of the books but were going to need to see proof. Not just disclosure.


truely12 : So can someone briefly explain to me how the investing works? The shares, potential profit and end goal of it all?

sac7000 : So what's the payback for being an investor? Sell me...

appelman6969 : Sadly this looks as if it part of the 'partial' disclosure. Where as they will 'slowly' introduce to the public technologies that ALREADY exist. Just bring them out!!! Stop with the control of information and technologies. We want it all and we want it now!! FULL DISCLOSURE!!!!!

Matthew Prevost : Finally our consciousness will expand in to the universe

J Strong : professional cinematography. 'retired' alphabet goons. >=300k/yr. sad company, tom. wake up.

June Secrist : Having seen one of these UFOs I know it is real. I am glad this effort is being made.