Optimising a Trebuchet

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Ryan M. : Are you planning and equipping yourself for a crusade? Can I join?

LeoFPV : More optimised than PUBG

LolPlane : Imagine having to get that ball after every launch

Projections : But can it launch a 90 kg projectile over 300 meters?

Meetim : The big question is, where did all the tennis balls go???

USWaterRockets : Congratulations on 100K Subs!

z4zuse : Add wheels and mount it on rails. It apparently makes it more efficient

Glen M : How far did they go?

0Calvin : Trebuchets are so sexy.

Moosh : fling a boomerang with this and see what happens

i am Kian : Congratulations with you 100K. You are a big inspiration to me. I'm only 10, but hope to do things like you do when I am older. Best regards - Kian 👍

aserta : That motor is entirely far too down, you have to minimize flexing in a CNC, not increase it.

Andre Bandarra : Huge congrats on the 100k Tom, well deserved! Also, trebuchet powered 100mph tennis ball? what's not to love about that?! :D two thumbs up mate :)

burak can : Finally! I was worried about you thinking that you shot yourself with the trebuchet :D

pizza_boy18 : Will you enhance this trebuchet out of exotic material such as ceramic bearing, aerodynamicly sculpted carbon fiber for the arm, and lead block as the counterweight?

CNC Kitchen : Awesome work as always! Congrats on 100k subscribers!

Happy Helpful Hoovy : if the k in the sub number was kilograms, a normal trebuchet would not be able to launch your subcount over 300 metres

Pete's Shredder. : I built an air cannon for a BBC tv show years ago that apparently got a tennis ball over mach1, according to a chronograph. Apparently thats not possible, due to choked flow... I keep meaning to re build the canon and try again and measure the speed properly. I built this giant 100mm piston valve that used the air pressure in the storage chamber to open the valve really fast. It was absolutely terrifying, and nearly 4M long. Those were the days....

vulduv : the reason this video doesnot have any dislikes. is because the trebuchet killed the people who would :P

EchoErik : What was the distance of the 104 mph ball?

Arcana : Amazing! I love it this is how school should be

kustomweb : Love that whipping sound

bashpr0mpt : I bet this pulls women like crazy.

Umbra : Seeing that tennis ball fly as fast as it did was very satisfying. Great job!

Just Thomas : Isn't your efficiency (at 9:20) math wrong because you should be using V1^2/V2^2 instead of V1/V2 ?

Will Walsh : Happy 100k!

Atlantic Film : In the equation E_kin the velocity is missing a ^2

Panda Magnum : some dog somewhere back there now has a lot of toys

Hyss : Just think, the players at Wimbledon at the moment can serve faster than you trebuchet can throw the ball.

Synonic : Did you ever find the tennisballs?

Loui Byrne : The question is; How far did the tennis balls travel? P.S: I could calculate it using the approximate angle of release from the footage and the 104 mph speed but I'm really not bothered😂😂.

Michael Eisenhut : Dude, good job on all fronts! Now make it throw a 90kg projectile 300m! Also, nice vacuum nozzle on router, 3D printed? Try making a full shroud that catches chips out the front. I imagine the half shroud makes for better videos though.

Anchor Bait : Can you chuck something heavier? Golf ball? Baseball?

LIONEL YORK : Bonjour et bravo! Perhaps you can throw ice balls (molded on plastic balls for Christmas) with light led inside tout see all the trajectory of the ball (on night of course ;0)

Dyslexci : It doesn’t need optimized, it can already launch a 90kg ball over 300m

MyyMeli : Congratulations for the 100k subs mate! This video was exceptionally well put together! And like I've said a couple of times before: "#Inb4AMillionSubs". I smell virality!

DeepRuc : would be very interesting to know how far the tennisballs flew

Eli Livezey : Still better than a catapult!

GBranade : Never I have ever waited like this before every week WOW

Yandere Shark : try throwing a plain in it, and see if it gets destroyed by the G-force or glide through the air in a tremendous speed

MC's Creations : Amazing work, dude... Just... Fantastic! 😀 And congrats for the 100k subscribers! Now let's get another 100k! 😊

Logan Fortner : came here from r/trebuchetmemes

Sergio Daniel : This video needs a dog following the ball.

Tempest : If i hear the word “naught” ONE MORE TIME!

something : Currently working on a floating arm trebuchet

Maarten Smit : Amazing work man, your engineering and video is so clear and understandable. I am a true fan from now on!

Piet Muijs : Nice! Btw, you should get a dust shoe for your cnc. Fun easy project to keep the dust out.

james goodwin : If I need to storm a castle you’re my man,great work love it

pws3rd 1 : Look bro, this is a sign that you need to get a dog. How far are the balls actually traveling?

nickt : YOUR EFFICIENCY CALCULATION IS WRONG. energy is proportional to velocity squared. 68.3/42.7 is not 62.5%, it's only 39%. you should be ashamed for blatantly spreading misinformation with such confidence. it is OK to be wrong, but when you are so confidently spouting incorrect information it makes you a bad educational youtuber