Luciano Rosso / Playback 30 / MAMBO

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Xycron : Good lord

هاجر : ايه دا هو فيه ايه!!😂😂

غنوجة : الي عم يشوف المقطع ب 2018 يصف معي😂 بربي مو طبيعي 😂😂😂😂💔

Couldn't think of a good name so I guess this is it : Honestly, I have no idea what the fuck this is supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure it's absolutely brilliant.

Carnivorous Corner : Just been posted on LAD Bible :D :D

Erin Janus : That was awesome

AlaskanLove : I wanna be friends with you so bad lmao

Monroe Rodriguez : Is Johnny depp your daddy?

maldobostero12 : I've heard this song before. Anyone knows the name of it?

Athena Miller : Someone put this man on TV already.

Noah Tasker : I have always wondered what captain hook would be like on ecstasy. Now my curiosity is satisfied.

sdubea11901 : my religion teacher showed this in class

kenneth lao : Now imagine if Sia hires this guy for her music videos. That would be legendary. hahaha.

Roque Dietrich : I found this guy on a viral video on Facebook, tracked his channel down, and I have to say, I was not disappointed with what I found.

Brandon Walton : You're like a disney villain or something dude

Kimberly Hale : I don't know wether this guy is insane or brilliant but either way I love his mustache

MrGrizmint : narcissism on youtube

ScorpiousDelectus : This video is being freebooted on Facebook at this link

Mommento Moore : god (and not cringy)

Nyan3rs Art & G33k_Reviews : I swear he's the love child of Jack Sparrow and Captain hook and he is glorious

jer bo : you look like real life Waluigi

Kerri Weiss : I have been obsessed with this vid since I saw it floating around on FB a while ago. Just found your youtube and im never leaving lol <3

Afterburn : Weird + funny = fantastic ;3

Eric Hootman : This guy is a masterpiece on facial expressions. Total, champion.

Hedioucha : You remind me of the Painter Dali. Very cool and expressive! :)

Andrea Araiza : This was a long ass

Maria Dunny : your vid made me giggle after a horrible day, thank you for being so hilariously silly sir!

Houssine Marinos : bravoooo

BaddaBigBoom : It's the secret son of Frank Zappa!

leah may : This guy technically did music ly before it was even a thing

Alviro Crimson : ooooh my God the last blink tho. 😂😭😂

Wylie Coyote : Happy birthday, Yma Sumac!

Eamonn McLoughlin : Looks like 'Old Nick' (Lucifer) having a nervous breakdown.

Major Moj0 : This guy fucks

H3yJustMe : You went viral on Facebook lol.

rtyuu999 : When You're Home Alone And Bored AF

Hope Basden : How cute

Fernando Gonzalez : Que bueno.

Anthony Lee : How many guitars you have there O_O

Rouaa mustafa : خرب بعرضك 😂😂😂 لك شنو هل حركات جايبها فت

Pcorf Creations : Jim Carrey would be so jealous!

JahdizBGP : HE's gay

Madi Ami : I watch this to cheer me up his mustache is brilliant

Aliaa saad : هههههه هذا ينطي للموسيقى طعم ثاني

Exo -L&ELF&ARMY : He is undoubtedly the inventor of the Mewesley😂😻

Luka Modrić : crack bravo

Callum Crawford : He looks like Dapper Laughs and Ibrahimovic's lovechild

scott springstead : Boredom

أمير بلا اميرة : ههههههههه قؤيه

Oskar Vistein : your video is spreading on facebook quickly