Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the basics of progressive resistance training

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Alex Palmer : Arnold should've sent this clip in as his audition tape for 'The Incredible Hulk'. Then again, if he had, he would've beaten Lou Ferrigno at something AGAIN, so it's just as well.

Eugene Onegin : My mother used to complain about the sound of the weights hitting the floor at 4am, this was my precise reaction, just before she kicked my ass.

Adnan Qasim : I'm not ugly. I'm beautiful. This is how the body is supposed to look like!

Paulo Jansen : It sounded very instructional to me

jet fire : great motivational me pumped!

Jakob Miller : Imagine this dude in the mosh pit.

Night Striker21 : "Are you the legal Parent or guardian of John Connor?"

roguenation : As you can clearly see, this destrcutive scene was the result of excessive training volume — far too many sets, reps & exercises.

Dimitrios Deras : If the only person you want to share this whole thing with....LLAAAAFFFSS!!

hplis : get to da chopper!!!!!

Mike White : ROID RAGE!!!

Roy Batty : So ve dont get hairt! =)

Goratchthemule : When your gains doesn't meet your standard.

Caracajou : Ahahahahaha! Dr. Pulaski from STTNG. Recognize that face and voice anywhere. Not too bad looking in her younger years.

The Royal Flush 1778 : It is progressive resistaaaanace!

Underrated Critic : How come his voice sounds different? In another clip from this episode, his voice sounds normal.

Alexander Higgins : That was just how he got psyched up before work outs.

John F. Kennedy : Training for compatision.

Darren The Tuber : I want somebody to put metal/hardcore music to this scene

John F. Kennedy : Arnold auditioned for the part of Superman. He didn't get the part. They must have saw this clip.

D.B. Cooper : When he threw that trophy at the start I cried laughing

Mushroom Head : You can't arrest Hercules! XD

Andrew Hawawini : Huaaaarr

lfsracer79 : 0:20 Talk about soft suspension.

RandomVideoCircus : This made me laugh lots

Green Maskass : It is progrrrressive ressssssssistance!

Pascal Illustration : Now that's acting.

Iron Man : Didnt know Tren was available back then lol ;)

Lisa Woodrow : I can't stop watching this it makes me laugh so hard and trying to be quiet its 1 am lol

Underrated Critic : What movie is this from?

KommunismKills445 : YES THAT'S THE WAY!!!

Bob Jenkins : *laughs*

Terrence Kelly : shockin lol

Dobermann : Whats the name of that movie?

CodedToast : The rage of the roids......

Fabrice Ascenso : "DON T GET HEWTTTTT"

The_ Joker : Subtitles!

dhenry1976 : Roid rage!!!

ichiban308 : Wow, no one has dropped the "if he were black" in the comment section yet. Well done. This doesnt count.

Fšati : is it "The San Pedro Beach Bums " or not?

monkey boy : Ok come on now, how are those rent a mall cop gonna restrain him lol.

Look_over' : So we don't get HEEEGGHHT.

Thedudeabides803 : Beautiful performance. Just beautiful

Richie Summers : When the steroids start kicking in :D

Nico Reveco : 0:07 - 0:11 Motivation 0:27 - 0:50 Instructions

Avol80 : progressive refrissssitance! aghghg!

Dadude 3 : Was that his voice?

Love Life : Roid rage lol

SNGaming : Bruh.

m Syndrone : 0:44 prepping for anal sex