Action Bronson's Favorite Foods Pt. 1 (with graph)

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AnSoR : Is it inspired by the Genius article?

Wank Sta : motherfucking bread

Basem Salem : I've been dreaming about this since Kanye's favorite foods

MobHunter14 : this channel is absolute gold, how hasn't it blown up yet?

Jeremy M : These keep getting better Also the secret ingredient is lion's neck

Hahjo Games : I just realized that this is only part one..

HolyLion : Action bronson is gay confirmed? 0:16

Chairman Meow : This is gonna be a long list, Action Bronson used to be a chef, AND he's a fat guy.

liquid prozac : this is god damn amazing

Sark : *BALLS*

dan3324 : 420

Hannes S : Good job

Árni Sápa : I'm hungry now.

Sean VanHook : What's the song where he says avocado broccoli

Token : Dude, you are absolutely amazing at making these compilations, and your other content is AMAZING. Get a patreon dude, I'll be sure to hop on it

DaIsHa sLeEp : *BALLS*


Alex Ruland : i can only imagine how much time this took to put together, insane, fr. like, i knew he used crazy amounts of food in his lyrics but this is just another level. A+ presentation.

Giles Peterson : Raekwon's Favorite Foods would be harder.

Sam guy : This is so genius boi

Samad Savage : Fresh mill breast milk

Lucid Jackson : this is dope