Divers reveal extraordinary behind-the-scenes details of Thailand cave rescue

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Billy Hamlen : eventually the tv crews may want to film the cave when it is all dry.........at least i would like to see it....

Lisa Cantrill : Absolutely amazing thank you so much to everyone involved in the rescue and thank you for sharing this great documentary I’m so happy everyone is healthy and safe and rest in peace to the brave diver who lost his life to save 13 others..

Katia L F : Absolutely beautiful! Thank you to all the rescuers! Team Thailand!

CryptoCurrency Line : I have no idea why this story makes me emotional...

โบว์จัง ปัทมเรขา : I'm thai and i can tell you this is the most complete and the best documentary about thai cave rescue. 👍👍 And ofcrouse thank you all the world that you help us for the rescue. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

เคทธราดา หอมกล้วยไม้ : ขอขอบพระคุณทุกๆท่านที่เสียสละทุกสิ่งทุกอย่างเพื่อมาช่วยเด็กไทย

Winter🥀Rose : We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones that make a brighter day so let’s start giving... ❣️🇹🇭 🇺🇸🇹🇭 🇺🇸🇹🇭🇺🇸❣️

Thanatsakorn Opahtrungsimanon : On behalf of Thai people would like to thank you so much for all your kindness to help us also praying for us. Thank you very much for standing by us. THANK YOU to let us know that Thailand never live alone in the world, we love you guys.

AmanoGinju : As a Thai, I would like to thank you, thank you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of rescuers and every single of volunteers in this operation. All of you're the real heroes. And also thanks for all prays and supports from around the globe. This rescue just restored my faith in humanity. 💗🙏

Dawie Van Emmenes : Imagine diving in zero visibility , navigating through tight crevices with a sedated kids life in your hands. This is the stuff of nightmares.Good job.

Aj Santos : If those kids were American they would of been crying and yelling but these Thai kids bearly flinched when they were first discovered

Sandor Vennink : I've been diving for a long long time. It's a miracle they got them out.. absolutely insane.. the teamwork in those conditions. So much respect for all the rescue team members.

Noom Inkhen : they are can swim

philipbkk : brilliant documentary. well done

P. Bjork : An amazing documentary, I truly wish we will become one and treat one another with compassion and love in this way always the world would be a better place.


fad chanabhon : This is "The Avengers Team" in real life #Respect

RicTic66 : Congratulations to all the brave rescuers from around the world who helped save the boys and their coach. It makes me proud to hear the two English divers are considered the best in the world by their peers and it was them who located the boys and led the rescue. RIP the brave Thai diver Saman Gunan who gave his life trying to save others. Ps I love the fact that one of the boys was wearing a 3 Lions England football top.

Elena Stone : Chris Jewell extracted 3 boys out of the flooded area of the cave. Jason Malinson extracted 4 boys which means in one of those 3 day rescue operation, he extracted 2 boys in one day. In the poor diving conditions, the enormous task of being responsible of young lives bringing the boys out of the cave, the British divers don't consider themselves heroes. They did not gave interviews during the process and focused on the tasks in hand how to successfully extract the boys & coach from the flooded cave. The Brits playing down their role, I hope when they make a film, they will take the British divers accounts of their contributions to the success of the rescue operation mission possible (no offence intended) so that the film will represent the true miracle story. Hollywood films have a habit of twisting the history ...remember the Enigma Code machine, a film portrayed it was found by the Americans in truth the British found the Enigma code machine inside a U-Boat that the Germans was not able to destroy before being captured & boarded.

signoaspire : Very good documentary but not enough focus on the Thai team. One of the main doctors was a Thai navy seal AND medical doctor who didn't get a mention here.

pforce9 : I work for a dive firm and I am starving for technical information on this operation. I know how far in, I read they assembled 400 scuba tanks, from you I learned about the 80% pure oxygen mix to extend the range, you mentioned buoyancy compensation as a consideration but not how you dealt with it, and I would really like to know how many and what kind of pumps were employed. Oh! And by the way, this is the most comprehensive report I have seen to date.

ปิยะ-วงค์เดือน วิจิตร : ในนามประเทศไทย ขอขอบคุณ ทุกๆท่าน ทุกๆประเทศ และทั่วโลก สำหรับน้ำใจที่หยิบยื่นในครั้งนี้และ หลายๆครั้งที่ผ่าน มา พวกเราคนไทย จะไม่มีวันลืมพระคุณ On behalf of Thailand, thank you very much to every country and all over the world for your kindness and generosity. Many times, the Thai people will never forget the grace.

Nanna Jjang : Best documentary about thai cave rescue so far. Thank you for your amazing job.

Mark Hansen : This was the diving equivalent of going to the moon or climbing Mount Everest. Hats off to everyone involved, especially the British. Amazing feat of skill, knowledge and bravery.

Fackmylife : Cannot even begin to fathom what those children, parents and rescue crews were actually going through. Hats off to them all and RIP to the gentleman who died saving the lives of his countries children, he will never be forgotten.....

Mohammed Zaheer Oliyath Vazhayil : Such a noble rescue drive well ended. Nothing is impossible when the nations work together. Let humanity stand up on such crucial times. Thank you for the wonderful documentary.

จงศิริ หาญสมุทร : Thank you very much from Thailand.

Arch Angel : Thank you as I had no idea of the incredible challenges that faced this rescue effort. Humanity at its true best brought these boys home, I pray for the hero Thai seal who lost his life trying to save them. I am so glad Thailand called out for help from the world. But what a fantastic effort they did in all the original data of this situation that helped the international helpers and aThai government put there heads together and rescue the boys and there coach. What a frightening ordeal. And well done to the hospital for all there after care of the team. Also to all the community that came together at the site offering free food, water, shelter, first aid and so much more Thailand businesses offering there services for free. Beautiful people

leo buntas : Great job and documentary..Thank you all guys and God bless all...from philippines

B2 : Symbol of Unity ...

Meg Achoo : This is so amazing, the world coming together, we need more of this all the time❤️

Jalan Rina : This is the best covering i have seen so far, and complete with the inteview with the divers. Thank you ABC

C L : To the 12 young soccer players and their almost equally young coach, staying together in the long hours of despair, hunger, and not knowing if you would be found by being calm was the best thing you all had done. An adventure can sometimes turn out to be a mistake, but all of you lived for the moments and stayed focused to being alive, and did not let any negative emotions to affect you. You might think of the delicious food at home once you got out, but you never complained of being hungry or anything at all. All of you are heroes together with the rescuers and all the volunteers. You all definitely are teaching the world about resilience, strength, trust, love and humanity. Like to see you all grow up to be happy, confident and doing the best for yourselves, your families and societies, locally or internationally. May the divine power be with all of you, Team Wild Boar and Coach.

Lucky Ducky : really strong boys mentally and spiritually. Obviously these weren't american boys

strawberry redz : Amazing rescue. Perfectly thought out successful plan. Thank you to all, and the world who watched and prayed this kid's would be safe to go home.

Trần Uyên : Thank you, ABC for the best documentary! Amazing job! I was cried all along the clip

Andy : Getting those kids out has been the best bloody news story of the year. Bless all those involved in the rescue.

Hugh Jackson : I already know who the 2018 TIME's Person of the Year will be: Thailand cave rescuers.

Paul van Druten : Amazing!

Juan Zavaleta : Millions of people around the world will be eternally thankful to every single person involved in the rescue, they are real life heroes that will be remembered forever. This story was so needed considering the kind of turmoil times humanity is living right now. I get very emotional every time I check the news about this rescue, gives me a sense of hope for us as a human family when I loose such hope very frequently... Than You all from the bottom of my heart as a simple anonymous human being...

Chitra Pun : this is how world should united and it was a beautiful example of humanity.

Hooch Froosch : @9:37 on the left, you can see the late hero Saman Gunan. RIP.

muffintoo1 : Miracles have been far and few between. This is the best news for a long while, with collaborations coming beyond borders, colour, race and gender. If our world leaders learn to do this, our planet, the human race will have a brighter future.

Jessica Ang : One of the most successful rescue missions, if not, the most successful rescue mission, in history! Excellent job!

David Owens : Very well put together documentary... Thank you for showing what when on, and providing such great interviews with the dive teams. Hero's one and all...

Pariss WK. : I would like say, " it is wonderful, amazing, peace, help from many people around the world" , thank u very much from Thai people

Shoreasiamensis Shoreasiamensis : Respect.! So proud all who rescuers.. GOD bless you all...

Itsalgud1 : Excellent documentary, so joyous!

The SamBali Show : God bless all the Boys. Good job ABC News for bringing the world these news. Thank you so much!

John Doe : Incredible !! Just incredible !!