Divers reveal extraordinary behind-the-scenes details of Thailand cave rescue

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Billy Hamlen : eventually the tv crews may want to film the cave when it is all dry.........at least i would like to see it....

CryptoCurrency Line : I have no idea why this story makes me emotional...

Sleestak : when we work together magic happens......imagine if the world worked together....

Tafa Fa : This is what happens when there is no politics involved.

masterimbecile : "How many of you?" "Thirteen." "Brilliant!" The moment of the decade right there.

Lisa Cantrill : Absolutely amazing thank you so much to everyone involved in the rescue and thank you for sharing this great documentary I’m so happy everyone is healthy and safe and rest in peace to the brave diver who lost his life to save 13 others..

DNA Cowboy : British divers: ‘we were just the transporters’, astonishing humility and understatement of the facts.

Pitchaya Somboon : My dad's friend were a truck driver to help pumping the water out

Erik 567 : I'm a diver and I thought drugging them was the way to go before I knew or they spoke of doing it. Panic is a killer almost 100% of the time. Good call.

equarg : I know some people were "upset" that the kids and coach and given tranquilizer and basically put into a cocoon before being evacuated. My Mother once went diving in a nice huge straight lava tube, great visibility with a flashlight. Seeing the fish swimming sideways and upside down gave my Mother a Panic attack/vertigo and she almost went thru an hour worth of tank in a few moments hyperventelating. My Father thankfully calmed her down and got her out of there before she ran out of air. She REFUSED to go into underwater caves again after that. So yea, tranquilizer and being brought out the way they were was a great idea! Minimize panic, and let the professional divers do most of the work. May the Thai Navy Seal who died RIP.

PP SRIWI : Apparently the rescuers and Thai Navy SEALs let the boys help decide who would get to leave the cave first. The boys, being boys and from Thailand, thought they were just going to get to leave the cave and ride their bikes home. Haha! So Thailand! (Whether they were all Thai or not, that is very Thailand.) The boys had no idea that millions of people around the world, and a helicopter were waiting for them. The hospital was totally prepped. A doctor told me that all 13 had their own medical staff assigned to them. Everyone had their own doctors and nurses assigned. But they are rural boys and thought they would just pedal their bicycles home. So, he said, the boys decided that the boys who lived farthest away could go out first because they had to pedal first to tell their parents about the condition of the group. This is part of why so many people love Thailand. Wild Boars! cr. Michael Yon

Jasmin Miguel : I feel so sad about the gentleman who got unconscious and died in the operation 😢, he has a family on his own his wife was left all alone with the child they have it is very tragic. I don't think I can bare the pain if I was his wife 💔😢 .

John Walsh : When things become critical, call in the Brits.

Appl Jaxx913 : The coach is amazing in my opinion as he kept the hope alive in a group of teenagers who are terrified out of their minds on top of being hungry, cold, exhausted, etc etc he kept them going in a honestly situation that is pretty bleak as they can’t swim, they surely can’t dive either so thankfully the world came together and the best divers, medical professionals etc went to do whatever they could to aid in the rescue of these young soccer players and their not much older coach and at the end of it all they all came out of that cave alive 🙏🏻🙏🏻 to the Thai Navy Seal who had left his military career but was compelled to help these boys out and he sadly passed away during the beginning stages but!! His death wasn’t in vain. His bravery and sacrifice are huge he gave it all so those boys would have a chance to be rescued. May he RIP 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

mmark292 tbib : This is the most amazing humanitarian effort ever..It has restored my faith in humanity

Fackmylife : Cannot even begin to fathom what those children, parents and rescue crews were actually going through. Hats off to them all and RIP to the gentleman who died saving the lives of his countries children, he will never be forgotten.....

Simon Sykes : ''Let them live down there for 5-6 months, till after monsoon season" !!! .. Thank god they did not take that option!

April 🥀Rose : We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones that make a brighter day so let’s start giving... ❣️🇹🇭 🇺🇸🇹🇭 🇺🇸🇹🇭🇺🇸❣️

NeXonical. : *humanity has won against mother nature*

Dawie Van Emmenes : Imagine diving in zero visibility , navigating through tight crevices with a sedated kids life in your hands. This is the stuff of nightmares.Good job.

gary lee : It is a beautiful thing to see these different countries come together for one single purpose of saving the lives of these children, Wow!!! I have so much respect for all of these people involved, real deal heroes!!!

WatfordMan : R.I.P. Saman Gunan. We will never forget you.

nariga9 : On behalf of the Thai people I like to humbly thank you, all of the international and local divers, all the volunteers both in and outside of the cave and all of the well-wishers from around the World, for helping us bring out the little " Wild Boars ". We are thankful.

pforce9 : I work for a dive firm and I am starving for technical information on this operation. I know how far in, I read they assembled 400 scuba tanks, from you I learned about the 80% pure oxygen mix to extend the range, you mentioned buoyancy compensation as a consideration but not how you dealt with it, and I would really like to know how many and what kind of pumps were employed. Oh! And by the way, this is the most comprehensive report I have seen to date.

Aaron P.B. : Those are the kindest, bravest, and most well behaved children I have ever been witness to. It's just unbelievable how calm and collected both the rescue team and the children were.

rewtnode : If you know some one who is depressed and ponders about purpose of life and can’t really see a future - tell them to watch this documentary. It’s almost healing, and may restore my belief in humanity.

Linda Vilma Ole : i was really glad that these children has been together playing soccer. The discipline they acquire and developed as a team has helped them survived their ordeal. They were in darkness and having no food for ten days, but when the British divers found them, no one wailed. I saw two kids wiping their face, maybe they shed tears of happiness , for having been found.... as shared by the the children , they went into meditation to be able to conserved energy as suggested by their coach...their trust with their coach is total. The rescue mission was so dangerous.The kids were sedated to control them from panicking as their rescue team would dive with them to transport them to safety and the Australian guy said that the children accepted what they are to do to transport them to safety, no one cried, no one whimpered and he was amazed by the strong spirits, and strong mental strength the boys displayed. The probability of success was stated to be about 60-70%. With this statistics, the rescue team has left no stone not turned. The letters written by the children was a positive move in all angles. What ever happens, everything has been laid plain. The combined effort of Britain, Australia, USA, China, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Canada, and Thailand, etc made this miracle rescue mission possible, CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! I salute YOU!!!

Gary Miller : What kind of person down votes something like this? At this time, 340 of them. Sad...

james hue : R.I.P comrade Saman of navy seal.Thailand.

Jed Lumanas : It's so sweet and Godly, how different countries united for the rescue of these children. Politics aside, we are humans, and we really do care about each other.

Hoder Harris : Excellent reporting, we can learn something in the states about how to create a documentary with no extra drama from newscasters or their producers.

Jainnisa Mai : Amazing documentation. Thank you for mentioning about the volunteers. The one who cook, clean, do laundry in the middle of the jungle. The volunteers play important part in this rescue operation as well as the farmers who voluntarily sacrificed their rice farms to receive the water drained from the cave. The only thing need to be corrected in this document is that the boys and his coach didn't take picture right before going in the cave. The picture was taken long prior this event. Also the boys know to swim though some may not swim very well but yes they can swim.

Michael Gothenburg : One thing missing in otherwise a good documentary: The cave is a tourist attraction in a national park, the National Parks Authority have a warning sign setup outside the cave that warns of flooding July to November, the soccer team and their coach entered the cave in June, the tourist attraction was open !! I expect the National Parks Authority have updated the sign to include June now A few informational errors: They were not 2.4 km into the cave, it was more. Quite a few cave divers and cave dive instructors living or working in Thailand went up there to help long before other international rescuers from abroad flew in, they did much of the early, note early, ground work together with the Thai Navy seals. Some of them stayed on until the end but others were replaced with trained cave rescue divers when they arrived from abroad. I have been diving for 34 years but cave diving is very different, it's not swimming, it's quite often not diving either, it's mind control. Let's remember all of those who helped please. It was a huge logistics effort but also in ways that you probably never heard of: Dive shops on Koh Tao and also other places donated lots old regulators and tanks that were needed during the rescue effort, let's remember that. Thailand still has a military government and that was lucky. It would have taken much longer before they asked for international help if politicians had been in power. The rescue operation was efficiently managed and decisions were really taken based on expert advice. Those who think that this story would have had the same outcome if corrupt selfish politicians who bought themselves to power (the normal standard in Thailand), continue to think so. Military government really mattered but westerners will not accept of course. Never mind as they say in thailand... Oh, and it never mattered if the kids could swim or not :)

CArla Bac : The descriptions given by the British diver about fearing that the child's mask could get dislodged if he banged against a rock and low visibility getting through tight spots literally took my breath away. I think I nearly fainted and felt like I couldnt breathe. How could they not be heroes?! Omg may they be blessed all the days of their lives! Still shaken up!

Time is Gold : I don't know much of this Thai people but I really felt awesome of their faith to God and to the people who exert efforts to rescue these kids Great job to all who help these boys

TheAgukala : The boys apparently could swim, but just not through a dark dangerous cave, 2.4kms that’s continually flooding with gushing rain water AND with limited to no energy after being trapped in there for over a week

fad chanabhon : This is "The Avengers Team" in real life #Respect

Carl Conway : A fantastic example of what can be achieved when people work together for common good regardless of nationality. Well done to all those involved in this rescue effort, even down to the guys giving free haircuts at the Base camp. Rest in Peace Samran Kunan, we all mourn your loss and finally good luck to the kids and coach. May you have long and happy lives.

Maria Corazon Amante : I am so emotional watching documentary video. All i could say is the love and passion of the brave 2 British cave diving experts, 2 Australian cave diving experts, US Navy Seals, Thai Navy Seals made this rescue possible. Also to mention the concern of the Thai government is awesome. What a wonderful world we still live in. Amazing job.

Kim berly : Its extraordinary that those men got all 13 out alive through everything they explained. Those men are the best of the best!

Mika Umpo : Each moment is sooooooooo inspiring.... Humanity is alive!!!..thanks to all those involved either physically, in planning, in financing and in what ever capacity be...may God bless you all... this is from India.

voici je : the two divers who found the kids must have been heartbroken to have to let them without little food or water..and language barriere...people are amazing

Noc Lob : The most detailed, reliable documentary of RACE AGAINST TIME ive ever watched! Great job. Thank you!

krysdekel : Amazing. Thank you to all who worked so hard risking their lives to rescue to boys. You all are amazing.

Ningappa HBR : This is the best  documentary that gives us the clear picture of the rescue operation . It was an amazing work well planned and executed by British, American, and Australian divers along with Thai navy SEAL. whole world has appreciated their work.

The Lion : Question : Even without any water inside, that cave looks very dangerous and very narrow in some areas. How the hell did they manage to go that far?!

Giacomo Puccini : Thank you, ABC News (Australia), for making this documentary and for making it accessible on YouTube free of charge.

fanobennemsi : Yes, the best documentary so far. Thank you. So happy to see the boys doing well. The navy seal who gave his life is a hero to us all.

Steve Kent : What planet does the Aussie doctor come from? He is out of this world!

EMMANUEL HERNANDEZ : This is one of those moments that I felt proud to be human and be part of the human race. These guys and the International community restored my faith in the human race. This is the moment when nobody cares whether one is a believer or nonbeliever. Upholding life is a universal drive.