Worst Prank Ever

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After a long day at work, all I want to do is come home, have a beer, and watch the greatest American sport there is...cricket. Looks like the wife and son decided NOPE, that's not gonna happen. This isn't the first time she's pranked me, and this surly won't be the last. Make sure to look at all of our other videos. Don't forget to share and subscribe! Press that LIKE BUTTON!!!

Comments from Youtube

Friedrich Nietzsche : That's when Dad went out again for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

PremierMilenkov : Oh wow, this is one of the most depressing things I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot.

vigenlona : holy shit why are people hating on this guy? maybe he had a very bad day on work or something

ChiTownDre 18 : Did this same prank to my dad when i was little about 30 years ago, he walked out like this guy did, it was hilarious. Cant wait till he comes back so we can laugh about it together.

Sonny White : better turn off the cam before the domestic violence kicks off

FrigityFrigBalls : Do you live in a 70's motel?

Matthew Ott : the balloon throw was the coup de grace of cringe

Tom Dixon : I feel bad for the young kid, he looks so excited to have a bit of fun.

RonAnecdotes : Maybe, when the guy didn't laugh and just stayed there waiting for her to stop, she should've realized that something was wrong, and that it was not a good moment for anything of that sort. How idiot do you have to be to not stop at that sight?, who knows

Tleps Sdrawkcab : And no one ate dinner that night...

Smooth Triston : This is the point where the marriage has reached critical mass and will now begin to implode upon itself.

Spuddy L : If my wife was as ugly as that i would be depressed coming home as well.

Gabagel : Okay, I would've just stopped after like the 2nd spray. That was way too much. There's a difference between pranking someone, and pissing them off.

James Buckley : Can't a man have a bad day?

DarthMobian ™ : I feel like he shot himself afterwards.

Lura : Imagine if he was coming home with news of a family members death

Chris Lamp : Did everyone eat dinner quietly that night?

beetjuice music : How could she not get the hint?

Mairou : Reaction: 5/5

manstie : pretty sure ur not supposed to aim silly string at eyes.

Santino - : He then got on his motorcycle......and never came back.

Dolan Dark : wow lmao this is rly funny you should post it to r/funny on reddit!

Yannik : I really like how the kid hesitated as the uncomfortable awkwardness proceeded, then went for a blistering nutshot and checked mums face for approval. Incredible scenes.

blkflamez : Le reddit army is here xD M'lady!

offic3space : What is that smell? Immenent divorce?

Conor : Do they live in a motel... who still makes houses from that shitty fake wood paneling

kaporalhart : Did anyone die of massive embarassment in that video ? R.I.P

LeifgoesLive : lol i hit my bf with a frying pan once and he didnt even laugh. lol can you believe even became angry LOL men dont understand fun

Pipboy3004 : Poor guy, he never asked for that. At least now he'll probably get a free bj.

phileagfan : I love how the kid throws the balloon after the guy throws his hissy fit and goes out the door.  Lol.  It's not your fault little guy.  Daddy is just a crybaby. 

coenpat : great now I'm depressed 

Acid4Blood : Divorce her on the spot and give the kid away

Rainbow Nati : I think I would actually do pretty much the same...

Fancy Flowz : Bruh when the kid threw the ballon😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

JamesPlaysGames95 : and daddy was never seen again....

sabrina v : Anyone else here because of Chance? Lmao

M Unzueta : Last time i checked silly string is coated in some thing close to rubbing alcohol (the stuff lights up like lighter fluid) & home boy's genius wife shot it in his eye. So his eye is probably burning really badly at that moment when he walked out the door. Guess mom doesn't get one of the most important rules "Dont shot at the eyes!"

HotRecent.com : Sadest think I ever saw

This Is Gift : this is why Youtube was invented


The Archivist : The worst prank is the wood paneling.

Aaroni Peperoni : Anyone else here cause of "Run The Gauntlet - Cringe edition" ???

mia vita : Ladies, this is the perfect example of what NOT to do when your man walks in the door from work. Ever. Just don't do it. What reaction did she expect anyway?

andres gamez : Later that day she "ran into a door" and lil bobby jr. went to therapy.

moondes : Holy hell what is wrong with you people?!? Good dads don't have to be in "play mode" all the time. You can be a great person with a great attitude and still not have to always be ready to smile at an adult spraying you in the face with silly string when you get home.

J. van der Linden : I think this is the perfect reaction to such a shitty prank. You're not obliged to respond. And if you don't respond at all you make it a bad experience for them so they don't do it again.

AscendedFish : Oh come on, this is a brilliant piece of comedy, clearly satire (read the description-- if the reference to cricket didn't tip you off that this was all a joke then I don't understand how your mind works). The comments section opines that this man is a miserable person, or that his wife's idea of a prank is asinine, but I say this family knows how to throw together a funny (if deadpan) video.

Yshaikush : I'm sad now.

RJ B : Lol everybody is so quick to judge the guy. He was on camera for 10 seconds. What if he was fired from work that day? Or got a speeding ticket? Quit judging people you know absolutely nothing about.