Moist Meter | Unfriended: Dark Web

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Smiley the Smile : "Written and directed by the potted plant, that is the only current employee of Skype."

There's a starman waiting in the sky : The character in the blue shirt looks like a stoned Ralphthemoviemaker lol

ImmaLittlePip : "This was just uploaded to redchannit on the dark web" - Law and order gamergate episode

hmm yes interesting. : Damn it I actually had high hopes because of the concept, then I found out Jake Paul is in it. I'm angry.

Mike Miller : m o i s t s h i t

ImPr1mal : there's an easy solution to this TURN OFF THE WIFI

Snarky Scotsman : Something that really bugs me about this movie and the last one, is that you can see the light from the ring light that they use in the eyes of the actors. Makes me feel like I'm watching Zoella... Or a Riley Reid porn video.

44Midnight : The concept is really dope i wish this was a its so bad it's good type of movie

Giffapolus : Can't wait for the YMS now...

ioZephyr : You’re clapped

ilocosmetro : Nothing gets me drier than a modern horror movie

ImPr1mal : I would rather have had shit in my hands and try to beat the world recorder for fastest clapper than watch this movie

doubleodonut : Dryer then the Sahara desert

ANU START : i bet the next unfriended movie is going to start off on a space station

not a bot : They made another one?

Jack 5225 : Unfriended 3: I convinced the Skype gang to use Discord instead.

How bout Tree Fiddy : Unfriended 3: Cool Math Games

ZoomBoy56 : glad to see that he got the black lip stick off

Undrinkable Mc : Idk how they did it but it's a bigger disappointment than the first one.

Mal : skype the movie 2: electric boogaloo

silvershadow : E X T R A M O I S T

ツƵαяcσƵ : Oh look another notification from cr1tikal, time to cut my wrists again.

StillNoPickles : I'm predicting he gives it a 35. Edit: I was close

Zach Choi ASMR : *AJs death is a visual representation of every Twitchers worst nightmare*

Edgar Jimenez : Unfriended: Dry Web

Dead Sausage : And not a single person was surprised

Umayrica : An actual spider web would’ve been scarier than this movie

Green Swamp Onion : My friend saw this shit and said it was fantastic and i'm on the sideline here cringing. I saw the trailer and... No... Just no *T R A S H*

NombreGenerico777 : Unfriended? More like, Unmoist

Tristan Has Gay : What happened to the goth looks? God damn it Charlie

Legion X15 : You are THE funniest youtuber and should be the most subbed

Sakurei : I saw it and honestly there's just no connection to the first one. The WHOLE concept of what the first one was based off of was totally different. There was no more at all. We didn't see shit really. I considered jerking off in the theater I was so bored.

Canadian Guy : i didn't even realize this movie was coming out. Like didn't even see the trailer till i saw this video

Ryan Loftus : This movie would be a lot better if it had the Bandicam water mark at the top of the screen the entire time. What a waste.

teh_supar_hackr 0010101 : YMS needs to review this, and probably will.

Malkon : Moist

nick cerasi : So arid

Whyamibzsdmhalt1 : What a relatable movie

Liam Vogl : Unfriended 3: Kahoot

BlueMoonBuffoon : The good thing about having no friends is that I can't be unfriended!

cyanidejunkie : Looks good! Like an extended session of violent anal, using sand for lube.

Marino Jerkovic : *SPOOKY MOVIE*

Lucian Leesonja : yea same director from happy death day and the purge, no surprise it's awful


Kenyan onymous : LMAO you actualy watched this???

Shadow Stealer : Dude, this is dark web.

Big Dangerous : I went into this movie pretty trashed and while it isn't the best comedy I have seen this year, it was pretty funny

Original meme : Do a Moist Meter on the movie "Full Metal Jacket". It's a little old, but it's good shit.

·左TheUltimateZkiller : Yeet

larry w . : 3 min moist meter? must be trash