Toy/Figure American Dad! Intro | Good Morning USA!

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ItzMaryMary Rblx : 0:17 R.I.P.

Kenny McCormick : Top 10 Anime Deaths 0:03 0:15

Rancord123 : How is this not a meme yet 😂

Edwin Dominator : 0:15 I died

BCRoadGeek : 0:04 omg lmfao I died on that scene

Brian Perry : haha who threw the keys it was funny at 0:18

Capeline 777 : keys part made me laugh

BRADERZ 1142 : 0:03 I died

Terrae Stubblefield II : the falling down the stairs part I laughed so hard

Uncharted 8907 : This was funny don't dislike

I’m Mantis : lol 0:37

Lord Gamer : OH BOY ITS SWELL TO SAAAAYY....!!!!

Hi I’m Jeff : Good morning usaaaaa oh boy it's well to say good morning USA oh boy it's well to say good morning USA oh boy it's well to say good morning USA oh boy it's well to say good morning usa

Javier Pardo : I died on 0:04

cookie Clawz7 : I love the part when he falls down the stairs XD

Vídeo de tago : 0:17 i'm dead

Ryan Dodson : LOL genius

Jaden santana2002 : I die at 0:04 😂😂😂 he threw himself on the stair

Ricolas C : 0:04 died

Acm240 : I don't even know what I just watched anymore...

Harvard : Lol Cole McGrath aka InFamous

Manisha Wal : 0:04 *R I P A M U R I C O R N D E D*

Gerry Deleon : Full HD

Rafiki Pines Griffin : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life 😂😂😂

VICKY BELENA : 0:04 y 0:17 R.I.P

Veno m : Jajajaja jajajaja 😂😂 Like 👍 💗

Lukas korynta : That was so funny when you throw a key at 0:18

alyssa the angel : i like how you made him fall down lolz

Javier Pardo : I'm Dead

Bony man : nice

Super Mario Trent : I don't watch American dad but this into was funny af


The Buttery Hippo Show : Hey 🅱️eter

cat guy tom : 0:03 xD I am dead

Mr. Trent : Awsome video especially the keys part

/H/a/p/p/i/n/e/s/s/M/P/4 : *it’s seems today tha———* *wrong one...*

Weapons Free : Lol

Gen3000 : What. Did I just watch

Michael Dasanta : Why so many dislikes? This is good.

Chungenour 206 : XD you showed James from team rocket

Cocktail Party : *OH BOI IT'S WELL TO SAY*

Raquel Montgomery : Roger get your characters together. 😂

C R A I Z I C H : *O H B O Y I T 'S S W E L L T O S A Y!!!*

Martha Hernandez : those are cool

Doodlemax the first : 0:04

Zaki A. : Damn, Klaus, damn,

Pris : so this what happens when you put your eyes too close to the computer

Lawrence Walker : 0:37 Winnie the Pooh

Ivan Guerrero : 0:42