Hey Abbott!!
Hey Abbot

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From Robin Hood, men in thights. 1993.


LazyBazooka : 10/10 delivery

Damar158 : As someone who never saw an Abott & Costello movie, this is the most hilarious in-joke material ever.

SwordHMX : You got to wonder how many times "that guy" has shown up just to say that.

acla9000 : I laugh to tears whenever I watch this!

Matthew Pippin : Rest in peace, Abbot.

ben inglis : Im going to to the viewing gallery in parlament house to yell this out during question time next time im in Canberra!

LuffyAkAMaDGuY : Abbott and Costello reference!! EPIC!!!

Mochi Love : That guy looks like my sister!!!

Sapphire14 : Thanks for posting this. I just saw a Abbott and Costello movie and thought of Robin Hood. LOL So I googled Hey Abbott with RH..I laughed "Hey Abbott!! I hate that guy!!" LOL LOL Too funny!!!

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : Never gets old.

ViperSoprano : Thank you for posting this. It had me crying with laughter.

Seth Carlow : LOL i love it. it's so funny. some please put that joke in a Fanfiction please at the wedding part.

rippingtons60 : Hey Abbott!!!

jay frat : If someone said that to me everyday, I would probably laugh. Abbot needs to lighten up.

erick erik : Hey Abbott!!

jay frat : Love this and was surprised that she changed her name to Latrine.

nasur86 : isnt that Dom Deluise

ben inglis : Isnt Tony Abbott a filthy catholic, royalist? My god if I ever get the chance its "Ay Abbott"

FijiUnited : Funniest thing about this is the implication that he follows the Abbot around waiting for chances to say that.

reqIess : Lmao movie just keeps getting funnier as i get older.

Lone Wolf Full Albumsā„¢ : Best part of the movie lol

Freddie AppsHero : No, no.... no.

Obywatel Cane : Abbott and Costello

McMeevin : Tony if he didn't pursue a career in politics.

vandettaisover : Tony Abbott ....

TwinSomething : Australia right now.

wanDUUH : GAH!! this part gets me every time!! LOL!

Ferdad Roidad : love this scene, never gets old

Stephen James : two bits i liked the stick fight and the that song bit in the middle with the merry men

Stephen James : found the whole film boring, the joke were to obvious

timmy butler : Pick Van Patten was also in a TV show where his last name was Abbot. His neighbor always used to yell at him like that.

Facundo Cuevas Guitar : I hope you saw the movie as Lord Aztahoth commanded!!!

Aenygma : Movie. "Robin Hood : Men In Tights". You watch. Now. Go.

Slender Canada : Abbott son hey abbott

MrBambamj : So funny I keep watching it over n over again it like everybody knows someone who acts like this

valneroth : Dick van Patten, also known for his role in Spaceballs as King Roland of Druidia and many others.

Rinya : ... I'm new here, and I don't understand this at all.

Gavin Oosthuizen : yup, I got a new phone. I haven't been this healty since I was a young boy......anybody for some spark"ling"...water....fuck you very much....you are so kind....

tim feerst : I believe the context is from Abbott and Costello. Costello was famous for yelling, "HEY, ABBOTT!"

Jazz Cat : Yes!

dimsim875 : i love this, but i never understood the context...

Kelsie Griggs : Can anyone tell me who this guy is? He played in a christmas movie and I can't find it. Anyone know his name or remember him in a xmas movie in the 80s?

odiemodie1 : Congrats to Mel Brooks who will receive the AFI Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in June 2013... long over due, I should say! I heard that one comin' a mile away! Well done, Blinkin! Huh? who said that?

Nari Zayitova : Thumbs up if Matt Anderson send you herešŸ‘

Matthieu Miller : I can believe this, remember the "Laurel and 'Hardy'" handshake scene from Blazing Saddles? lol If there's one thing Mel Brooks does very well it is random and sometimes very subtle references from all over the place. I first saw Men in Tights when I was about 12 and took me almost 10 years to finally get the "Hey Abbot!" thing, took me about two years to get the handshake joke too from Saddles. It's not that I'm ignorant, I just don't really look into things.

Ruddiger Dranrab : Thanks for ruining it for me

Powderwombat : It is literally a reference to Abbott and Costello. It's blatant as shit.

Thanatos Talimenios : well actually, it isn't because of THIS they say it. Try looking up abbott and costello

R jr : Your name is mervin......??