Hey Abbott!!

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Damar158 : As someone who never saw an Abott & Costello movie, this is the most hilarious in-joke material ever.

Pentarax : I just love the overjoyed expression on the guy's face when, and after he says that line. It's only one line, but it's a joke in a Mel Brooks movie, and he's getting to deliver it. I'd be smiling like that too.

LazyBazooka : 10/10 delivery

acla9000 : I laugh to tears whenever I watch this!

SwordHMX : You got to wonder how many times "that guy" has shown up just to say that.

LuffyAkAMaDGuY : Abbott and Costello reference!! EPIC!!!

Monkeyb00y : RIP Dick Van Patten

ben inglis : Im going to to the viewing gallery in parlament house to yell this out during question time next time im in Canberra!

Matthew Pippin : Rest in peace, Abbot.

Sapphire14 : Thanks for posting this. I just saw a Abbott and Costello movie and thought of Robin Hood. LOL So I googled Hey Abbott with RH..I laughed "Hey Abbott!! I hate that guy!!" LOL LOL Too funny!!!

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : Never gets old.

Mochi Love : That guy looks like my sister!!!

ken Gilbert : Dick Van Patten ,I think Dom Deluise played the godfather

db : such a good movie

rippingtons60 : Hey Abbott!!!

Sonny White : I know abbott and Costello because of my english teacher

SailorAllan : this short scene was the ONLY laugh I got out of the whole movie................

filosophia22 : funniest line in the whole movie

Leandrusi Petrusi : Best scene of all times

Seth Carlow : LOL i love it. it's so funny. some please put that joke in a Fanfiction please at the wedding part.

Mike Lietz : best part of movie

TheNN : I wonder how many abbots get people saying this to them ever since this movie came out.

jay frat : If someone said that to me everyday, I would probably laugh. Abbot needs to lighten up.


jay frat : Love this and was surprised that she changed her name to Latrine.

Gavin Oosthuizen : They hate me.

ViperSoprano : Thank you for posting this. It had me crying with laughter.

munozali1 : Why does he respond: "I hate that guy"?

James Porter : #RIP

erick erik : Hey Abbott!!

1956gaba : HIlarious!!

Micheal Gorbochovsky : good morrow

Gigglyardo : rip in peperonis

Anssi Purola : me IRL

westsideAUKILANI : That still gets me😂😂😂

Elsa Patiño : He is the Live Action Version of Gru

Lazar Sreckovic : I did not know this was an in joke or reference to something until I looked at comments. I searched for this just because the guys tone and facial expression when he says "Hey abbot" cracks me up every time :D

Michael Pires : hey looks like Chris Christie

Pat Gogan : Hilarious XD

Millie : I don't fully get the joke

FijiUnited : RIP

5tonyvvvv : That guy looks just  like a Turd I just dropped in the Toilet , how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!

nasur86 : isnt that Dom Deluise

ben inglis : Isnt Tony Abbott a filthy catholic, royalist? My god if I ever get the chance its "Ay Abbott"

FijiUnited : Funniest thing about this is the implication that he follows the Abbot around waiting for chances to say that.

reqIess : Lmao movie just keeps getting funnier as i get older.

Lone Wolf Full Albums™ : Best part of the movie lol

Freddie AppsHero : No, no.... no.

Obywatel Cane : Abbott and Costello

McMeevin : Tony if he didn't pursue a career in politics.