Hey Abbott!!

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Pentarax : I just love the overjoyed expression on the guy's face when, and after he says that line. It's only one line, but it's a joke in a Mel Brooks movie, and he's getting to deliver it. I'd be smiling like that too.

Damar158 : As someone who never saw an Abott & Costello movie, this is the most hilarious in-joke material ever.

LazyBazooka : 10/10 delivery

SwordHMX : You got to wonder how many times "that guy" has shown up just to say that.

acla9000 : I laugh to tears whenever I watch this!

Matthew Pippin : Rest in peace, Abbot.

LuffyAkAMaDGuY : Abbott and Costello reference!! EPIC!!!

ben inglis : Im going to to the viewing gallery in parlament house to yell this out during question time next time im in Canberra!

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : Never gets old.

Mochi Love : That guy looks like my sister!!!

TheNN : I wonder how many abbots get people saying this to them ever since this movie came out.

Monkeyb00y : RIP Dick Van Patten

Sapphire14 : Thanks for posting this. I just saw a Abbott and Costello movie and thought of Robin Hood. LOL So I googled Hey Abbott with RH..I laughed "Hey Abbott!! I hate that guy!!" LOL LOL Too funny!!!

ken Gilbert : Dick Van Patten ,I think Dom Deluise played the godfather

rippingtons60 : Hey Abbott!!!

db : such a good movie

ViperSoprano : Thank you for posting this. It had me crying with laughter.

jay frat : If someone said that to me everyday, I would probably laugh. Abbot needs to lighten up.

Epicvoid : funniest line in the whole movie

Sonny White : I know abbott and Costello because of my english teacher


Leandrusi Petrusi : Best scene of all times

Mike Lietz : best part of movie

Seth Carlow : LOL i love it. it's so funny. some please put that joke in a Fanfiction please at the wedding part.

jay frat : Love this and was surprised that she changed her name to Latrine.

Gavin Oosthuizen : They hate me.

erick erik : Hey Abbott!!

munozali1 : Why does he respond: "I hate that guy"?

SailorAllan : this short scene was the ONLY laugh I got out of the whole movie................

James Porter : #RIP

1956gaba : HIlarious!!

Anssi Purola : me IRL

Micheal Gorbochovsky : good morrow

izzy zavala : Atleast that guy is well known to abbot and pretty sure people know him and he was so popular among the people

Martin M : I always thought the joke was the guy saying hey Abbott looking like the Abbott himself, so he might be his illegitimate son. And the Abbott hates being reminded of his 'mistake' LOL

Lazar Sreckovic : I did not know this was an in joke or reference to something until I looked at comments. I searched for this just because the guys tone and facial expression when he says "Hey abbot" cracks me up every time :D

westsideAUKILANI : That still gets me😂😂😂

Elsa Patiño : He is the Live Action Version of Gru

Michael Pires : hey looks like Chris Christie

Millie : I don't fully get the joke

Pat Gogan : Hilarious XD

FijiUnited : RIP

5tonyvvvv : That guy looks just  like a Turd I just dropped in the Toilet , how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!

nasur86 : isnt that Dom Deluise

ben inglis : Isnt Tony Abbott a filthy catholic, royalist? My god if I ever get the chance its "Ay Abbott"

FijiUnited : Funniest thing about this is the implication that he follows the Abbot around waiting for chances to say that.

reqIess : Lmao movie just keeps getting funnier as i get older.

Lone Wolf Full Albums™ : Best part of the movie lol

Freddie AppsHero : No, no.... no.

Obywatel Cane : Abbott and Costello