Magic Coffee Table
Magic Coffee Table

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Original author: Troy Kinne


andmikke : Heeeey! I jinxed it! I told my wife and she wouldnt belive me so i showed her this video.... after  that the Magic is gone!

Dave B Junior : I have a table that food magically appears when I come home from work.

Adam Szasz : Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate: The Later Years

DrRoadrunner : Interesting... My bedroom floor does the same thing...

halo saint : This is good

HotshotDemon : This is Gold!

Blake Stuff : Hahahaha, thank you for the laugh.

Robert Gary : Me too. I haven’t had to run the washing machine for the last 23 years. The magic basket works.

Sarah Buckingham : my bf cooks and I clean. good combo lol

bloodyrose1985 : I believe him. It's brownies...I always knew they were real!

nick fiedler : The new gold standard is this video

yaakhee : I have the same table too it's amazing

DAKOALA Legend : Astounding! The same thing happens to me! The second before I go to sleep my bed is instantly made

Drew Patton : brilliant

Joan Partin : This is platinum!!!  He speaks the same language as my husband. I'm finally to the point let it all fall down.

Theo ccupier : Best ad ive seen in years.

Kate Tailby : More fool anyone who manages the magic coffee table - fabulous send up of all those lazy sots out there

baron : I need one of such tables. I will just warn my wife not to fall on it. Hahahahaha!!!

Jeremy Hollywood : I love this guy

MAGMALORD360 : This is hilarious also are they Australian.

Xerlex : ahhahaha still 1 of best videos i saw

Lewin Reid : woah its my house

alexsilvacorp : Kinne is the best

Kaelo Phayane : This is excellent

Esoteric Name : i legit cant breath

1 1 : not sure what I'm doing sent that back to you hopefully you get it

Charlotte Beaton : This is so funny

Ian Winkler : I wish I had magic balls

Dziennik akwarysty. The aquarist diary. : Hilarious 🤗

Iris Pereyra : This is freaking hilarious and I think most women can relate to this!

k0walsk : This is just so good

Bora Blerta : 9gager??

Zion Hamby : Cut my life into pieces this is my last resort

Bob Whitworth : Hilarious!

Snurt Groolan : This is the funniest comedy video on all of youtube.

Olivia-Magali Soleil : 😂

Malia Losa Tafa : my brother told me about this video

ziiofswe : I wish I had one of these tables.. .and the basket too. I guess I'll have to get another house... On a totally unrelated side note... any single girls out there? I'm tired of being lonely.

His Grace : lol

MexIntel : I have a Magic Kitchen.

Love Cj : LOL 😂

James Harrison : oh yea yea

Tyler Currie : Lol

leslie dalton : Hilarious!! Hah! My boyfriend doesn't own a magic coffee table. Whatever he leaves there.......just stays there! Magic! :-D

Raze : beautyful

Michael Duffell : Smh.

WilliamDeVey : Simple: the table is from Hogwarts - the House Elves do all the work :D

David Vollmer : Is it because he's doing all the housework while shes gone, or he's a nit wit freeloader taking advantage of her. I could actually see it from both perspectives until her comment at 0:46 into it.

EASYTIGER10 : That bloke in 40 years = my dad!