Magic Coffee Table

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amazinbroxi : Warning don't divorce the wife after watching this I did and my table broke

andmikke : Heeeey! I jinxed it! I told my wife and she wouldnt belive me so i showed her this video.... after  that the Magic is gone!

HotshotDemon : This is Gold!

Adam Szasz : Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate: The Later Years

nick fiedler : The new gold standard is this video

Esoteric Name : i legit cant breath

halo saint : This is good

Charlotte Beaton : This is so funny

Whydoyoucarry Mestranger : my bf cooks and I clean. good combo lol

Drew Patton : brilliant

Lewin Reid : woah its my house

Dave B Junior : I have a table that food magically appears when I come home from work.

Kate Tailby : More fool anyone who manages the magic coffee table - fabulous send up of all those lazy sots out there

yaakhee : I have the same table too it's amazing

Blake Stuff : Hahahaha, thank you for the laugh.

Bora Blerta : 9gager??

Joan Partin : This is platinum!!!  He speaks the same language as my husband. I'm finally to the point let it all fall down.

Raya Seidt : beautyful

Michael Duffell : Smh.

alexsilvacorp : Kinne is the best

bloodyrose1985 : I believe him. It's brownies...I always knew they were real!

Theo ccupier : Best ad ive seen in years.

baron : I need one of such tables. I will just warn my wife not to fall on it. Hahahahaha!!!

David Vollmer : Is it because he's doing all the housework while shes gone, or he's a nit wit freeloader taking advantage of her. I could actually see it from both perspectives until her comment at 0:46 into it.

1 1 : not sure what I'm doing sent that back to you hopefully you get it

ziiofswe : I wish I had one of these tables.. .and the basket too. I guess I'll have to get another house... On a totally unrelated side note... any single girls out there? I'm tired of being lonely.

Robert Chad Rodee : you thief

Ian Winkler : I wish I had magic balls

Kaelo Phayane : This is excellent

Tyler Currie : Lol

Bob Whitworth : Hilarious!

His Grace : lol

EASYTIGER10 : That bloke in 40 years = my dad!

remotecamper : I have been saying things like this for about 20 years. At the time it was friends but today its the "snowflakes" that still live with their parents. They have the magic laundry, and the magic refrigerator. The laundry magically gets done and the magic fridge always has food in it.