Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)

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SFC mr Raccoon : I learned about this in my animation class

Colrox Bleach : Better than Teen Titans Go

T. Herrmann : H E R E, C A T C H T H I S P U M P K I N

Russell Vawter : This is the granddaddy of animated cartoons. XD

Impressive Tree : I like this better than many modern cartoons, to be honest. I don't know whether it's the fun music, or the classic animation style, or the fact that I don't find it absolutely repulsive.

McKergült TeKergő : aired on cartoon network?

Abbimation : The one that started all before Walt Disney.

Kevin Beaudry : Still waiting for Season 2.

Crypted Pandora : Gertie is a savage

Jon Dunmore : 3:15 -- totally anatomically correct. Sam Neill looking up at Gertie on hind legs, gasps, "It's - it's a dinosaur!"

fortnite : in 1914 people must be 103 years old

Kyle Hirano : Lol i saw since in school and saw this XD my classmates wanted to see it again and again

Prashant Vyas CG : Milestone

flatpack : Gertie doesn't go what she's told until she gets food, will not hesitate to kill anyone who messes with her, and just dances on the spot or has a little nap when she's bored. Big respect for this dinosaur, powerful energy

ali doğanay : Cartoon Network huh

Pup Man trains : The back ground had to be redrawn for every frame because this was before cell animation

Toucan : there's a cartoon network sign *i don't think cartoon network was a thing in 1914*

Star : Where is Burns?

fangs : Windsor mcCay is a stand user. Gertie is a stand that has the power to dance like a lit beast

KingofUSA85 : Better than Frozen.

1500 Subs with only 15 video challenge : More like a Puppy Dino

Samuel Walker : I love Gertie. I will die to defend her

Jen Bartolo : so old fashioned

Jasey Studios : This song has been stuck in my head for the longest, anybody know where it's from?

Flöufy : 3:07 *YEET*

Ben the boy : This is messed up

揚 揚 : is cartoon network

Douglas Haber Jr. : why does it say cartoon network?


Christian 16 the geometry dash gamer : i cant watch like this

Aidan McGaugh : Must be very rare on Cartoon Network

NumA Rigaud : Wow

LukeDiazGaming And me : Wow, but I have to say three things about this movie,1. The cartoonist had to draw this and it could have took him 5 days to that animation and a lot of paper.2. Charlie Caplin 1914 movie looks 100 times better than this. And no.3. When she threw that horn retreaded thing in the lake, the movie would have said "you are a bad girl AGIAN"!

Annie Whitcomb : Anyone here for their crossword puzzle?

JoelTheParrot : Great stuff