Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)

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Colrox Bleach : Better than Teen Titans Go

SonicCartman21 : Who Thinks It's Better Than South Park I Like Both In My Opinion

SFC mr Raccoon : I learned about this in my animation class

Russell Vawter : This is the granddaddy of animated cartoons. XD

Herrmann Tom : H E R E, C A T C H T H I S P U M P K I N

KingofUSA85 : Better than Frozen.

Jon Dunmore : 3:15 -- totally anatomically correct. Sam Neill looking up at Gertie on hind legs, gasps, "It's - it's a dinosaur!"

Vibe : Milestone

alexlion0511 : in 1914 people must be 103 years old

ali doğanay : Cartoon Network huh

Impressive Tree : I like this better than many modern cartoons, to be honest. I don't know whether it's the fun music, or the classic animation style, or the fact that I don't find it absolutely repulsive.

duwang gang : Windsor mcCay is a stand user. Gertie is a stand that has the power to dance like a lit beast

kylie hirano : Lol i saw since in school and saw this XD my classmates wanted to see it again and again

Gergő : aired on cartoon network?

Christian 16 : i cant watch like this

Abbimation : The one that started all before Walt Disney.

james Leptitcon : Wow

Jen Bartolo : so old fashioned

JoelTheParrot : Great stuff

Angel Joestar : Where is Burns?