The Whale-Bone-Eating Zombie Worm

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Facts in Motion : This week I only reworked one of my earliest videos. The old video really didn't age well. It's only a visual rework tho (no new information). Since I'm quite the perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that, I don't really like the old videos that much anymore - I have simply improved too much since then. But because I still really like the topic I decided the update it to the new format and animation style. Also, I assume a few of you haven't even seen the old one, considering the old videos are pretty buried and not that easily accessible. -------------------------------- New - proper - video in 8-9 days - in the middle of next week.

Djpea : Who else thought this was a re-upload? Great work nevertheless!

Dragon Slayer : I need this worm to get into my safe xD

Percival : Mother Nature sure knows how to clean up by itself.

Avery Lopez-Baines : Aw man, I wish it was the ALASKAN BULL WORM

Zákrom11 : The visuals look MUCH better than the older video

Aku Fan : Lemino is better than Watchmojo You are better than infographics

Sound Soul : I remember the original episode. But all the small details like the bubbles in the current and the small particles released by the bacteria and the developed environment around the main focus adds so much more. That whale drowning (dying) scene was prob my favorite. I'm not entirely sure why, but it just looks so good.

OwlClan YT : “He died chasing a pokemon across the street” I died.

Tng Jia Sheng : Whew, I thought YouTube took the original down or demonetized it

Seksaoui Abderraouf : my theory is thes are Aliens or alien technology to steal Whale bones as Ressource to make many things (iam just kidding this is not a serious theory)

Salish : can you please add english caption to each video? because you sounds like german google automatically add german as auto caption. I'm not good in english so please notice me and sorry for bad hearing

CrestFallen : I felt I already have watched this video 🤔🤔🤔 Edit: i saw the comment of him, didnt saw that XD this video was old hahaha

al145 : All the more reason to educate people on how the fossil record works. It's like looking at a series of photos, but some might be missing or damaged. It doesn't mean we can't figure out what happened between, it's just not as easy or definitive. And just because some time periods have more or better fossils doesn't necessarily mean we understand those times better than others, it depends on the kinds of fossils, because one ecosystem is not representative of the entire global environment.

The Dark Sword : I've never seen a title so random lmao

TheSaltyBoy SaltyMcSaltFace : Wait, haven’t you already made a video of these worms? Or am i thinking of another channel

Dark PePe : Sounds like the worms are Japanese

Peter Alves : I wonder what will happen if they contact human bone...

Legov7 : Also I already watched the old version of this video not long ago, it was still an entertaining experience. The improvement was clear even without having both videos open side to side. Good job. This animation style really fits the topic and genre (?) of your videos.

kremit the frog : Can it chew through steel though?

SonofRiggnarok : It might not have any new info but I sure paid much more attention to this one. They're such pest!

thunter_305 : Bist du zufällig deutscher (aktzent)

Cosmic Rift : Looks like those red infection things the flood use in halo

White Vans : You sound just like my German science teacher.

kule PenisesRKule : *He died chasing a Pokémon across a busy street*

pratiksha kunjire : Good animation tutorial...

Indoraptor Unstopable : Wait, you did this before

WuzNab : I’ll have some boneless bones.

ItsRainingGopniks 123 : we need to release this on the feminists

Avery- nii : Love the music

Finn Reinhardt : Just watched the other one 5 minutes ago


10000 subscriber with out a video : Ive been subbed since you had 63 subs and i liked your videos alot

Matt Tucker : Simply amazing 😁🤙🏼 great video man

Hannah Thornburg : I just come to new vids to see how many likes there are. 🤣

ulgrin scp güvenliği : Dino bones

gausm warhole : Kurzgesagt anyone? *ANYONE?!?*

apdroid geek : are they reef safe..?

Wiffo92 : Ich wünsche dass, Sie Videos auf deutsch machen würde!

Sean Paglinawan : 0:02 Pokemon Go Players *Triggered*

CanadianGamer CG YT : Well wheres the epididymis for the worm where does it store the not yet mature

Theo Suharto : Kurzesgagt in disguise ?

LOGAN DAVIS : That’s a whale of a find

NPC #49616392 : 1:17 that ain't a whale, bro.

Lord Poshname Von Plumbingparts : "Boooonnnnnnnnneeeeeeessssss"

Wolfy Kaname : Was that a rendition from spirited away at the end? Sounds like it.

Arno Dorian : Do you know what would be really sugoi? Cutting the flesh from a patch of your arm, and letting one of these worms grow there.

Emperor HB Studios : Sehr interresant. Ich habe mir lange über diese Würmer gedanken gemacht. Danke für deine schöne videos. Gruß !

Y&S FOOD! : Fantastic video recording! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we adore to come across such type of contents. We make Travel & Food video too, world-wide, and also we are continually interested in inspirations and also ideas. Thank You.

Shatt Lindquist : looks like the halo infected