ThegnThrand Channel Closed!! YOUTUBE GONE MAD! Help Out Please

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scholagladiatoria : Thrand's channel is back! Thanks for your support everyone.

Ray Purchase : Remember the Daily Mail? The newspaper that attacked Jeorgsprave for his body armour video? It wasn't just a ridiculous piece of one-off paranoia journalism. That article was part of broader agenda the newspaper has of "thoughening up on web giants" ie influencing greater government control over them such as fines for failure to remove undesirable content. Ostensibly this is to hold companies like Google to account for the use of their services by terrorists, as supported in a laughably facile way by their attack on the slingshot channel. This is not the last time we will see something like this. The DM gets 100 million unique views a month according to its own metrics and it isn't alone. There is a movement in the media, and not just in Britain, that will encourage Google and its ilk to behave in a way that leads to this kind of thing. Be vigilant, and fight it everywhere.

BisectedBrioche : LGBTQ creators have already found that any mention of LGBTQ content gets their videos flagged regardless of content (whether it's a LiS LP, politics, or just a video of a blank wall they uploaded as a test). YT have officially lost the plot.

Avant-garde Student : Ironically I got an add for this video.

Access Denied : Like wtf?! Im subbed to this guy! Wtf happened?!

Alistair Shaw : You tube has lost it.

ExDragonMaster : To arms! To arms!

elindred : better than reinstating ThegnThrand's channel, join the class action lawsuit filed by Zombie Go Boom against youtube for capriciously and unilaterally changing their terms for monetisation without even specifying what the changes are.

Bob Arkham : This is quite the outrage!

Jim Cullen : This is probably an automated error that'll be easily fixed before too long. It's complete bullshit that they have to do this, but I doubt it'll last too long. What's really annoying is that regarding the demonetisation, there's a lot of speculation that even the "manual review" isn't really _manual_ in the way you'd think. One maths channel did a video about the mathematical concept called "derangements", and it was demonetised because of that title's normal English definition. And even when he asked for a manual review, it came back (in a very short amount of time) saying "nope, this is inappropriate for advertisers".

rocknchickadee : As a YouTube Red subscriber it makes me think my money could be spent elsewhere... as it seems they’re squandering this revenue by not hiring human moderators. YouTube Red subscribers copy and paste this to other videos, then like the post. We won’t get their attention otherwise.

Overly Sarcastic Dude : It's a surprise that YouTube doesn't have any competition. At this point it would be really welcome.

kuntaosilat sweden : This has implications for not only the medieval videos but for martial arts videos in general

IPostSwords : Combining weapons, military history and religion lead to the only demonetised video I've had (so far). Although it wasn't even about religion, just had an islamic name in the tags and title.

Ae Norist : I very much dislike Thrand and his stuff, but this cannot happen anyways, on point of principle.

MaaZeus : Already signed thanks to Raff/Metatron. While Thrand is not a sword channel I follow actively his content has been incredibly educating from time to time. He must be saved and this bullshit by YT must be stopped.

McDuff Smith : Thank you for bring attention to this, Matt. let's get Thrands channel back up!

Anders Hoegild : Signed right away! This is a scandal.

Sargon of Akkad : Really disappointed to hear this, I'd been subscribed to Thrand for quite a while.

Peskre : Like seriously what is wrong with the guys who manage youtube? Going after educational channels that bring historical topics to light, they discuss with each other in a civil manner, different points of views it's amazing going after this is ridiculous.

Simon's Discoveries : They even demonetized my video with fox pups lol Not that I was planning on making a lot of money off of that but what exactly was unsuitable for advertisers about that? I applied for a manual review just because it's a total bullshit. That was probably over a month ago. Still no reaction from YouTube.

Cal S. : I guess Metatron was quicker, so I already signed. I still want state here that I cannot understand this whole affair. This harms content creators, viewers and of course Youtube's very own reputation. Everbody and everything gets harmed for to reason at all. So... Sadly, this indicates money reasons. But seriously, this is just madness. This needs to be stopped. Now. For the content creators and Youtube's future.

The Crafty Crayfish : Youtube censorship. It's not just the Conservative's problem anymore.

RowanTree : Signed

Garret LeBuis : Already signed.

Ngugi TWC : Signed - thanks for the heads up

Avatrass : Greek fire can't melt Ottoman mail

Addicus Spiderjump : Google bought YouTube for the sole purpose of destroying it.

TheGodTell : signed!

Wormweed : No idea who ThegnThrand is, but Youtube keeps getting worse and worse. Demolition Ranch had a 5 year old video taken down, claiming its violating the rules, but there were no retarded rules like that 5 years ago.. Shouldnt be up to youtube to decide what people should watch or not. Eventually Youtube will just be filled with awful pranks, reaction videos, cats, morons singing in a car, and other terrible videos where people try to be fun while not making jokes about sensitive subjects or jokes that could offend someone.

knightshousegames : If you read the comments of this video, you will notice that everyone is yelling at whoever they think is the enemy. You will find comments of conservatives blaming liberals and liberals blaming conservatives. You will find vast conspiracy theories about different people trying to censor the internet to advance their own vague agendas. But you won't find anyone realizing this is a pretty much random process not even driven by people at all, just AI bots who decide at pretty much random who to target, and the problem is usually fixed in a few days once a person actually gets involved.

Bob Arkham :

teufeldritch : He needs to diversify his upload locations. Vidme, Vimeo, etc. If he has a channel elsewhere I will gladly watch his vids there & not on YT.

Jf H : Youtube isnt the government. They are not totalitarian government. They can ban what ever they want. The American way is that if they dont present a good product, people will stop watching and they will lose money and someone else will replace them. But the American way is also that Youtube can buy American politicians to make laws that would favor Youtube and prevent someone else from replacing them and making void and nul what i said in the first part. Capitalism. The next best thing to monarchy, if you have money.

Aiden 99 : Has Youtube forgotten how to business?

Dragon50275 : it possible that you guys could upload the videos Privately first, get them monotized, and T h e n put them up publicly? It'd take a lot longer to upload videos, yes, but it'd also mean you wouldn't lose the initial revenue from those crucial first few days of being seen P u b l i c l y. Hope this helps?

tues taco : This is crazier than this helm!

Brotramel : History isn't politically correct . Therefore must be eradicated.

Long Nguyen : youtube want contents, but won't pay for it.

George Bisset : we badly need an alternative to you tube.

The Weresheepdog : Youtube has been persecuting everything they consider "right wing hate speech extremism", and that's basically anything to the right of Josef Stalin. Make SJW-friendly, victimization-friendly, "diversity"-friendly content and they will help you; anything else will suffer. Damn, they are even demonetizing PewDiePie...

arond schiltz : So videos about historical weapons and warfare are bad but NRA spamming adds everywhere is acceptable...

Brutal Progeny : Wow. Talking about the uses and effects of deadly weapons pisses off the you tube gods. Shocker. Ain't this some bullshit.

P4riah1 : Lots of morons shouting 'SJWs!' in the comments of all these videos. Guess what: the SJWs are up in arms about this crap as well. You know why? Because all the 'SJW' content is being flagged as well. LGBTQIA+ content? Flagged. Politics of ANY KIND, left or right? Flagged. Videos talking maturely and sensibly about harassment issues? Flagged. Mature conversations about race and gender issues? Flagged. This isn't 'PC gone rampant' or 'SJW agenda'. This isn't 'left vs right'. This is asshole marketers in suits in the depths of some giant soulless corporation deciding that ANY content that even has the POTENTIAL to be even slightly controversial in ANY DIRECTION is 'too edgy' for advertisers. These cowards are TERRIFIED that their ads will run on anything that isn't the most mainstream, milquetoast, boring content, and Joe Blo Public will judge them for it. This is mindless corporate bullshit gone rampant. This is obsolete business practices being unable to handle the internet age. This is the panicked flailing as the long-untenable ad-based revenue model finally collapses. Place the blame where it belongs for once.

Ken ibn Anak : Speaking from experience, what you don't mention, is if YouTube demonitizes a new video, you have almost no chance at appeal. This is because the fine print of the appeals process stipulates the video in question must have had a minimum of 10,000 views before you can appeal the decision. For small channel operators where even 3,000 views is a lot, this is a kiss of death. This random demonetization nonsense has been going on since April 2017. YouTube does not notify the channel owner directly when their (constantly changing and self writing) algorithm decides to zap a video's monetization. Often the only way a channel operator discovers this is when the revenue stream takes a big hit. Then when you go into my channel editing mode you may suddenly notice that a green $ symbol is suddenly no longer green. The practice of deleting channels that had previously approved for monetization and as having videos that meet published YouTube community standards actually began in mid September. The problem is the algorithm program Google (who owns YouTube) uses is self editing and changes itself 100 times an day as appeals progress. So what the standards acceptable to the program are is changing constantly. I have been told YouTube has only two people working part time to manually do the appeal reviews for the hundreds of thousands of appeals, so that even if someone gets past the 10,000 view roadblock, don't expect any review inside a decade.

Yashu1105 : Watched Metatrons Video a few minutes ago and already signed

Jock Alladrick : Destrying your history is exactly what ((they)) want

Daniel Elseth : Almost there! About 2,000 right now. 👍🏻

Paul Liu : Medieval history community UNITE

madbaum : Signed