Schfifty Five
Schfifty five

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A video describing the complexity of the number 55; back when the internet was good. I do not take credit for this video, Animation and music credit goes to 'Group X'. I simply recorded it and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure This is not my video!


Miles Away : it feels like it's been schfifty five years since this came out.

lookiss3 : I used to get in trouble for watching this at my computer lab in school 10 years ago.

tannerin : this is so old the description is actually lamenting on "when the internet was good" and this was uploaded in 2006

jeon KimTae : Came to this video after seeing a scam video cuz I didnt know what it was lol

Koolio Manbeast : is this where idubbbz got his gay foreigner voice

NuevaBestia : Throw back to fifth grade

Yawg moth : Ah yes, a classic from the olden days. I believe I first saw this on ebaumsworld

Katie Ross : I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since we were blessed with this

electrabot : Ahhh!! Old school youtubes!!! i miss these to some degree when everyone was just a stupid teenager trying to have some fun on youtube instead of trying to make hoards of money.

budderman321 : This is the kinda shit that comes into my head in Job Interviews

jetfowl : I can say 'poopty peupty pants-ss' very... very fast.

wispina : My teacher always says this and I was looking for where it was from

Brandon Szparagowski : A true classic.

Carolina : 2019 and still listening

snowflake5921 : I am mad that I am now discovering this.

Zippy : Damn, forgot how fun the early 2000's were.

Michael Benson : i remember watching this for the first time on Ebaumsworld when I was like 11 or 12. Can't believe it already been so long since then. I feel old now :'(

Matt Gebrael : This shall never be forgotten. It will be passed from generation to generation.

Leroyjenkins0502 : Anyone else memorize the whole song?

TrashDeviant : 2019 and this pops into my head randomly wtf

Donna Lomba : After this came out I had this stuck in my head everyday now I come back to this in 2019 I'm lol

Da Zvnco : Anyone watching in 2016

Claudriel : I believe this is what Rick was inspired from. We all gotta admit that Albinoblacksheep saved our planet.


Jon Adamich : This humor created the internet.  This and banana phone.

Broken Matt Hardy : When memes were memes

justclimb77 : "You ready to hear it baby? ...Allriiiight."

lovetownsend : lol randomly remmembered this. Albino blacksheep, 10 years old. Comfort eagle music video too!

amanda : if you remember this you are entitled for a veterans discount

Travis Maz : To this day, the speed limit on the highway is schfifty five. I laugh, my wife doesn't.

Pixel Burger : "So, what are some assets you have that can be valuable to our company?" "...I know how to count all the way to schfifty-five." "Well damn son, why didn't you just open with that? We're glad to have you on the team!"

TheCockeyez : Rick and Morty. If you know what I mean.

Wild Bill : what we did before YouTube. good times. the drummer is the best part of the video.

Peter McBride : This is the reason my favorite number has been 55 since I was like 8

Matanumi : This is fickin older then most people using the internet today...Jesus...

amber dockhorn : I noticed he said "fifty-schfive". that's awesome.

Hero Hippies : In that moment all memes began

Samson H : its been nearly 14 years since I first heard this... why it suddenly entered my head is beyond me but im so glad it did <3

Sir Sebastian : I haven't thought about this song for 10 years and it just popped into my head today. And somehow... I still know all the words.

Franz Liszt : My face is sexy

Broswagonist : Been 11 years since I first saw this!

Steven Madara : 10/10 power spell used in mk ultra card game 10/10 power as in works every time on every person we've mk ultra'd Must include swifty five song cia handbook says it page 55

Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo : Not as clumsy or random as an image macro. An elegant meme, from a more civilized internet.

TJ Hall : 1:10 “5 + 5 is fifty fifty fifty!!!” Must’ve been the early days of common core...

Ryaquaza 1 : AwWHH YEA, it’s time to get Schfifty,.. five

Vhuz : here in 2017, about to be 2018 in 2 days

Aurelija Špakauskaitė : Still know the lyrics... ♡

Sol_man no.1 : I've never seen a drummer keep his composure the way this guy does.

Apollo The Impaler : >description "back when the internet was good >uploaded in 2006 BOI HE AIN'T SEEN NUFFIN YET