Schfifty Five

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Menthols : This randomly popped up in me head again after so many years.

Miles Away : it feels like it's been schfifty five years since this came out.

tannerin : this is so old the description is actually lamenting on "when the internet was good" and this was uploaded in 2006

Zippy : Damn, forgot how fun the early 2000's were.

Travis Maz : To this day, the speed limit on the highway is schfifty five. I laugh, my wife doesn't.

Sir Sebastian : I haven't thought about this song for 10 years and it just popped into my head today. And somehow... I still know all the words.

Koolio Manbeast : is this where idubbbz got his gay foreigner voice

lookiss3 : I used to get in trouble for watching this at my computer lab in school 10 years ago.

Jon Adamich : This humor created the internet.  This and banana phone.

NuevaBestia : Throw back to fifth grade

SARPBC Player : In the description: "back when the internet was good" Posted in 2006, when the internet was amazing...

Donovan Leach : albinoblacksheep days

Sol_man no.1 : I've never seen a drummer keep his composure the way this guy does.

jetfowl : I can say 'poopty peupty pants-ss' very... very fast.

Katie Ross : I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since we were blessed with this

Heruru Meruru : This was the first flash animation I ever saw. So much nostalgia.

MourningBreakfast : I know this is old because the guitarist has a Mohawk.

Erin Bennett : I liked the part when he said Schfifty Five.

TheCockeyez : Rick and Morty. If you know what I mean.

Branden Edwards : the hell am I watching lol I was trying to find Rick & Morty Get Schwifty

DSFARGEG00 : The internet was never good.

wispina : My teacher always says this and I was looking for where it was from

CrossFitSausage : This song should be on MTV

Franz Liszt : My face is sexy

Leroyjenkins0502 : Anyone else memorize the whole song?

ChanceStearns : alright, i'll tell you what it schwas

Corsair Carl : This is so fake, these guys are obviously stick figures

Yawg moth : Ah yes, a classic from the olden days. I believe I first saw this on ebaumsworld

J Breezy : why did these guys stop they were so entertaining this brings me back to newgrounds

Ronan O'Kane : Albino blacksheep memories LOL !

Michael Benson : i remember watching this for the first time on Ebaumsworld when I was like 11 or 12. Can't believe it already been so long since then. I feel old now :'(

Caliboss Nelson : Ebaumsworld

Ralph Bloopydoo : still strive to be as zen as the drummer

Tparty4 : This brings back so many memories

Brandon Szparagowski : A true classic.

BMXrace321 : I actually really like the hats, the snare and bass line

Anna Zora : SCHIX million views? mental.

insanevictor : I watched this on eBaumsworld before eBaumsworld was cool

sasawedx : at 1:08 "My IQ is 55" LOL legit xD ROFL

引きこもり : I miss the way the internet used to be.

Bironicus Flame : I remember watching this when I was 5

Aurelija Špakauskaitė : Still know the lyrics... ♡

DietEwok : I blast this in the library during finals week.

CatAnarchist : Oh man, no matter how many years have passed, I laugh every single time I see this.

Chef Excellence : this is the internet equivalent of watching a black and white film reel. The real sad thing is that sometime in the not so distant future crap like this will be studied and taught. students in the future will have history books that have chapters on media of the early 2000s and will have to learn this odd bit of pop culture.

Sherzan Daver : Memories :,)

JJC : *throws friend out window after showing me this song* "AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!"

MegaGhostization : 1:30 she looks pretty.

Introvert : Schfourteen-teen

Whimsical Delight : The only reason I know this is because I used to always get on AlbinoBlackSheep when I was under 10. xD I think it was just called BlackSheep then.