Schfifty Five

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Menthols : This randomly popped up in me head again after so many years.

Miles Away : it feels like it's been schfifty five years since this came out.

Zippy : Damn, forgot how fun the early 2000's were.

Travis Maz : To this day, the speed limit on the highway is schfifty five. I laugh, my wife doesn't.

Jon Adamich : This humor created the internet.  This and banana phone.

tannerin : this is so old the description is actually lamenting on "when the internet was good" and this was uploaded in 2006

lookiss3 : I used to get in trouble for watching this at my computer lab in school 10 years ago.

Koolio Manbeast : is this where idubbbz got his gay foreigner voice

Katie Ross : I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since we were blessed with this

Donovan Leach : albinoblacksheep days

NuevaBestia : Throw back to fifth grade

HateCrymes : Schfourteen-teen

MourningBreakfast : I know this is old because the guitarist has a Mohawk.

Heruru Meruru : This was the first flash animation I ever saw. So much nostalgia.

Yawg moth : Ah yes, a classic from the olden days. I believe I first saw this on ebaumsworld

jetfowl : I can say 'poopty peupty pants-ss' very... very fast.

wispina : My teacher always says this and I was looking for where it was from

Branden Edwards : the hell am I watching lol I was trying to find Rick & Morty Get Schwifty

BMXrace321 : I actually really like the hats, the snare and bass line

Brandon Szparagowski : A true classic.

Michael Benson : i remember watching this for the first time on Ebaumsworld when I was like 11 or 12. Can't believe it already been so long since then. I feel old now :'(

Leroyjenkins0502 : Anyone else memorize the whole song?

J Breezy : why did these guys stop they were so entertaining this brings me back to newgrounds

TheCockeyez : Rick and Morty. If you know what I mean.

Sherzan : Memories :,)

Ralph Bloopydoo : still strive to be as zen as the drummer

Franz Liszt : My face is sexy

Tparty4 : This brings back so many memories

Caliboss Nelson : Ebaumsworld

Princess Zage : I'm sure people have said this but...I used to watch this all the time on ebaumsworld when I was like 10 or 11 I'm now almost 24 and am amazed there are people just seeing this! Oh the days of ebaumsworld and funnyjunk when they were good...still glad the vid is available on YouTube though😉

Toraperse : Now that's a number I havent heard in a loooooong time...

Carolina : 2019 and still listening

Sir Sebastian : I haven't thought about this song for 10 years and it just popped into my head today. And somehow... I still know all the words.

Subscribe to pewdiepie : Sounds like iDubbz lmao

Matanumi : This is fickin older then most people using the internet today...Jesus...

Broken Matt Hardy : When memes were memes

Alex G : Sex part in 1:39

Whimsical Delight : The only reason I know this is because I used to always get on AlbinoBlackSheep when I was under 10. xD I think it was just called BlackSheep then.

Kingrobert09 : I remember my brother telling me about this, and today I realized what it was :P he told me this probably in 2001

Jordan Davies : I just wanted to get schwifty. I must have misspelled something..

Alex Manley : 2019?????

SARPBC Player : In the description: "back when the internet was good" Posted in 2006, when the internet was amazing...

Aurelija Špakauskaitė : Still know the lyrics... ♡

jesse chanel : *throws friend out window after showing me this song* "AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!"


Claudriel : I believe this is what Rick was inspired from. We all gotta admit that Albinoblacksheep saved our planet.

Sol_man no.1 : I've never seen a drummer keep his composure the way this guy does.

Carson : bassist really knows how to play E...

Bironicus Flame : I remember watching this when I was 5

Happylee : i dance exactly like them. stole my schit