The Last of Us Part II - Reveal Reactions | Anniversary Video

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SagnolTheGangster : I think its time for a release date...

Er Dylan : Wao!!

Kuprin : It's amazing

Nin Love : >3<

Øu†is : Hace aproximadamente una semana que jugué este hermoso y soberbio videojuego. Me he quedado encantada que, a flor de piel aún, ver este video me ha producido más conmoción. ¡Vaya juego!

Red Dead Saloon : I am a simple gamer, i see The Last Of Us, i press like. Until i break the button.

Øu†is : 3:19 - 3:39 La espalda y voz de Joel, ¡llanto!

715 TEAM Tver : Элли лизбиянка

Eduardo Zomer : Alguém mais percebeu que a mulher que está cantando é praticamente impossível de ser a Ellie? Tipo, em momento algum eu vi a cicatriz no braço :/

Martan Tv : Я плакал на трейлере игры😞😥😭это просто аххуенно😭

Dante Sparda : R.I.P ⚰⚰XBOX 😂😂.

Hassan Ayub : Thats now the pure love still the wait is on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

Psychodoll : I cried so much I saw it on the stream.

Guardian de las Royals : Ahora se celebra el humo y las personas aweonas creen que eso esta bien...

Muhammed Toruk : The last of us

Strange Rebel Gaming : I was so grateful to be included in this!! But I don’t want to wait anymore for Part II 😭

Elaine Kim : I just wanna say, this is very nice. I know the name, The Last of Us. I just haven’t had the keen interest to play or check it out. I watched E3 and there it was, everyone went crazy. I was like, okay, this must be huge then, MAYBE I’ll check it out when I have time. Then they uploaded this video. My last call, I really need to check this game out. So here I am again after finished watching the whole gameplay + dlc. I’m totally gonna get my hands on this when it releases.

Уббе Лодброк : Пиздец. До мурашек просто

Eduardo Pugliesi : It's impossible don't have goosebumps with this video and remember the sensation of watching that teaser

Mikado 95 : Erk the reaction are so forced...

Marcos Roberto : Will we have any surprises at The Game Awards?

mustapha cherif : I loooove it But they little bit overreacted What di u think?!!

Audemen : i'm crying and you are crying

manxmaniac : One of the few games that are better than a lot of movies.

Jack Winterson : i swear by the time this game comes out in 20999 i wont care anymore. Wish game companies wouldn't tease a game 50 years in advance, the hype turns to whatever.

benjamin bethel : Xbox players punching the air right naw.

[1]Shiro SilverKing : You like from russian

Foto- Cinetica : Ya saquen el juego alv ya lo nescesito jugar y patrocinenme

Taylor nb Chavarria : Va a salir para play 4 o no

Core Gaming : Calling it right now....May 7th or 14th, 2019!!!

Rai Mix : I still playing the last of us multiplayers every day. Hope it gets game of the year award for online games

juan dominguez : a wey nose hablar ingles

Angel Gómez : Esperen a que salga la ps5 presiento que saldrán juntos. No compren la PS4 AAAAAAHHHH ES PLAN CON MAÑAAAA

Naruto Xtreme13 : Yes new the last of us whoa 👍

jpdelmuro : Como vergas haces un aniversario del anuncio del juego?? Han pasado 2 putos años!!! Se me hace una falta de respeto que ni siquiera haya fecha de salida

Joker Persona : The sequel to my favourite game of all time, every time i watch this trailer i get goosebumps and cry.


Damian Salinas : Lei que lo han cancelado para ps4 Ya que esta no podra correrlo. Supongo que sacaran la fecha de estreno en 2020 pero para la PS5

Bryan Proaño : No se porque celebran un aniversario de un video que no es parte de la historia del juego, ni siquiera el gameplay lo es, y ahora encima no va a salir ni siquiera en ps4 despues de 2 años de espera, que cabrones.

Adolfillo 300hd : 4.4 people Are Xbox players

southstaronline : How am I still getting chills watching this 2 years later?...

Parthiban M : Priceless reactions!!!😍

Francelino Mariano : Q reações forçadas meu deu trailher faquim sem ação

Pablo Arenas : Celebrando el humo 👎💨

Timmy Turn3r : Look sickkkkkkkk

Katieplaysstuff : I am so absolutely honored to be apart of this, and insanely excited for TLoU 2!

Cristian Sandoval : Dos años de puro humo. Saquen el juego luego.

No Name : Аж муражки по телу.

Mayank Verma : So sad it's gonna become a feminist mess and Joel is barely gonna be in the game.

Fares bin Mohammed : مدري شسالفه بس كفو ، wow👏👏